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Wardrobe Malfunctions That Slipped Through Editing


Making a movie is a very complicated process, and it takes many people to make sure that every scene works. One of the most essential departments is the costume department. These people are in charge of making sure that the stars of the movie and the extras are dressed just right. Unfortunately, there are times when things get overlooked, and something slips through the cracks. Here are some wardrobe malfunctions that slipped through editing.

Raiders Of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic. The film is amazing, despite one small mistake. When Indy is drinking because he believed that he had just lost the love of his wife, a man in jeans walks by him. The movie was set in the ’30s, and people didn’t dress like that back then. Most people didn’t notice, but those with a keen eye caught the mistake.


Glory is one of the most powerful movies ever made about the Civil War. Back in 1863, the digital wristwatch wasn’t invented yet. It would be another 53-years before you would see someone wearing this type of watch. The person wearing the watch was an extra and must have forgotten to take it off before filming.


Braveheart was set in the 13th century. Yes, it is a Scottish war epic, but the wardrobe was seriously off. Mel Gibson and others wore kilts, but kilts didn’t come to be a Scottish fashion until the 16th century. The Scottish face pain was accurate, but it wouldn’t have been worn with a kilt.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is an incredible movie, despite the historically inaccurate clothing worn by the characters, especially Baby. In many scenes, Baby is seen wearing a pair of short shorts, which didn’t become popular until they were worn by Debbie Harry and Patty Smith in the ’70s.

The Last Samurai

In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a retired U.S. officer who fights with Japanese samurai warriors in 1870. The people responsible for dressing Tom must have believed that the armor of the 19th century wasn’t cool enough. Instead, they put Tom in armor that would have been worn two centuries earlier.

The Other Boleyn Girl

In the Other Boleyn Girl, the costume department got Natalie Portman’s costume partially correct. She would have worn the hood in 16th century France, but it would have had a veil attached. Also, a woman of her rank would have never been seen in public with her hair down. It would have been considered scandalous.

Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List told the story of what it was like to be Jewish during World War II. The film got many of the historical moments correct, except one. In the movie, the women in the concentration camps had smooth, freshly shaven legs and armpits. In the real concentration camps, this wouldn’t have been possible. The women in the camps would have had had access to razors to keep themselves adequately groomed.

Back To the Future

One of the most iconic scenes from Back To The Future was when Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly played Johnny B. Goode on an ES-345 model Gibson guitar. The guitar is really cool, but this particular model wasn’t invented until 1958, and the film was set in 1955.

Pirates Of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean was set in the 1720s. The British military was wearing red coats, but the British military didn’t start wearing this color until 1747. Before that, it was a much darker shade of red.

Another Mistake In Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates didn’t wear cowboy hats back then, or ever for that matter. They also didn’t wear white t-shirts. The extra in this scene either forgot to change into the wardrobe or wasn’t supposed to be in the shot at all.

Wizard Of Oz

Wizard Of Oz is one of the most iconic movies ever made. Although it is great, there are some continuity errors. One of the most noticeable is Dorothy’s hair. In some scenes, her hair is long, and in other scenes, her hair is short. Her hair length changes in alternating shots. This is because movies often aren’t shot in order, and reshoots are often necessary. Today, actresses are required to keep their hair at the same length until the film has been completed.

Django Unchained

This film was set in 1858 America. Back then, sunglasses hadn’t been invented yet, but Will Smith’s character is wearing them.


Gladiator is a great movie, and the costumes are correct based on when the film was set. There was one error, one that even the costume department couldn’t have prevented. When Maximus is fighting in the Colosseum, he loses his footing and lands on the ground. When he falls, you can see that he is wearing a pair of black shorts under his blue slave clothing. It would be centuries before these shorts would be invented.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer was set in the ’80s, and most of the film is accurate based on the times. The only problem is Drew Barrymore’s hair. During the ’80, big hair was in. The bigger, the better. Drew’s character had a short, flipped bob hairstyle, which is totally ’90s, which also happened to be when the movie was made.

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