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Bashful Cat Only Liked Dad Until He Figured out What Was Wrong with Mom


Most cats are very loving and affectionate. When they are in the mood, they love to cuddle. Some cats are more affectionate than others; however, most love to cuddle with their owners. Cats, like many other animals, tend to get close to one family member. While they love their whole family, they choose one member of the family that they choose to cuddle with the most. This is the person they show the most affection to. The way that pets choose their favorite family member is unknown; however, once they have made their choice, there is no mistaking who the favorite is. This was the case with a cat named Max and her male owner.

Max and Lisa’s Husband

Max lives with Lisa Kitchen and her husband. Ever since Max was a kitten, Lisa’s husband has been his favorite human. When she would go to lie down in bed, Max would already be there with her husband, curling up on his chest. When Lisa got in the bed, Max never tried to cuddle up between the two of them. He just wanted to snuggle with her husband. He never paid her any mind. Even when Lisa’s husband wasn’t home, Max never tried to snuggle with her. He would lie down somewhere else in the house, waiting for her husband to come home.


It wasn’t just snuggling that Max wanted to do with Lisa’s husband; he always wanted to play. As soon as her husband walked through the door, Max would be there waiting, trying to pull at his pant legs. When Lisa and her husband were laying in bed, Max would try to play with him. He never tried to play with Lisa. Even when Lisa’s husband wasn’t home, Max never tried to play with her. He always walked by and never paid her any mind. She knew that animals always chose a favorite human, and she knew that she surely wasn’t Max’s.

Everything Changes

One day, when Lisa came home from work, Max was by the door. When she went into the house, he started meowing at her. This was something that he had never done before. She sat down next to him to quickly check him out. She was worried that he was sick or hurt, and he was trying to tell her. After checking him out, she saw that he was fine. For the rest of the night, Max followed Lisa everywhere. While it was strange, she was sure that once her husband got home, Max would turn all of his attention to him.


Lisa assumed that when her husband got home that Max would forget all about her. She was wrong. That night, when they were both in the bed, Max snuggled on Lisa for the first time. He curled up between her legs, which was a big deal because he never got that close to her before. Even though her husband was in the bed right beside her, Max wanted nothing to do with him. She would wake up in the middle of the night and be sleeping on her stomach, with Max trying to balance on her back. Suddenly, this cat who wouldn’t give her the time of day wanted to be her best friend. She had never heard about a cat switching favorite humans out of the blue.


Lisa was so shocked by Max’s behavior that she did some research online. In her research, she learned that a cat or dog would choose a new favorite person if they sense that one of their owners are sick or pregnant. This got Lisa thinking. She didn’t think she was sick, but she has a suspicion that Max was trying to tell her something.

Pregnancy Test

Lisa decided to listen to Max and what he was trying to tell her. She went to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test. When she took it, it came out positive. Max knew that she was pregnant before she suspected it herself.


Cats have what people call, superpowers. They are susceptible to human pheromones, which can tell them when a woman is pregnant. They are also able to pick up on body language and even recognize what their owner’s growing belly means. Dogs have this ability as well; however, not as strong as a cat’s. Both dogs and cats often get protective when they sense that their owner is pregnant. This was the reason that Max suddenly became so attentive towards Lisa. She was carrying a baby, and he felt the inherent need to protect that baby.

Lisa’s Husband

Max lost all interest in Lisa’s husband. When they found out where Max’s sudden love for Lisa came from, they understood his behavior. Rather than getting jealous that he lost his best friend, Lisa’s husband thought that it was great that he was protecting his wife.

Best Friends

This bashful cat only liked Dad until he knew figured out what was wrong with Mom. She was going to have a baby. The couple isn’t sure if Max will go back to giving all of his attention to Lisa’s husband, or if she will be his new favorite human. They both think that maybe Max will fall in love with the new baby, and he or she will be his new favorite human.

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