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Embarrassing Sports Photos You Won’t Believe


At some point we can’t control anything to prevent a embarrassing sports photos. Athletes train for hours every day to excel in their sport, Playing and watching can be thrilling and exhilarating. Many athletes savor the great moments where they score the winning goal, make the touchdown to win the game, or cross the finish line first. While athletes can achieve some fantastic things, they can also experience some embarrassing moments from time to time. Here are some embarrassing sports photos you won’t believe, and that the athletes would like to forget.

The Fishhook

These two athletes could be playing indoor soccer; they could be playing dodge ball. One of the embarrassing sports photos is, What they are playing isn’t the issue; it is what the player in green is doing to the player in white. Is he fish hooking him? Is this even legal? Is he pinching his teammate’s cheek? This is something you will only see in Germany.

So Much Anger

One of the embarrassing sports photos is, this tennis player looks like a complete psycho. Fortunately for her opponent, she is on the other side of the net. With this type of rage, she should be involved in a rougher sport like wrestling, boxing, or MMA. She could use this rage in the ring.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Steph Gilmore is one of the best female surfers in the world. Vogue Magazine Australia asked her to do a surfing photo shoot, and she jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, she had a wardrobe malfunction during the shoot, which left her fighting to cover up before everyone onshore saw what she didn’t want them to see.

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline is great friends with Serena Williams. When the two played each other in a charity match, they thought it would be great to poke fun at one another. One of the embarrassing sports photos is when, Caroline came out with her shorts and bra stuffed, to mimic Serena’s “assets.” The crowd went wild, but nobody laughed as much as Serena did.

Poor Uniform Selection

When the Colombian cycling team won an event, they took the stage. The crowd was stunned when they saw the team because it looked like they were naked from their waist to their thighs. Fortunately, they were fully dressed; they just choose the wrong color uniforms. You should never wear nude-colored uniforms.


Ashley Harkleroad is a retired tennis player. She may not have had the skill of the Williams sister, but she has her own secret weapon, her body. One of the embarrassing sports photos is when the Playboy saw this and jumped at the opportunity to photograph her for the magazine. She has what it takes for Playboy, but her skills on the tennis court were lacking.


In couple’s skating, it is often the man who lifts the woman, and there is a good reason for that. Men are usually stronger. This couple decided to shake things up a bit during their routine with disastrous and embarrassing results. She dropped him right on his head in the middle of their routine. That had to hurt and became one of the embarrassing sports photos.

Those Tan Lines

This professional swimmer spent a day at the beach wearing her favorite bikini right before a meet. She got a nice tan, but she obviously didn’t think about the consequences. Next time, she should wear her swim meet suits to the beach. It will prevent these embarrassing tan lines.

What Are They Doing?

Competing in the Olympics is supposed to be a serious business. This makes you wonder what these two women are doing. Spitting water in each other’s mouths is a pretty strange thing to do when the whole world is watching.

Another Nude-Colored Failure

Olympic speed skater Olga Graff just finished competing in the 2014 Olympic games when she unzipped her uniform, leaving the audience and most of the world in shock. She chose to wear a nude-colored t-shirt underneath, which led people to believe that she was flashing the world.

Did Her Bra Just Come Undone?

Siberian tennis pro Jelena Jankovic was playing in a match in 2014 when her bra suddenly came undone. The stadium was packed, so she did the only thing she could. She ran to her mother, who was in the stands to have her fix the bra so that she could continue the match.

That Face Though

This young Chinese skater was competing in the US Championship when she pulled off a huge spin. When she came to a stop, she was photographed, but her smile didn’t end as well as the spin. When her photo was posted the next day, she didn’t want to leave the house.

A Chain Reaction

Running seems like it should be simple. It isn’t a contact sport, and there are no balls involved. All you need are your arms, your legs, and speed. What’s the worse that can happen? This group of competitive runners are proof that running can be dangerous. When one girl falls, it causes a chain reaction, and everyone starts to fall. This resulted in scraped up arms and elbows, and severely bruised egos.


Jenny Benitez is a competitive diver. After pulling off an amazing dive, she started getting out of the pool, only to find that her boob popped out. In this photo, you can see her desperately trying to cover up in front of 23 million viewers. You can be sure that she wasn’t happy with the NBC cameraman who caught it all on video.

Buy a Belt!

Skiing is a popular sport in the Olympics. After pulling off a pretty great move, this skier lost his pants in front of a huge audience. Maybe before his next competition, he should buy himself a belt. It will save him a lot of embarrassment in the future.

He Split His Pants

Swimmers are always looking for ways to make themselves more aerodynamic in the water. The right suit can help them swim faster, and super-tight suits do this. The swimmer in this photo may have gone a bit too far when it comes to tight swimsuits. His was so tight that his pants split just in time for the embarrassing incident to be caught on film.

Watch Out!

During a baseball game, it is not uncommon for a ball to go into the stands for the waiting fans to try to catch. You just never expect the bat to end up in the stands. Fortunately, this man was able to duck just in time, before getting beaned in the head.

What Is He Doing?

This man is a Bronze Metal Olympic winner, but judging by this picture, you wouldn’t think so. Is winning the medal enough to make people forget this face? This is a perfect example of a time where an athlete wishes their winning moment wasn’t on camera.

Don’t Duck!

In baseball, when a ball is coming your way, you hold up your glove, get in position, and catch it. Its pretty simple. Someone should have told this player that because rather than preparing to catch the ball, he ducked down and hid from it. He probably didn’t think that this humiliating moment would be captured on film.

Kiss the Ball

When your team is down, you need to play harder. Kissing the ball isn’t going to help you win. It just makes you look really bad on TV.

He Was Marcia Brady-ed

Have you ever seen the episode of The Brady Bunch where Marcia gets hit in the face with a football? This baseball player experienced the same thing, but his was real, and it looks pretty painful. Hopefully, his nose wasn’t swollen before the big dance.

That’s Not How You Do It

This sport requires you to jump over the hurdle, but this runner did the opposite. Is he trying to limbo? He actually fell just before getting to the hurdle, and his dreams of making it the Olympics that year were over.

There’s No Dancing In Basketball!

Basketball is a game complete with strong competition and trash talk. The court isn’t the right place to bust out your dance moves. Someone should have told these Heat and Sixers players. Their teammates standing near the sidelines looked pretty shocked by their flash mob.

You’re Supposed To Kick the Ball!

The whole point of soccer is to kick the ball down the field and try to get it into the goal. You aren’t supposed to kick the players on the opposing team in the head. This player missed the ball entirely, which can be seen at the top of the photo. The other player started going down when the photographer captured the shot.

He’s So Childish

Sure, it is funny when kids pants one another. It is just what kids do. When you get older, it is unacceptable. Also, there is a time and a place, and the soccer field isn’t one of them. You can only imagine this soccer player’s embarrassment when the whole world saw his tightie-whities.


Some people have some pretty strange fetishes. Licking a person’s armpits is unusual, but apparently, this basketball player has that fetish and couldn’t help himself. Judging by the look on Yao Ming’s face, he really isn’t into that sort of thing. There are a time and place for your fetishes buddy, and the middle of a basketball game isn’t one of them. If sweaty armpits are his thing, he chose the perfect time to get in a quick lick.

Protect the Nads!

When a soccer ball comes flying at a player, it is their job to try to kick it toward a teammate or hit it with their head. The four players in this photo would rather protect the family jewels than get into the game. Come on, guy! Man up! You are athletes for God’s sake! Get in the game! Put on a cup and be real athletes.

Are You Fighting Or Kissing?

When two fighters get into the ring, it is not uncommon for strong feelings to boil to the surface. In most cases, these intense feelings are anger and hatred. What is happening here is puzzling. It seems that the intense emotions that boiled to the surface here were all about love. Can you think of anything more embarrassing, not to mention unprofessional?

He’s Crossing the Line Here

Bernie Ecclestone owns an F1 franchise. Just because he is the big boss, it doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on his drivers. Wouldn’t this qualify for sexual harassment or at least a hostile work environment? This may have been an accidental hand placement, but you can be sure that Bernie wishes the cameras weren’t around at the time.

Thank Goodness For That Bar

What is this player actually doing? He appears to be gratifying himself while his teammate watches. This probably isn’t what is happening, but with that bar in the way, we may never know.

Spun Out

When this gymnast twisted for her dismount, it looks like she spun herself out completely. Hopefully, she was able to pull it together in time for the dismount. If not, it could make for a pretty painful landing.

What Is Happening?

This is one of the creepiest swimming photos around. These women look like a bunch of killer clowns in the water, just waiting to prey on unsuspecting swimmers. Are water clowns real? Why are these women wearing makeup in the water? This is some pretty powerful waterproof makeup.


When you are jumping up out of the water, and then back down, the last thing you want is for a foot to be waiting there when you land. It’s tough to tell if the expression on her face is a look of concentration or sheer pain. My bet is on pain. That doesn’t look too pleasant at all. Had she been a man, this picture would be chilling.

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