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After A Bride Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating, She Got The Most Epic Revenge At The Altar

Casey and Alex

Casey and Alex had been together for six years. When Alex proposed, Casey was thrilled. She knew since the day she met Alex that he was the one. She was ready to spend her life with him. During their relationship, Alex’s family and Casey’s family got to know each other well, and they became fast friends. This was going to make for a great wedding. Casey was so happy that she was going to live happily ever after with Alex, just like in the fairytales.

Casey’s Bachelorette Party

Casey didn’t want a traditional wild bachelorette party. Instead, she wanted to get together will her friends at a hotel and spend some time together. There would be champagne, food, and fun. When Casey and the girls checked in, Casey had no idea that her fairytale wouldn’t have a happy ending after all.

Text Messages

While Casey was enjoying her party with her friends, her phone went off. It went off several times. Casey thought that it was Alex checking in on her. That was the type of thing that he would do. He often sent her sweet text messages to check on her and remind her that he loved her. When she picked up her phone, she realized that the texts weren’t from Alex. They were from a woman she didn’t know. The woman sent Casey screenshots of text messages between her an Alex, which proved that he hadn’t been faithful. Many of the texts were X-rated. Alex and this woman’s affair was all right there in front of her. Her heart broke. After A Bride Found Out Her Fiancé Was Cheating, She Got The Most Epic Revenge At The Altar.

“I Wouldn’t Marry Him. Will You?”

Casey looked at the dates that Alex and this woman were sending the text messages. They went back as far as months ago. The most recent one was just a few days earlier. Casey was devastated. The woman told Casey in a text that she wouldn’t marry Alex. She also asked if Casey was planning to. This was a question that Casey couldn’t answer. She says that every word in the texts messages was like daggers going through her heart.

A Big Decision

Casey was up all night trying to decide what she was going to do about her wedding. She was supposed to get married the next day. The whole thing was paid for and ready to go. People traveled in from out of town to see her get married. How could she cancel now? If she did cancel, how could she explain it? She decided that Alex deserved to be as hurt as she was, and Casey knew precisely how to do it.

Casey’s Friends

Casey’s friends had their own ideas of what Casey should do. They told her that it would be a good idea just to leave the hotel and take her honeymoon alone. They told her not to tell Alex where she was going. They told her she didn’t even owe Alex and explanation. This was not good enough for Casey. She thought that being a runaway bride was too good for him. She has something much better in mind.

Getting Ready

Casey got up in the morning and got ready for her wedding. The hair stylist and makeup artist arrived to make Casey beautiful for the wedding. When she put on her wedding gown, she says that it felt like she was wearing a costume because her love was not real and neither was this wedding.

Walking Down the Aisle

Casey’s friends got dressed, and when the time came, they all walked down the aisle as planned. Alex was waiting at the altar, expecting to recite the vows that he wrote for Casey. When she got to the end of the aisle, she handed her bouquet to her maid of honor and took out her phone. Rather than reciting her vows, she began reading the X-rated text messages that Alex and the other woman exchanged. Before she started reading the text messages, she announced that there would be no wedding that day.

The Shock and Horror

When Casey read the text messages, Alex stood there in horror. All of her guests stood there in shock. Casey read aloud, “Your body is fu**in incredible. And sh*t do you know how to use it. I wish my girlfriend had half the skills you do.” Another text that Casey read was from Alex explaining to the woman that he had never had a connection with anyone the way that he did with her. This was the one that really broke Casey’s heart. She realized that it wasn’t just a sexual thing. Alex really cared for this woman. Casey found the best way to humiliate her ex-fiance.

The Reception

Alex didn’t stick around at the ceremony for long. He ran out of the church completely humiliated. Casey apologized to her guests for doing what she did, but she needed her friends and family members to understand why she wasn’t marrying Alex. She told her guests that there would be no wedding reception that day. Instead, there would be a celebration of honesty and following your heart even when it hurts. Despite her broken heart, Casey had a great time at what was supposed to be her wedding reception. When the story went viral, everyone agreed with Casey. They thought that what she did was brave, honest, and the perfect revenge.

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