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Old Man Spends Every Night On Corner – People Ignore Him, Until One Stranger Finds Out Why

Copper Coins For Sale

Every day, regardless of the weather, a man sits on the street with a sign that read, “Copper Coins for Sale.” People passed by him all the time. Some people stopped to buy his coins, while others walked by wondering why he was on the side of the road in the first place. Most people believed that he is homeless. Finally, a woman who saw him often stopped to talk to him. Old Man Spends Every Night On Corner – People Ignore Him, Until One Stranger Finds Out Why.

Lisa Fandrich

Lisa Fandrich is a woman from Phoenix, Arizona. Most days, we would pass the overpass on the 51. This was where she often saw the old man. She would see him there are all times of the day and night. One night, she saw him crossing the 51 pushing a wheelchair and a walker. She says that seeing him out alone in the heat that late at night broke her heart. She couldn’t figure out why this poor man was working so hard. Watching the man on the corner of Cactus and 32nd Street after dark was heartbreaking. She needed to know why he was there and why he was working so hard.

Stopping to Chat

One day, Lisa stopped at a store about bought two bottles of water and made sure that she had a $10 bill in her wallet, She was going to sit down and talk to the old man to hear his story. She felt as though she already knew him since she saw him every day. She just felt like she needed to know more.

The Man’s Story

When Lisa approached the man, she handed him a water and asked him to tell her his story. He told Lisa that his name was Paul. He and his wife of 54 years had been living in Phoenix for 37 years. Since he and his wife retired, they were living on Social Security. Unfortunately, what they make on Social Security barely allows them to make ends meet. To make extra money, he goes out and sells his copper coins.

Church’s Chicken

Paul told Lisa that he stays out all day hoping to sell all of his coins. He told her that he stays until the Church’s Chicken light goes out. As soon as they turn off the lights, that is when he knows that it is time to go home. Even if he doesn’t make enough money that day, he still heads home when the chicken restaurant’s light goes off. He knows that his wife is at home waiting for him, and he needs to get home to see her.

“God Watches Out For Me”

Lisa told Paul that she had been driving by him for months and she worried about him. The summers in Phoenix are incredibly hot and being out in the hot sun all day long can be dangerous. Paul said five words to Lisa that showed her how much faith he had. He told her, “God watches out for me.” Lisa couldn’t help but think how amazing this man was.

Two Coins

Before leaving, Lisa asked Paul which were his two favorite coins. When he showed them to her, she bought them. She wanted to do what she could to help this sweet, hardworking man. Before she left, she asked if she could take a picture with him. He agreed.

Facebook Post

When Lisa got home, she posted the picture of her and Paul on Facebook. In the caption, she told the story of her encounter with Paul. She wanted people to know what a kind man he was and how hard he was willing to work to make a better life for him and his wife. Even on the hottest days, Paul is out on the street selling his coins. Lisa believes that in doing that, he shows how much heart he has.

Go Fund Me

Lisa encouraged people to buy coins from Paul, but that wasn’t enough. She wanted to do more for him. She figured that if she could get Paul some financial help, that she could enjoy his days with his wife in their air-conditioned home. This was why she decided to set up a Go Fund Me page for Paul. She set a goal of $30,000. She figured that this would be plenty of money for him to start enjoying his twilight years a little more.

Surpassing the Goal

It wasn’t long before the donations started pouring in. Lisa set a goal of $30,000, and she raised $31,000. She was thrilled. She was so happy that she could do something for this man who worked so hard for his family.

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