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After This Guy’s Mom Recognized His Boyfriend, They Discovered The Disturbing Truth

Paul and Lee

Paul and Lee met each other online. For two years, they sent messages online and text messages to one another. Finally, they decided that it was time to meet in person. When they did, they both agreed that is was better than either of them ever expected. After spending time together, they both decided that their connection was strong enough that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level and become intimate.

Meet the Parents

As the two got closer, Lee decided that he wanted Paul to meet his mother, Ena, and his stepfather. The couple had talked about marriage often, so they believed that it was time for Paul to get to know Lee’s family. When Paul met lee’s family, things went great at first. It wasn’t until Ena said something that things got strange. She told Lee and Paul that Paul resembled her ex-husband, Ron. Since she mentioned it, other people have agreed. What made things even crazier was that Paul had the same last name as Ron. Either these things were huge coincidences, or Paul was a lot closer to Lee’s family than they could have ever imagined.


Paul revealed that when he was 18-months-old, he was put up for adoption. He was adopted by a nice family when he was three, and he never knew his biological parents. He never tried to find them because he didn’t see any reason to. It was then that Ena admitted to having a secret of her own. Ena and Ron had four children. The youngest child was too much for the overwhelmed parents to handle, so they put him up for adoption. Ena never told Lee that he had a half-brother who was fathered by her ex-husband. This shocked the whole family.

The Jeremy Kyle Show

Everyone in the family, especially Paul and Lee, wanted to know if there was a chance that the two could be related. They were terrified because they were deeply in love and had been intimate. If it was determined that they were brothers, they had no idea what they were going to do.

Tough Questions

While on the show, Kyle asked Paul and Lee some tough questions. He wanted to know what they would do if it turned out that they were half brothers, how would they feel knowing that they had been intimate. Lee said that the thought makes him sick. He said that it would make him feel so horrible that he cannot even put it into words. Both men admitted that they would be heartbroken if it turned out that they were brothers.


Kyle put a photo of Ron on the screen and read a statement from him. He said that he was married to Ena over 20-years ago, and they had a son named Paul, and they put him up for adoption. He said that people said that he looked like Paul, and he agreed. Ron stated that he hoped that the DNA test would prove that Paul was his son. He said that he always dreamed of getting to know the son that he put up for adoption all those years ago.

The Baby Picture

Ron had saved a picture of the son he put up for adoption, and they put it up on the screen. Kyle asked Paul if he thought that it was his baby picture, and he said that he was sure that that baby wasn’t him.


Sadly, Ena couldn’t give the couple much information. She has early Alzheimer’s, and she doesn’t remember much about her past. She did say that she hopes that Paul is Ron’s son so that he could get to know his long-lost son.

The Results

Finally, the part of the show came where the DNA test would be revealed. Everyone in the room, especially Paul and Lee, were horrified that the test proved that Paul was Ron’s son and that he and Lee were half brothers. The two men ran off stage and cried. The cameras followed to catch their responses, and they were completely heartbroken.

Follow Up

So many viewers got invested in Paul and Lee’s story. Kyle did, as well. He decided to catch up with the two men a year later to see how things were going. They admitted that they broke off their relationship, but since they were brothers, they tried to do something to change their relationship. When Kyle talked to the two men, they said that they managed to develop a close, brotherly love. After this guy’s mom recognized his boyfriend, they discovered the disturbing truth. They were related. They were brothers. Fortunately, they managed to get through it. They found a way to be close without being intimate. They have learned how to be brothers, which is as good as it will get for them.

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