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After Beloved Wife’s Death, Husband Discovers The Elaborate Lie She Lived For Decades

Married Couples

Most married couples know just about everything there is to know about each other. Over time, spouses meet each other’s friends, family members, and even old classmates. Many couples have no secrets about their past, and they like it that way. This was not the way Blake Ruff’s marriage was at all. His marriage was full of secrets, but he didn’t find out until the very end his beloved wife’s death

Blake and Lori

In 2003, Blake Ruff met Lori Erica Kennedy at a Bible class in Texas. As soon as he saw Lori, he was instantly attracted to her. Lori told Blake that she was originally from Arizona, but she didn’t say much more about herself. She never opened up to Blake, but he told her everything about himself. He was in love, so the fact that she was a private person didn’t bother him. It did; however, bother his family.

Blake’s Family

Blake’s family didn’t trust Lori from the start. They found it strange that she had no family and no friends. She never talked about her past or anyone in it. Blake was the only person in her life, and this raised some serious suspicions. Blake was blinded by love, and in 2004, he and Lori were married in a private ceremony. The preacher who officiated the ceremony was the only person in attendance.

Starting a Family

Blake and Lori dreamed of starting a family, but it wasn’t as easy as they had hoped. Over the years, Lori suffered from multiple miscarriages. The miscarriages were hard on both Blake and Lori, so the couple decided to try IVF to conceive a child and expand their family. Finally. Lori found out that she was pregnant with a little girl. Their dreams had come true. Blake believed that his life was finally on the right path in life. Unfortunately for Blake, things were about to go downhill.

Over Protective

Blake and Lori’s daughter was born in 2008, and it should have been a time for celebration, but it wasn’t. It was actually the opposite. Lori became even more distant and private. She was also overprotective of her daughter to the point of obsession. She was so bad that she never even let Blake’s mother hold their daughter. This made his family very angry, and it started to get to Blake as well. His family became more suspicious of Lori than ever. They knew that something wasn’t right about this woman.


When Lori refused to let Blake’s family even see their daughter, the tension got worse. Blake and Lori’s marriage was in trouble, and Lori fell into a deep depression. She had no friends, no family, and nobody in her life except for Blake. She didn’t even let his family in, so she wasn’t close to them. Being alone all the time with nobody to talk to took a toll on Lori.

Trying Counseling

Blake and Lori tried to save what was left of their marriage. They had a child together who deserved to have both parents in their home. In 2010, they went to counseling to try to make things better. During counseling, Blake realized that Lori wasn’t the person he fell in love with years earlier, and he realized that the marriage was entirely over. He decided to file for divorce the following spring. This didn’t sit well with Lori, and her depression worsened. She lost weight, stopped taking care of herself, and spent hours rambling to her church’s pastor about her problems, but she never got to the point.


On Christmas Eve 2010, Lori drove to Blake’s parent’s house and parked in front. Lori shot herself in the head, the beloved wife’s death. Blake’s father found her on Christmas morning along with a suicide note for Blake and their daughter, but nobody could understand either one of them. The family wanted to find out who this woman was and what she was hiding. Things got more intense when Brad found a paper in the home that they once shared that proved that Lori changed her name. Her original name was Becky Sue Turner. When it was discovered that the real Becky Sue Tanner died in a fire in 1971 at the age of two, an investigation began.

No Prints

Investigators ran her fingerprints, but they found nothing. Nobody knew who this woman was. When an investigator took a DNA sample from Lori’s daughter, they found a distant relative. As soon as Blake heard about this connection, he got on a plane and went to speak with Lori’s family member.

Meeting the Relative

The relative said that the woman’s name was Kimberly McLean. She disappeared from her family’s home when she was 17-years-old when her mother married a man that she hated. Unfortunately, nobody knew anything about her after that.

Giving Up

Blake has finally accepted that he would never find out anything about his ex-wife’s past. All he could do now is raise his daughter and make sure that he has a long and happy life. After beloved wife’s death, husband discovers the elaborate lie she lived for decades. The mystery will be with Blake forever.

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