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Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs. Wait Till You See Her Today

Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper is a health enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. She has spent a lot of time studying different types of food and what they do to your body. Shannon believes that food can either fuel or body or poison it. This is something that she strongly believes in, and it affects the way that she eats.

Food Expert

When it comes to healthy eating, Shannon has a great deal of knowledge. In college, she studied agricultural science and specialized in a branch of Biology that concentrates on growing plants that are meant for human consumption. When she graduated, she started working as a health and wellness coach. Shannon’s whole life has been based on the human body and the food that she puts into it. All of these things combined have made her a food expert.

You Are What You Eat

Shannon really believes in the mantra, “You are what you eat.” Not only does she worry about what she eats, she worries about the foods consumed by the animals that she eats. Shannon only believes in free-range livestock and chicken because they have more nutrients than caged animals do. When she made these decisions regarding her own diet, she vowed to do the same for her baby.

Shannon’s Baby Girl

When Shannon found out that she was pregnant, she was thrilled. She always dreamed of being a mother. When her daughter, Grace, was born, she decided that she was going to feed her daughter healthy foods, the way that she eats. She planned to put her daughter on the same strict diet from the day that she was born. She wasn’t going to feed her daughter sugar, carbs, or preservatives. She wasn’t going to feed her daughter, the typical foods that children eat. It was an unorthodox decision, but she was putting her daughter on the Paleo diet just like her.

What Is the Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic diet, aka the Paleo diet, is often referred to as the “caveman diet” or the “stone-age diet.” According to the diet, you are only allowed to eat foods that humans were able to hunt and gather during the stone-age. The people on the diet eat plenty of fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Shannon heard about the diet in 2010 and says that it has transformed her life. Eating this way has become less of a diet for Shannon, and more of a lifestyle.

Health Issues

Before Shannon embraced the Paleo lifestyle, Shannon had health issues, such as food allergies. At the time, she felt that the things she was eating weren’t helping her out at all. She believes that her previous diet was poisoning her body, rather than giving it the fuel that it needs. She believes that the food she was eating was making her sick, and she needed to find a better diet to feel better and have more energy.

Gut Health

Shannon has always believed in promoting gut health, which is why she has been eating the way that she has for so long. She is doing the same for her daughter, so she avoids feeding her children any overly-processed foods from a container. She wants her daughter to be on an all-natural diet. If there is a food that contains preservatives, she isn’t going to feed it to her daughter.

Controversial Choices

Some parents don’t agree with the diet that Shannon feeds her daughter. According to the diet, you cannot eat grains, legumes, and dairy products. The parents who don’t agree with Shannon’s choices believe that children need milk and other dairy products to thrive.


When Shannon asked her daughter’s doctor about putting her on the Paleo diet. The doctor told her that there really isn’t much information about the long-term effects of this diet, but he didn’t recommend it for a growing child. Shannon took his concerns to heart and decided to go with her gut. She did; however, make an exception when Grace was firstborn. She breastfed Grace for the first few months, which goes against the diet, but Shannon believed that it was necessary.

Grace’s Diet

From the time Grace was 13-months-old, she was eating foods like porridge, quinoa, sauerkraut, and chia pudding. These are foods that most kids wouldn’t want to eat, but since Grace has never had anything sugary, she doesn’t know what she is missing.


Baby has never eaten sugar or carbs. Wait till you see her today. Shannon says that Grace’s diet has made her incredibly healthy. She says that since she was born, Grace has been sick once, and it was a minor cold. She says that Grace often spends time with children who have a cough or a cold, and she never gets sick. Shannon believes that her daughter’s health is all due to the Paleo diet.

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