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Abandoned Vessel That Washes Up On Ireland’s Coast Has A Chilling Message Within

Washed Up

It is not uncommon to find unusual things that have washed up on the beach. Some items are typical, like articles of clothing or trash. Every so often, something incredibly bizarre will wash up on the shore. On a coastal Ireland community, an alien vessel drifted out of the blue, right in the path of the Coast Guard. The officers had no idea what was on the ship when they attempted to board. The abandoned vessel that washes up on Ireland’s coast has a chilling message within.

Mayo Countyp

Mayo County is located off the Atlantic, on the Irish coast. Its majestic cliffs and rolling hills make it a fantastic sight to see. In the winter of 2016, the residents spotted something bizarre. At first, people in the area say that the object was fuzzy. As it got closer to the shoreline, they realized that it was a ship. Judging by the trajectory, the boat was on its way to crashing into the shore.

Calling the Coast Guard

As soon as the residents saw the vessel, they didn’t hesitate. They immediately called the Coast Guard. A team arrived on the scene to investigate the ship and bring it to shore safely. When they reached the vessel, they expected to find a captain and crew. When they got to the boat, they were shocked by what they saw.


What they found was unusual, to say the least. The boat was completely abandoned, and based on it’s designed, it shouldn’t have been seaworthy. Despite these issues, the ship, an abandoned vessel was still heading toward the coast. This left the Coast Guard wondering how and why it was heading toward the coast in the first place. The crew knew that it wasn’t a good time to ask questions. The ocean waves were rough, and they threatened to rip the boat apart before they had a chance to investigate. Before trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, the Coast Guard towed the ship to the shore so that it would be out of harm’s way.

A Houseboat

When the Coast Guard boarded the abandoned vessel, they discovered that it was designed for someone to live on. They wondered who built such a ship and where they were now. The Coast Guard scoured the boat for clues. Finally, they found a clue. Actually, they found a man who could give them a clue. His name was Rick Small, and he was famous for building unique things.

Rick Small

Rick lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. In Ontario, he was famous for the things that he designed and brought to life. He even made headlines when he built a solar-powered bike and riding it from British Columbia to Newfoundland. And he was really into alternative energy, so he wanted to develop his own solar-powered houseboat. He didn’t just want to park the ship in the Foxtrap Mariana near his home; he also wanted to sail it.

The Ship’s Construction

Rick used a combination of lumber and polystyrene to built the 20-feet ship. His goal was to cross the Atlantic from the marina in Newfoundland all the way to Ireland. Even though Rick did a great job building the boat, and he had a solid plan, he ran into trouble out on the water. Rick informed the Canadian Coast Guard of his plan, and they warned him that his ship might not be equipped to handle the unpredictable ocean. He started thinking about if his journey was worth the risk.

Where Is Rick?

When the Coast Guard spoke with the Canadian Coast Guard, they realized that the ship, the abandoned vessel did survive its maiden voyage, but where was Rick? What happened to the ship’s captain? Some people worried that Rick went overboard and drowned. It wasn’t until they discovered a note written on a wall inside the boat that they discovered his motive for building the strange boat. He didn’t want to live on it; he didn’t want to sail it for years. It was actually a gift.

The Note

The note on the wall in the boat read, “I, Rick Small, donate this structure to a homeless youth. To give them a better life that Newfoundland choose not do to! No rent, No mortgage, No hydro.” It turned out that Rick built the boat to be given as a gift. When word of the ship got out, locals came to see it. Several companies wanted to restore the boat and display it as a national landmark. The Irish authorities decided to put it in storage, hoping that one day Rick would come to claim it.

No Sign of Rick

So far, nobody knows where Rick is. He has been known to live off the grid, so it isn’t much of a surprise that nobody can find him. The authorities are wondering if he was even ever on the ship. He could have sent the boat into the water on its own, hoping that it would reach its destination safely. Maybe one day, he will turn up to claim his boat. Until then, it is in storage.

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