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A Woman Was Flying Home When The Pilot Called Her Name Over The Intercom

Ana Uribe

Ana is originally from Columbia. She loved to travel the world and left home when she was young. After traveling a bit, she settled down in Sydney, Australia, which was very far away from her friends and family. She had been living in Australia for four years and finally decided to take a trip back home to Columbia to see her family. She booked a flight with the Australian airline, Qantas. She was excited to see her family again.

A Long Journey

Ana’s journey home was going to be a long one. She was going to travel from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles, California, in the United States. There, she would take a connecting flight to Columbia. She knew that it would be a long and exhausting trip, but she decided that it would be worth it because she really missed her family and her old friends.

The Captian

The man flying Ana’s plane that day was Captain Dooley Ellis. He had been flying for Qantas for 30-years. He always wanted to be a pilot because he believed that it was in his blood. His father was a Captain for the same airline. He loved to fly, but there was something that he loved even more than his job.

Ana’s Flight

Ana boarded the plane, and the flight took off smoothly. When the plane reached its cruising altitude, the Captain’s voice came over the intercom. Rather than giving the typical announcement to his passengers, he said something that shocked everyone on board. Especially Ana.

Mentioning Ana

When Dooley got on the loudspeaker, he said, “We also have a special passenger on board today, ladies and gentlemen. Her name is Ana, and she is traveling back to South America to visit her family. The passengers on the plane were looking around trying to figure out who this Ana person was. They also wondered why the Captain was mentioning her. Ana wasn’t too surprised to hear the Captain mention her name during his announcement. This was because she had been dating Dooley for the past four years.

Come Home

Dooley let all of the passengers know that he and Ana were dating and that she was traveling to Australia for two months to spend some time with her family. He told the passengers that he wanted to make sure that she would return home to him. He let them know that two months was a long time, and he would be missing her the whole time. While Dooley was speaking, Ana was sitting in first-class laughing to herself.

Popping the Question

While still on the intercom, speaking to everyone on the plane, Dooley asked Ana a question in Spanish, which was her native tongue. He said, “Now that I have her complete attention, Ana, queries casarte conmigo?” For those who didn’t speak English, he translated his question, and said, “Will you marry me?”

Coming Out Of the Cockpit

After Dooley asked his question over the intercom, he came out of the cockpit to see Ana. He had a gorgeous engagement ring in one hand and a beautiful bouquet in the other hand. He got down on one knee, and Ana immediately said, “yes.” The pair shared a kiss while the whole plane applauded.

Destined To Marry

Dooley says that he knew that he would marry Ana the day they met. In 2012, they were both completing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain. This journey has participants walking hundreds of miles to Galia’s Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Dooley says they walked across Spain together, soon, he was visiting her in Columbia. The relationship blossomed, and soon, she was visiting him in Texas, then moving to Australia to be with him.

A Camera Crew On Board

Before the proposal, Dooley planned to have a camera crew on board to capture the whole thing on video. He knew that Ana would become suspicious if she saw the cameras, so Dooley came up with a plan. A few weeks before her trip, he told her that the airline was rolling out new uniforms and they were going to have cameras on board for media promotions. Fortunately, Ana bought his story, and she had no clue that he was responsible for bringing the camera crew on board. It was the perfect plan, and it went off without a hitch. He wanted her to have something to show her family, and he wanted them to enjoy the proposal for years to come. It wasn’t long before the video went viral on social media. This woman was flying home but then pilot called her name over the intercom. It turned out to be the most romantic moment of her life.

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