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Baby Baboon Falls Into A Lioness’ Lap And The Lioness’ Reaction Has The Whole World Stunned


Animals in the wild often do things on instinct. They live, hunt, migrate, and feed based on what they know. It is when animals do something out of the ordinary and display kindness and compassion for one another that you see how truly amazing animals are.

Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth

Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth are wildlife photographers. It is their job to go out into the wild where animals are in their natural habitat and take photos of them. For both, it is their passion. Over the years, they had seen plenty of amazing things. It wasn’t until the fall of 2018 that they saw what they say is the most amazing thing in their careers. Fortunately, they had their cameras on hand to capture the whole incident.

How It Began

It all started when they witnessed a lioness attack a group of baboons. During the attack, one of the female baboons was killed instantly. For most, this would be a horrible scene; however, for Evan and Lisa, it was just another day at the office.

The Baby

Within seconds, Evan and Lisa realized that the female baboon wasn’t on her own. As she was being killed, her tiny baby was still clinging to her, looking for protection. When the baby realized that his mother was gone, he quickly tried to escape before he suffered the same fate. Evan and Lisa watched as the baby tried to escape by running up a tree. Unfortunately, he was too small and too weak to climb. At this point, the two prepared for the worst. They feared that the lioness would devour the little baby baboon quickly, the same way that she did his mother. Baby baboon falls into lion’s lap – lion’s reaction has the whole world stunned.

A Miracle

Just as the couple prepared themselves for something horrific, a miracle happened. The lioness approached the baby baboon, but she didn’t charge him the way that the couple expected her to. Instead, she approached the baby gently, as though she were curious about who he was.

Playing With the Baby

When the mother got closer, she began interacting with the baby baboon. They were playing together. Lisa and Evan couldn’t believe their eyes. This went against everything that they had learned about animals while working in the wild. Something like this ordinarily ended up in disaster, with the baby’s life cut short. What they were witnessing was very unusual and beautiful.


Lisa and Evan began to worry when they saw the lioness pick up the baby baboon and put him in her mouth. They assumed that their miracle was over, and the poor baby was about to be eaten. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Rather than killing the innocent little baboon, the lioness gently carried him away in her mouth. A moment later, the two were cuddling. The baby baboon didn’t show any fear at all. Lisa and Evan say that it was almost as if he knew that she was going to take care of him and that she wasn’t going to harm him. The fact that she had just killed his mother while she held him didn’t seem to phase him at all. He trusted the lioness, and he was right to do so.

Maternal Instincts

The baby baboon took the lioness as his new mother right away. At the same time, her maternal instincts kicked in, and she was caring for the baboon, keeping him close and safe. Evan and Lisa say that it was one of the most extraordinary things that they have ever captured on film. As the scene before them unfolded, they didn’t stop taking pictures. This was something that they wanted the world to see.


A few minutes after the two bonded, a male lion approached. The lioness sensed danger immediately, so she got up to fend the male lion off. She wasn’t going to let the lion get anywhere the baby baboon. While this was happening, the baby baboon’s father was sitting in a tree nearby. He knew if he came out that he wouldn’t last longer than the mother did, so he kept a watchful every over what was happening.

Daddy’s Coming

While the lion was being distracted by the female, the father decided to make his move. He quickly came down from the tree and scooped up his baby. With the baby baboon in tow, he hurried back up the tree to safety. This baby baboon was very lucky. First, he was saved by the lioness, and after, he was saved by his father. Lisa and Evan watched in awe, shocked by what was unraveling in front of them.

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