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Bike Gang Hunts Down Dog Fight Rings And Saves Animals From Their Abusive Owners

Biker Gangs

There is a stereotype that people in biker gangs are bad people, and they are criminals. People believe that biker gangs exist only to break the law and make money. Drug dealing, guns, and violence are what people think about when they hear about biker gangs. While illegal activity does happen in some bike clubs, it is not the case with them all. Rescue Ink is a bike club in Long Island, New York that doesn’t break the law. Instead, they try to do some good.

More Than a Bike Club

The members of Rescue Ink are tatted up, and some may look menacing, but they are just a group of guys who are completely against animal abuse. They are a non-profit organization whose goal it is to help those who cannot speak for, or defend themselves. Animals.

Mission Statement

The club is made up of people of different ages, genders, and careers There are members who are lawyers, weightlifters, and ex-police officers. They have a mission statement that reads, “Rescue Ink does whatever necessary within the means of the law. That’s what our lawyers tell us to say, to fight abuse and neglect of all times.”


It is not uncommon for the members of Rescue Ink to intervene to save animals. This bike gang hunts down dog fight rings and saves animals from abusive owners. Dog fight clubs are heinous, and what the dogs go through is torture. It isn’t just dog fight clubs that the members of Rescue Ink intervene with. In the past, they have worked to save horses, fish, chickens, a pig, and even a python.


Some people think of the group as superheroes. The members of the club see thins much differently. They say that they are just super animal lovers and protectors. They say that over the years, they have had to deal with challenges, obstacles, and near misses; however, to them, it is all worth it. They believe that since animals cannot speak for themselves or protect themselves, they need someone to speak up for them.

Reality TV

Rescued Ink made a name for themselves, and in 2009, reality television producers for the National Geographic Channel approached the group and asked them to be on a reality TV show. The show followed members of the group as they use “in your face” tactics to shame and report abusive animal owners. They take it upon themselves to remove animals from their harsh, abusive surroundings and take them to no-kill shelters. In some cases, the animals need to be taken to rehabilitation facilities. This is necessary when the animals have experienced serious neglect and abuse. The show was called Rescue Ink Unleashed.

Running a Shelter

The members of the club also run a shelter. The oldest is 75-year-old, Bato. Despite his age, he still runs with the best of them. Joe Panz, Big Ant, Johnno O, Eric, G. Angels, Des “the cat man” Junior, and Robert are just a few of the members who fight for the rights of animals.


Them members of the group often work closely with the ASPCA, another organization dedicated to saving neglected and abused animals. With the two groups keeping in contact, it is easier for the group to find the animals who need their help the most.

All About the Animals

Members of the group say that they don’t do the things that they do for payment or recognition. They work to protect animals because it is the right thing to do. Since animals cannot speak for themselves, the members of Rescue Ink speak up for them. They will do whatever it takes to save an animals life.

A Great Group

Rescue Ink is a great group. The members spend most of their spare time protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The group came together thanks to their love of bikes and love of animals. It didn’t take long before they put their two passions together to do something wonderful. They had saved hundreds of animals whose lives were horrible before the group heard about them. There are many animals that are alive today, thanks to the group’s intervention. The members say that they would love to live in a world where animals are treated the way that they deserve to be treated. Until this day comes, they are going to be stepping in wherever they are needed. Whether it is a dog fighting ring, a cockfighting ring, or any abused animal, they are going to be there t do the right thing. They say that they would love for new chapters to start around the country, but until then, they plan to help animals in need whenever they can.

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