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20 Office Pranks That Elevate Workplace Shenanigans

The Work Day

The average person spends about one-third of their day at work. This means that we spend most of our day with our coworkers. Being at work for so long can be monotonous, and many people play office pranks on one another to get through the day. Some pranks are silly, and some are very time-consuming and elaborate. The prank all depends on how creative and dedicated the employee actually is. Here are 20 office pranks that elevate workplace shenanigans.

Replacing the Family Photo

Many people keep family photos on their desks at work. The person who posted this photo took a family photo off their coworker’s desk. They were photos of the coworker’s children. After taking the photos, they used Photoshop to add animal faces to the children’s heads. Imaging the coworker’s face when they came to work to find that their children were replaced with a raccoon and a cat.

Cups of Water

The person who pulled this prank must have had some serious downtime at work that day. They took hundreds of foam cups and filled them with a blue liquid. It had to have taken hours to set up the prank. When the coworker came to work the next day, they must have been very surprised. You can only hope that they didn’t have too much work to do that day because it would have taken hours to remove all of the cups of liquid. This is not the best use of the workday or foam cups.

Understanding Patient Conditions

The nurses who created this gummy bear chart could have done so for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is boredom. Maybe there was some downtime at work, so they created a chart with gummy bears to describe a person’s condition. It would also have been a way to help other staff members understand patients’ conditions, but based on the black gummy bear labeled, “he’s dead,” this is highly doubtful. It is just a funny way for people in the medical field to spend the day.

When you leave your desk to use the restroom, take your lunch break, or to use the copier, you should never leave your computer unlocked. The person who works at this computer made that mistake. When they got back to their desk, they found Cookie Monster, complete with a set of real googly eyes staring back at them. After coming back to this, the employee will always be sure to lock their computers when they step away.

That’s Not Neil Armstrong

Police officers are trained to always pay attention to detail. This is one of the most essential traits of a good police officer. The officer in this photo must have had his backlog of arrest reports on his mind because he didn’t notice that someone changed one of the pictures in his office. What was once a picture of Neil Armstrong became a photo of a raccoon astronaut.

The 4th Floor Stapler

People who work in an office are very protective of their office supplies. The people who work in this office went as far as to put a label on their stapler so that nobody would take it. The employees on the 6th floor were annoyed by this, so they took the stapler from the 4th floor and took it to Disneyland. They made sure to take a photo so that the 4th-floor employees would know what they did. That stapler must have really enjoyed its time out of the office.

Cubical Fun

Cubicles are designed to isolate employees so that they can get their work done. Being stuck in a tiny cube all day can make a person go crazy, so they do some pretty crazy things. The girl in this photo created a cutout of her head, so it would look as though she was popping her head up to talk to her coworker in the next cube. The things people will do when work is slow.

An Ewok In the Forest

The people who work in this office sitting in an artificially lit room all day with no windows. The office manager wanted to give their employees the illusion that the office was in the middle of a lush, green forest. One creative Star Wars fan in the office decided to make some changes to the wallpaper by adding an Ewok to the forest scene. It looks so good you would think that it was really part of the wallpaper.

A Prank In The Bathroom

Today, many public bathrooms have hands-free sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilet flushers. The fewer people have to touch things in the bathroom, the better. The person who worked in this office building thought it would be funny to make their coworkers think that the paper towel dispense was voice-activated. They stuck a sticker to the paper towel dispenser that read, “Voice Activated. Say loudly, “Paper Towel Now!” You can only imagine how funny it must have been for the employee to hear their coworkers screaming for a paper towel.

Oh, Shane

Shane works at a fast-food chicken restaurant and has been giving refunds on the food too often. Management decided to have some fun with him, so on the employee board, they wrote, “Shane, Quit offering extended warranties on the fried chicken. Management.” This will teach Shane to stop giving refunds on already consumed food.

Not In the Christmas Spirit

This business ordered a new Christmas tree for the office. It came in, but nobody wanted to open the box and put the tree together. Instead, they just put a few decorations on the box that the tree came in. These employees certainly weren’t in the holiday spirit.

Evacuation Plan

Large office buildings are required to post an evacuation plan on all floors in case of an emergency. The people who work on this floor came up with their own evacuation plan. They just wrote, “Run,” on a post-it note, and stuck on on the evacuation plan plaque. It’s a good plan, but it won’t get a visitor out of the building.

Permanent Employee Of the Month

the man in this photo went to work on his last day at Pet Smart. Before leaving, he made himself the “Permanent Employee Of the Month.” He added some hilarious quotes from fictional people and posted it to the employee board before leaving.

Don’t Ruin It For Me

Coworkers love to talk to one another about the show that everyone watches. The man in this photo didn’t have a chance to see the finale of the office’s favorite show, so he made a sign warning everyone. He warned his coworkers that if they ruin the finale for them, he will make sure that their computer runs slower than a 1997 Compaq with a 56K modem. These tech guys take their computers and their favorite shows seriously.

The Tiny Desk

The employee who sits here went on vacation, only to find their desk replaced with a tiny desk. That’s what you get for taking a whole week off. It makes you wonder what their coworker did with their real desk.

Switching It Up

This guy wants to keep his days interesting, so he wears different costumes to work every day. One day he is a Dutch farm girl, and the next, he is Mr. Spock. It must make life interesting for his coworkers as well. They must go to work, wondering what he will be wearing next. Clearly, this office doesn’t have a dress code.

A Heart Attack Waiting To Happen

This is one of the best and most potentially dangerous pranks on this list. The prankster taped an air horn to the bottom of their coworker’s chair and raised it. When the coworker goes to work, they will lower the chair, sounding the air horn. Hopefully, nobody in the office has a heart condition.

Switching Departments

The person who once sat in this chair got a promotion and moved to a different department. Their friend in the next cube over decided to make a little memorial for their friend after they left. The flowers are a nice touch. They shouldn’t be too upset. It will only be a matter of time before there is someone new sitting in that chair. Soon, the memory of the employee who was promoted will fade.

Super Creepy

It is always sad when your closest friend at work leaves for green pastures. When this happens, you have one of two options. You can make sure to exchange contact information and promise to keep in touch, or you can have a pillow of their face made. This man’s coworker chose the second option, making this one of the creepiest office goodbyes in the world. At least he won’t be forgotten when he’s gone.

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