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Airport Pick-Up Signs That Got Every TSA Agent’s Attention

Airport Signs

When a car arrives to pick up a passenger at the airport, they often hold a sign with the passenger’s name. This helps them know where to go after they disembark. When family members or friends pick up their loved ones from the airport, some will create their own creative signs. Here are some airport pick up signs that got every TSA agent’s attention.

A Selfie Stick?

This sign is a bit odd. For some reason, Simon’s girlfriend, Britney, didn’t want him using a selfie stick. When he left for a trip, and she found his selfie stick in his belongings, she got angry. She went to pick him up at the airport with a sign that read, “Simon, I found your selfie stick. We talked about this. We’re done.” It makes you wonder what Simon was doing with his selfie stick for Britney to want to end their relationship over it.

Imodium Embarrassment

The person who was picking Sarah up from the airport wanted to embarrass her. They held up a sign that read, “Sarah, I have the Imodium you asked for. Imodium is a medication that is used to treat diarrhea. Sarah must have wanted to walk the other way when she saw this sign.

Picking Up Women

This man must have been tired of trying to pick women up at bars or internet dating. He came up with a more creative way to find the woman of his dreams. He made a sign that read, “Smokin Hot Italian Chick.” And he was hoping that the woman of his dreams was on the flight. It makes you wonder how often he does this. Since the sign printed, he might do this more often than you think.

She Made It Herself

This sign and the little girl holding it are both absolutely adorable. She was allowed to make the sign herself, and the only word that you can make out is, “Welcome.” She did her best to make the sign, and it melted the hearts of everyone who walked by.

Telling It How It Is

The girl holding this sign thought that it would be funny to describe the person that she was picking up. The sign reads, “Noisy pale-faced lady.” Whoever she was picking up will probably ask someone else for a ride next time.

I’m Glad Your Survived

This man agreed to pick this woman up from the airport. Judging by the sign, he didn’t have much faith that she would be alright traveling alone. The sign read, “Oh, great, you somehow survived.” The woman didn’t look too upset about it since she was laughing when she saw it.


The man holding this sign was really committed. He was picking up “Chocolate Johnny,” which may be a nickname. The fact that the man is dressed like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is what makes this photo hilarious. If he was trying to embarrass Chocolate Johnny, she ended up embarrassing himself more. He must have gotten plenty of stares waiting for the plane to land.

It’s Your Turn, Daddy

The woman who made this sign has a great sense of humor. The sign reads, “Don’t worry Daddy, I took good care of Mommy, but it’s your turn now. She’s A Lot of work!.” The fact that she propped the sign up in front of her baby in the stroller makes the whole thing even more adorable.

Michael Jordan? Really?

There are a few possible scenarios behind the purpose of this sign. He may have a child or a friend who happens to be named Michael Jordan. He could also be a huge fan of the former basketball player and is hoping that he will be getting off the plane. The odds that he is picking up the real Michael Jordan are slim to none.

The Best Ride Home Ever!

After a long stressful flight, most people want to unwind with a stiff drink. This man was asked to pick someone up from the airport, and he understands how stressful flying can be. He set up a margarita station, with a sign that read, “National Margarita Day.” Everyone getting off that flight must have been jealous of the passenger who was getting the post-flight margarita.


The man who this sign was meant for must have been very upset when he got off the plane. While he was away, his girlfriend went through his cellphone records that told her a lot about her boyfriend. In just 30 weeks’ worth of phone records, she discovered 132 acts of infidelity, 25 conversations with “whores,” one bi-curious episode, and one treatable STD. To make matters worse, she drained the joint bank accounts. The punishment definitely fits the crime.

Poor Jody

When most people get off of a plane, they are met by loving people who are happy to see them. Poor Jody didn’t have a warm welcoming when she got off the plane. The sign read, “Go back 2 Cali Jody. We hate you.” This isn’t exactly what you want to see when you fly home for a visit.

Star Wars Fan

Rebecca asked her father for a ride home from the airport. She probably regretted her decision to ask her father as soon as she got off the plane. He was dressed up as Darth Vader, holding a sign that read, “Rebecca, I am your father.” Instead of walking by him as most people would, she took a picture with him.

It All Falls Apart When Mom Isn’t Home

This mother was expecting her family to be waiting at the airport when she got off the plane, but she didn’t expect things to have fallen apart at home while she was gone. Her son’s made a sign that read, “Welcome home, mommy. P.S. We’re out of underwear, we don’t have any on now.” Advertising that you are going commando may not be the best way to welcome Mom home, but it is really funny. At least she knows she’s needed at home.

Just In Case He Misses the Sign

This couple agreed to pick Mokie up from the airport. They were worried that he wouldn’t see their sign, so they had a picture of his face blown up into a huge sign. There is no way that he missed that. Unfortunately, they chose a horrible photo of him. The look of surprise on his face when he saw them must have been priceless.


Going to rehab to fight addiction is very brave, but it should be a private journey. This woman was picking up a friend returning to rehab, but she clearly doesn’t understand the concept of privacy. She waited at the airport with a sign that read, “Congratulations on completing rehab.” Hopefully, this is just a joke, and her loved one really wasn’t getting treatment.

Picking Up the Whole Family

Why bother making four separate signs when picking your loved ones up for Christmas? This couple decided to make one big sign for everyone, complete with horrible and embarrassing photos of each person they were in charge of picking up. Most people aren’t willing to put this much time into an airport sign.

Breaking the News Right Away

The woman who made this sign didn’t know how to tell her husband that she neglected the dogs a bit, and they ate the couch. She decided to break the news right away with a sign that read, “I missed you so much that I made this sign. The dogs missed you so much that they ate our couch. Welcome home!” Her husband must not have been too happy when he got off the plane and saw this.

This Guy

The man who made this sign was really excited to have Taylor and Steven home. He was so excited that he made a sign that included a photo of himself. The sign reads, “Who is excited Taylor and Steven are home? This guy.” He even added the thumbs pointing to his photo. Taylor and Steven must have got a big kick out of it.

Embarrassing Mom and Dad

The parents of these two children must have regretted asking them for a ride home from the airport the second they got off the plane. For this mother, they made a sign with a photo of her that read, “Looney Lynn.” For their father’s sign, they wrote, “Crazy Craig.” Next time, they will probably take a cab.

Small Asian Girl

This girl had to pick up a friend from the airport, and make a sign as a joke that read, “Small Asian girl.” She wasn’t very clear in her sign, so she could have ended up picking up several women.


This man was picking up his sister’s boyfriend and decided to have a good time with it. He showed up at the airport with a sign that read, “Guy, who knocked up my sister.” It’s a great way to break the ice with your future in-law.

Where’s the Love?

These siblings decided to poke some fun at their parents when picking them up from the airport. They waited for their parents holding a sign that read, “3 sassy orphanz seeking loving parents.” They are a bit old to be adopted, but their parents were likely amused by it.

Embarrassing a Buddy Or Themselves?

These two guys thought it would be funny to embarrass their buddy with this sign. It read, “Welcome back, sexy cowboy. I can’t quit you.” While standing there waiting, they must not have realized that they were embarrassing themselves even more.

Alice Or Random Citizen?

The driver picking up Alice must not have wanted to lose out on a fare if she didn’t show up. Maybe he wanted a double fare, so he was going to give Alice and one of her fellow passengers a ride. Is his employer okay with this?


The girl in this photo was picking up her cousin from the airport, who she clearly believes is an idiot. The fact that she added so much glitter to the sign shows how much work she put into it.


This photo was posted on Instagram by a man named Chris Chow. The caption read, “The tradition continues.” What exactly is the tradition? Is it two guys being romantic on the beach? The tradition must be simply embarrassing each other at the airport.

Mail Order Bride

The kids who made this sign obviously wanted to embarrass their father. He was getting off the plane with either his wife or his girlfriend, which makes the sign work perfect. It read, “Welcome home, Dad. Congrats on your mail-order bride.” When Dad and his companion got off the plane and saw the sign, their faces had to have turned red.

Embarrassing Dad

This son was asked to pick up his father at the airport, and it is probably the last time that he ever asked. His son made a sign that read, “Congratulations on the sex change Mum, but he crossed out Mum and wrote, Dad. His father must have been embarrassed enough that the next time he travels, he will take a cab home.

32 Taking Orders

Everyone knows that soldiers take orders and carry them out. This woman was waiting for her soldier boyfriend, with a sign that read, “A. Neal. Report for Booty.” He saw the sign, understood his mission, and got right down to it. Hopefully, he wanted until they got home to complete the mission.

She Wasn’t Really In Prison

These guys were asked to pick Sam up from the airport after a trip. Instead of just waiting, they decided to embarrass him. As he got off the plane along with 30 other passengers, he saw a sign that read, “Welcome home from prison, Sam.” This must have been a pretty embarrassing welcome.

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