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After Oprah Decided Avocados Cost Too Much, She Made An Extraordinary Decision

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was born in a rural town in Mississippi. Her mother was just a teenager when she was born, and she was single. Her mother moved the family to inner-city Milwaukee, but her life didn’t get much easier. She was molested during her childhood and into her early teens. When she was just 14, she got pregnant. Her son was born prematurely and died when he was still an infant. Her mother wanted her to have a better life. So Oprah moved to Tennessee with the man that she calls her father, Vernon Winfrey.

A Budding Career

While living in Tennessee, Oprah landed a radio job while she was still in high school. By the time she was 19, she was working as the co-anchor for the evening news. Reporting the news wasn’t enough for Oprah. Because she delivered the news with such care and emotions, she landed her own daytime talk show in Chicago. She managed to booth the third-rated Chicago talk show to first place. When she launched her own production company, her show became syndicated internationally.

An Influential Woman

Oprah is a very well respected, influential woman. In 1994, she was inducted to the National woman’s Hall of Fame. In 2013, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama. She was also awarded honorary doctorate degrees from Duke and Harvard. In 2008, she formed her own TV network, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).


Thanks to her many ventures, Oprah is a very rich woman. She is the richest black woman in the world. In 2014, her net worth was estimated to be $2.9 billion, making her the richest self-made woman in the world. She has worked very hard and has come a long way from her life of poverty in Mississippi.

Oprah’s Weight

Oprah has been very outspoken about her weight issues and food. For years, she struggled with her weight. She would lose a great deal of weight and then put it back on. Her frequently fluctuating weight made her the butt of many jokes, but she never gave up on her weight loss battle.


Oprah found out that part of her weight loss struggle was due to hypothyroidism. The condition causes weight gain, fatigue, sluggishness, and memory issues. After learning about her condition, she started taking medication and found it a bit easier to start losing weight.

Weight Watchers Of Oprah Winfrey

When Oprah tried Weight Watchers, she lost weight. The only difference this time is that she kept the weight off. After finding a diet that actually works, she became a big supporter. Finally, her weight was stabilized, and she became a spokesperson for the company. Oprah won’t promote anything she doesn’t believe in, and she really believes in Weight Watchers.

O, That’s Good

Oprah never gave up on her desire to eat healthy, and in 2017, she released her own line of food. She had a few stipulations for the food in her line. First, it had to be delicious. Next, it had to be easy to make, which is why it is all made for the microwave. Finally, she wanted the food to be healthy. She created her dishes with healthy foods like cauliflower hidden inside them. Her recipes use just the right amount of healthy foods that they still taste great.

Eating Healthy At Home

Oprah sticks to the Weight Watcher plan, she eats her own line of food, and she is very careful about what she eats at home. She has her English muffins flown in from The Model Bakery in Napa Valley. When she travels, she brings her own bread. She wants to be sure that she always has healthy food on hand wherever she is.


Avocados are very good for you, and Oprah loves them. The only problem is that they are very expensive. After Oprah decided avocados cost too much, she made an extraordinary decision. Rather than paying the high cost at her local supermarket, she bought her own avocado orchard. Now, she can have plenty of avocados flown in from her own orchard. She is able to eat as many avocados as she likes, and she knows what is used on the orchard. She has shared photos of herself on the orchard, picking avocados and filling baskets with them. This is just another way that she can control what she eats.

Oprah Winfrey Is An Inspiration

Oprah is an inspiration to women everywhere for a variety of reasons. She is strong, stands by her word, and has been working tirelessly to improve her life and the lives of those around her for years. Oprah works very hard to live a happy and healthy life.

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