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They Were Named The Most Beautiful Twins In The World, Wait Till You See Them Today

The Clemens

Jaqi and Kevin Clemens were a happily married couple. They had a two-year-old son who they adored when Jaqi learned that she was pregnant again. The couple was excited that they were going to be expanding their family. Jaqi and Kevin went together for the first ultrasound and were so happy when they found out that they were expecting twins. The doctor told the couple that Jaqi was carrying identical twin girls. It was one of the happiest days of the couple’s life.

Early Labor

The doctor told Jaci and Kevin that their daughters were due in August. When Jaqi went into labor in early July, she started to panic. She was worried that her little girls weren’t strong enough to come into the world yet. The doctor couldn’t stop her labor, and the Clemens’ twins were born four weeks early on July 7, 2010. The couple named them Ava Marie and Leah Rose.

Comments From Family and Friends

From the time that the twins were born, people commented on their appearance. Family, friends, and even strangers commented on their glossy hair, their flawless skin, and their distinctive bone structure. Jaqi says that she knew that her daughters were beautiful, but she felt that people told her that they were beautiful because that is what people do. The more she heard people tell her how gorgeous her babies were, she started to wonder if they could have a career based on their looks.

Modeling Agencies

When the twins were still very young, the Clemens were approached by talent agents for modeling agencies. Jaqi and Kevin were offered lucrative contracts and promises of fame for their beautiful daughters. Jaqi and Kevin decided that they would need to think about what they should do.


Jaqi and Kevin knew that having their daughters be models would set them up for their future. The money that they would make could be enough to send them both to college and then set them up with a comfortable life. They also had worries. Jaqi wondered what effect a high-attention modeling career would have on her daughters. She also worried about potential predators who would use her daughters’ image for their own purposes. It was a difficult decision for the couple to make.

Signing a Contract

The couple decided to give the modeling a try, and the twins were signed to an agency in Los Angeles. It wasn’t long before the Jaqi realized that her daughters’ career wasn’t as easy as she thought. She found it to be challenging to care for her 2-year-old son, her home, and get her daughters to photoshoots and auditions. She decided that it was too much for the family to handle, so after three months, she changed her mind and ended the twins’ career.

A Normal Life

Jaqi thought that her daughters deserved to have a normal life. She wanted them to have fun going to school, playing with their brother, and being normal kids. She didn’t think that being models would make this possible.

Second Thoughts

As time went on, Jaqi and Kevin started to question their decision to pull their twins from modeling. Every time they were out in public, people would comment on the twins’ beauty. They had a one-of-a-kind look, and they were identical. They started to have second thoughts. Jaqi decided that her daughters were old enough to have a say in what they did with their lives since it would be them doing the work. She thought that she could take her daughter’s wishes into consideration when making her decision. On the day that Jaqi was going to make her decision, she felt that fate took over. She always had a thing with the number 7. It was July 7, 2017, and Jaqi took it as a sign.


The girls’ first job was with a children’s boutique. The owner of the boutique was the family’s neighbor, which make Jaqi feel safe. Soon, the girls started to blow up on Instagram and were signed to Zuri Model and Talent. The girls were doing great, and soon, their girls’ brother Chase was joining them on photo shoots. All of the couple’s children were signed to model for some of the biggest brands in the world. Over the years, they have been able to travel to places that they would never have been able to if they weren’t modeling.


They were named the most beautiful twins in the world, wait till you see them today. Jaqi is sure that she made the right decision. Her children are doing a great job balancing school, extracurricular activities, and modeling. Her children have a fantastic future ahead of them. These two girls get more and more beautiful every day.

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