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Russian Teen Gets Into National Trouble After Her Curiosity Takes Things Too Far


People who thrive on adventure love to explore a new place to see what they will find. Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are fictional characters, but there are people out there who love to do the things that they do. There is a Russian teen adventurer who loved to scope out abandoned sites. When she decided to infiltrate a top-secret facility, she couldn’t believe what she found. She also never expected to face the consequences that she did. This Russian teen gets into national trouble after her curiosity takes things too far.

No Trespassing

People see No Trespassing signs all the time, and they abide by them. Lana Sator is not one of these people. Even since she was a teenager, this Moscow native enjoyed exploring abandoned buildings and places that had been forgotten. By 2012, this Russian teen had quite the reputation. She often shared footage from her adventures online. Other people like her were impressed by her accomplishments, and often to team up to share intel. It was these people and their research that led Lana to a site that would be her most significant expedition ever.

A Factory

Located on the outskirts of the Russian city of Khimki, there is a mysterious factory that pumped out smoke each day. The site was obviously active, but nobody really knew what went on there. This piqued Lana’s interest, and she wanted to find out for herself what was going on at the factory.

The Adventure

Lana gathered a team, and they waited until nighttime to move in. There were a few storage sheds outside the facility that the team used as cover. When they got close to the main building, they found that the facility was much larger than they expected. Lana made sure not to let her excitement get the best of her. She had to stay alert to avoid being caught. Slowly, she and her team got closer to the building.

Unlike Other Cold War Relics

Lana and her team were sure that the main gate would be the biggest challenge. They were worried that they would need to sneak past guards, cameras, and spotlights. This building was much different than the Cold War relics that Lana usually visited. When she got around to the central building, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Although the factory was still operating, there were no guards in sight. Lana and her group walked right in. There were towering stacks and catwalks, and plenty more to see.

Moving In

Lana wanted to get to the highest point of the factor, but first, she had to go through several rooms. Most of them contained machines with strange meters and switches. She was amazed by what she was seeing, but she stopped in her tracks when she realized that they were standing directly in front of a security camera. This caused the team to want to bail, but Lana wanted to wait. She figured that even if the cameras were working, there was nobody on the other side watching. They assumed they had the whole factory to themselves.

Sci-Fi Movie

Lana and her team decided to continue on, and they entered a room that looked more like a science fiction movie test than a factory. After exploring for a bit, Lana found a series of ladders that would take her to the top of the factory, which was her goal in the first place. She headed to the top, and what she saw was terrific. She could see everything from a bird’s eye view, and the heavy-duty machinery as amazing. And she moved to an adjacent storage room and found a cluster of tubes. They were engines for rockets, and they put the pieces together. They were in a factory that made weapons parts for the Russian government.

Daylight Approaches

Lana and her team were thrilled with what they found, but they knew that they needed to leave soon. The sun was about to come up, and they couldn’t still be there when it did. Before leaving, Lana took a photo of herself posing inside the stand of one of the rocket engines and posted them online. She never stopped to consider who might see them.

Russian Cybersecurity Team

Within a few days, Lana’s photos were seen by a Russian cybersecurity team. They were not happy that Lana and her team had snuck into a top-secret factor and shared its purpose. Lana received a cease and desist letter from the Russian Defense Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The letter said that there would be severe consequences if she didn’t stop meddling. Lana didn’t want to give up her passion, but she also didn’t want to become an enemy of the state.


Lana decided that she wouldn’t give up on her passion, and she would continue exploring Russia. She just doesn’t plan to get caught during her next adventure.

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