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After A Little Boy Hacked Off His Sister’s Hair, A Stylist’s Creative Transformation Saved The Day

The Naylors

The Naylor family is from Queen’s Creek, Arizona, which is on the outskirts of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park. Breana Naylor is a mother of two. Her husband, Michael, is a demolition worker. She has a son named Colt and a daughter named Kimber. Fortunately for her, the community where she lives is friendly and tight-knit. This is why she was sure that she could get help from her neighbor Jen when something happened at home.

The Haircut

Breana was downstairs cleaning up when she realized that her children were unusually quiet. They were playing dress-up with her wardrobe, and their silence was worrying. She went up to check on them and discovered that Colt had gotten hold of a pair of scissors, and he cut off his sister’s hair. Breana was mortified. She collected her children and went to see her friend Jen. Breana was hoping that Jen could do something to fix her daughter’s hair.


Jen is originally from Ohio, and she works for the organic hair-care company, All-Nutrient. She is a member of their design crew. On the company’s Facebook page, the company says that they have set the standard for delivering the finest and naturally delivered products in the beauty industry. Jen also has a YouTube channel called “jenerallyspeakinghair,’ and she posts videos about caring for your hair. Jen loves her career. In April 2019, she created a post on her Instagram account that read, “I’m soooo thankful to be in a position to meet soooo many amazing people and to be on a journey with like-minded, positive, loving, optimistic seekers of the good, simple things in life. With the amount of experience she has with hair, and her passion for helping others, Breana is lucky that Jen was her friend after finding her daughter’s hair all over the floor.

Before and After

One thing that Jen likes to do is post before and after pictures of her clients. She loves people to see how she can completely transform the people that she works with. She says that she can bring out a person’s inner glow by highlighting their best features. Also, she says that her favorite clients are those who want a drastic change. She says that there are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair. Curly hair can look great as long as the person has the right face shape. When she posts these before and after photos, she gets plenty of comments from clients, former clients, friends, and followers.

Children and Teens

Jen says that she loves to cut hair for children and teens. She says that after a young client is in her chair for an hour, they can go from a baby girl to a young lady. She says that it is amazing what a simple haircut can do. This type of transformation is something the Naylor family would have to witness for themselves after Colt gave Kimber her first haircut.

Kids Playing

Breana says that when you are a parent, you can’t have your eye on your children every second. When you have two kids playing together, you have to trust that one will choose to do the right thing and talk the other out of what they are planning to do. This isn’t what happened on the day in question. On that day, Breana was just happy that the kids were keeping each other occupied so that she could get some things done around the house. She never expected them to play hairdresser. When Colt cut his sister’s hair, Kimber was wearing one of Breana’s dresses. He ended up cutting some of the dress along with his sister’s hair.

Sitting Quietly

Kimber didn’t seem to mind that her brother was cutting her hair. According to Breana, Kimber sat quietly during her haircut. She wasn’t worried at all about her brother accidentally cutting him. She put her complete trust in him.

The Aftermath

The first thing Breana and Michael did after they saw what happened was sit down to talk to Colt. They wanted to make sure that he understood that scissors weren’t toys, and he shouldn’t play with the. Next, they had him vacuum up his sister’s hair. Breana and Mike believed that he learned his lesson, and he would never be cutting his sister’s hair again.

Changing Appointments

On the day that Colt gave Kimber her haircut, Breana had an appointment with Jen. She called Jen, let her know what happened, and told Jen that she needed her to fix Kimber’s hair. The two women discussed what they should do with Kimber’s hair. Breana said that she wanted her daughter to still look like a little girl. Jen knew that it wouldn’t be easy because there were hard lines cut into Kimber’s hair. Breana decided that she would make lemonade out of lemons, and she started to cut.

The Final Product

When Jen was done, Breana couldn’t believe her eyes. Her daughter looked amazing. She says that she was jealous of her daughter’s haircut. She wished she could rock something that “rad-looking.” Breana says that Michael also loved the haircut. When Jen posted the photo on Facebook, the picture got plenty of attention. She received thousands of comments telling her how great the little girl’s hair looked. After a little boy hacked off his sister’s hair, a stylist’s creative transformation saved the day.

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