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They Were Together So Long Ago It Hard To Remember

Celebrity Couples

The shelf life for a celebrity couple isn’t very long. Most couples in Hollywood meet and marry very quickly, and then not long after, things fall apart. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some couples stand the test of time. Here are some couples whose marriages last. They were together so long ago it was hard to remember. Some relationships ended, but they just happened so long ago that we forgot they even happened.

Michael York and Patricia McCallum

When photographer Patricia McCallum met Michael York, he was already a well-known actor. She was hired to photograph him, and shortly after, on Michael’s 26th birthday, the couple had their first date. Patricia went into a relationship with a son, and they have raised him together. Michael and Patricia have been happily married for 48 years.

Bruce Springsteen and Julianne Phillips

Julianne Phillips is best known for her role as Frankie Reed on Sister, and everyone knows who Bruce Springsteen is. The couple got married, but it only lasted four years. They decided that it was time to divorce, but Bruce couldn’t get over Julianne. He honored their relationship in the lyrics of the Tunnel Of Love album.

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison

Johnny Deep married makeup artist Lori Ann Allison in 1983 when he was only 20-years-old. The marriage didn’t work, and they divorced in 1985. After the divorce, Johnny married Amber Heard, which ended in disaster. When Amber went public with domestic abuse claims, Lori Anne told the media that Johnny never laid a hand on her, and he was a very gentle guy.

Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen

Robert and Lola met in 1957, and in 1958, they were secretly married in Las Vegas. A few months later, they had a public ceremony in Provo, Utah. At the time, nobody thought that the marriage would last. They had four children together, Scott, Shauna, David, James, and Amy. Sadly, in 1985, when he was just 2 ½ months old, Scott died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His death put a strain on the couple, and they divorced the same year. They stayed in close contact, however, and co-parents their kids wonderfully.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John and Kelly met on the set of The Experts, and they fell in love. They got married in 1991 and had three children together, Jett, Ella, and Benjamin. In 2009, Jett tragically died while on vacation with his family. Their son’s death seemed to make them stronger, and together, they established the Jett Travolta Foundation. The couple both practice Scientology, and they are thankful to the church for helping them move forward after their son’s death. They are still happily married today.

Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight

Sandra is well-known for her work on low-budget movies such as the Daughter of Frankenstein and Terror Tower. The couple met in 1962, and they were married. Their daughter, Jennifer, was born in 1963. Sadly, the couple divorced in 1968 after six years of marriage. Jack never married again, and today, Sandra is focused on her painting and writing. They were married so long ago that most people don’t even remember the relationship.

Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh

Michael Caine’s first marriage ended in 1962; then he saw Shakira in a TV advertisement. He fell in love with the model-actress Shakira when he saw her on TV. A mutual friend introduced the couple, and they were married in 1973. They have been together for 44 years, and Michael says that the key to a good marriage is separate toilets

Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbot

Robert De Niro has been with Grace Hightower for a while, but he wasn’t her first serious relationship. He was first linked to Diahnne Abbot. The couple met when they both performed in Taxi Driver, and they were married in 1976. They had two kids together, Drena and Raphael, and divorced in 1988. Diahnne stayed out of the spotlight after that, and Robert went on to become one of the hottest performers in Hollywood.

Gene Hackman and Betsy Arakawa

Gene Hackman was married to Fay Maltese for 30-years. When the relationship ended, he found love with Betsy Arakawa. She is a musician, and Gene met her when they worked together. They were married in 1991, and they are still married today. The couple lives in Mexico, and they are very happy together.

Sean Penn and Madonna

Sean and Madonna were married in 1985, but the marriage lasted only a few years. The divorce was a very public one, and Sean moved on with Robin Wright. Madonna married Guy Richie, but unfortunately, this union ended in divorce as well.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison and Calista met at the Golden Globe Awards in 2002, and they started dating. In 2010, they were married in Mexico. Harrison adopted her son, Liam, in 2011, and they are still married today. She had never been married, but Calista was Harrison’s third wife after Mary Marquardt and Melissa Mathison.

Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Leyton

Anthony was first married to Petronella Barker in 1966. They separated in 1972. A year later, he married Jennifer Leyton. After 29 years of marriage, the couple separated in 2002. After the divorce, Jennifer remained in the UK, and Anthony returned to the United States.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

Michael and Tracey met on the set of Family Ties. They reconnected on the set of Bright Lights, Big City. In 1988, the couple got married, and they are still together today. Michael says that Tracy was his rock when she was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce and Demi met at the premiere of the film, Stakeout. They fell in love quickly, and in 1987, they got married. They have three daughters, Rumer, Talulah, and Scout. Also, they separated after 10-years on good terms. They remained good friends after the divorce, and Bruce moved onto Emma Heming, who he is still married to. Demi moved on to the much younger Ashton Kutcher, and that marriage ended in 2013.

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