Best And Worst Ways For Children To Sit

#1 The Sitting Up “W” Position

If you are seen your child sitting in front of the television, it is more than likely that they often sit in the sitting up “W” position. This is where they sit with their bottoms on the floor, their knees bent out to their side and their feet pointing outward. This is a position that you have probably seen and wondered how it is even comfortable. For flexible kids, it is comfortable, however, it isn’t a healthy position for them to be sitting in. If you see a child in that position it stop before it’s too late !!! Research has shown that this position can throw the lower back or the lumbar spine back into too much of an arch. This can cause pain. It can also put too much pressure on the joints of the lower body that are still developing such as the knees and the hips. Sitting the the “W” position can also overstretch the joints which can result in weakened trunk muscles.

#2 They Lying Down “W” Position

The lying down “W” position is when the child is lying on their back and they have their feet planted on the floor and their knees bent with their feet out to their sides. While this position isn’t as dangerous as the sitting up “W” position, it can still put too much stress on the hips and the lower back.

#3 Sitting Indian Style

Sitting down for too long, in general, is bad for a child’s growing body. Long periods of sitting puts too much pressure on the neck, the shoulders, and the upper back. It is even worse if a child sits Indian style when sitting. When a child has their legs crossed, they often use the same leg that crosses over the other leg. This can result in the alignment of the body becoming imbalanced. It is best for kids to sit with their legs straight out when they are on the floor. If they are sitting in the chair, they should keep their feet planted firmly on the floor.

#4 Sitting Too Long Is Bad

Sitting for too long is bad for a child’s posture and their overall health. It is important that at school and at home that children are given a chance to break up their sitting time with their time outdoors. They need to get their legs moving and their blood circulating several times throughout the day. Also, when kids get into the habit of sitting down all day they aren’t getting the exercise that they need to burn calories. A sedimentary lifestyle is the main cause of obesity in children. Parents should make it a point to get their kids up off the couch and outside for at least an hour each day to get the exercise that their growing bodies need.

#5 The Recommended Way For Kids To Sit

When kids are in school it is likely that their teachers make them sit at a desk in a chair. If your child is at home, you should encourage them to sit down on the ground as much as possible. When a child is on the ground, it will help them to maintain their natural flexibility. It is important for a child’s hips and spine to be as naturally flexible as possible if they are going to have perfect balance. It is a good idea to put a pile of firm cushions on the floor for your kids to sit on. This will allow them to arrange the cushions so that they can sit in a straddle position, a squat position, or with their knees raised and still have the support that they need from the cushions. There are plenty of healthy ways for a child to sit when they are given enough cushions. When it comes to doing arts and crafts or homework, the best way for your child to sit is at a low table so that they can sit on the floor. This gives your child the flexibility to move their legs around in comfortable, safe positions if they start to get tired of sitting in the same position all the time.

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