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Borderline Ridiculous Photos Taken By Employees That Are Hilarious

Photos At Work

For some people, getting through the workday can be long, grueling, tedious, or downright difficult. For these people, taking crazy photos at work is a way to make things more exciting and more bearable. Here are some borderline ridiculous photos taken by employees that are hilarious.

Compare Foods

This ridiculous photo was in Compare Foods, but they shouldn’t expect you actually to compare the foods. This is especially true since corn on the cob looks nothing like watermelon.

Got Spirt?

The person whose job it was to make this sign should be fired. The cheerleaders want to know if the cheering crowd has spirit, not sprit. Sprit isn’t even a word.

No Parking

The person whose job it is to make the lines on the street surely put up a sign warning all drivers. Since this driver didn’t want to move their car, but the line maker still had a job to do, they can’t really be blamed.

Installing Rails

Someone hired to install rails to keep the people in the hallway safe. Clearly, they didn’t understand the instructions that their boss gave them. Even though this is a storage closet, people still need access.

Wrong Display

The person who is in charge of putting up the flip-flop display needs to fired. Instead of using a summer display, they used one that says, “Get Ready For Winter.” This is a foolish mistake.


Whoever is in charge of putting the paper around the crayons needs to let go. Every color crayon reads, “yellow.” Either they are colorblind, or they just didn’t care much about doing their job right.


If you need a calculator, you better keep looking. Whoever put this calculator together was entirely off. What kind of calculator has 00?

Major Type O

Whoever was in charge of typing up this headline wasn’t paying attention. It looks as though either the computer wasn’t working correctly, or they had their fingers on the wrong letters while typing.

Major Fail

Whoever is in charge of urban projects should demoted to scrubbing the bathrooms. The entire area is flooded, yet the sewer grate is bone dry. What is the point?

This Clerk Should Be Fired

One of the store clerk’s duties in this ridiculous photo is to make sure that the nicest clothes displayed in the store window. At this store, any piece of clothing will do. When the poster reads, “Dress of the Week, the dress you need in your closet now,” the mannequin should at least be wearing something.

Fashion Designer Fail

The fashion designer who made this shirt should have taken a geography class first. At least both continents start with the letter A.

A DOT Worker Will Soon Be Fired

This sign is pretty crazy. It reads, “Give cyclists space,” but it is in the bike lane. The sign itself doesn’t give cyclists space. Whoever put it, there should be demoted.

How Many Days?

The banner for this store says that they are open nine days a week. How is this even possible? A week is only seven days.

Chocolate Fail

The chocolate coating should be on the ice cream, not the bottom of the cone. Clearly, someone put the cone upside down before adding the chocolate.

They Said Do Not Stack!

In this ridiculous photo, whoever created this pile must have wanted to get fired. Clearly, they weren’t supposed to be stacked, but the employee ignored it.

Mix Up!

Whoever was in charge of bagging the buns was a bit confused. The hot dog buns are the long ones, and the hamburger buns are the round ones.

What Is He Doing?

When this Braves player comes out after the game, people are using Smartphones, recording devices, and strangely, remote controls. What are they planning to do with that, turn up his voice?

The Movie Sign Employee Has Been Fired

On Wednesday, this theater was playing the Suicide Squad and Sausage Party. Someone mixed it up. Suicide Party doesn’t sound like the best movie.

Another DOT Fail

When a person comes to this intersection, they expected to stop, not stop. Whoever was responsible for painting this sign shouldn’t have had this work in the first place.


The person who stacked these chairs in this area must be a rebel. It clearly states that furniture should not be placed there under any circumstances.

Sewing Faux Pas

One of these Nala stuffed animals are cut, and the other is just a hot mess. Someone sewed the eyes on wrong, making her looked dumb and confused.

Wrong Bags

The person who packed this popcorn used the bags meant for ice. It makes you wonder what they were putting the ice in.

Another Rebellious Employee

The employee who put the price tag on these OneJoy cigarettes was clearly supposed to set the price over the square. They chose to put it underneath instead.

Extra Fresh Sperm?

The person who made this sign obviously wanted to abbreviate spearmint. Rather than using the word sperm, they could have used sprmnt. Sperm is just wrong.

Vending Machine Failure

The owner of the vending machine told his employee that this one should contain M&Ms and Skittles. They just should have mentioned that candy needs to be taken out of the bag.

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