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Boy Found Starving To Death In A Closet Is Saved By His Siblings

Children and Good Parents

Children cannot care for themselves. They need a loving family to make sure that they are fed, bathed, happy, and loved. Most parents treasure their children. Good parents are willing to go without so that their children can have everything that they need. A parent’s primary goal is for their children to have better than they did. Unfortunately, not all parents feel this way. Fact Verse: Boy Found Starving To Death In A Closet Is Saved By His Siblings.


Jordan is a 5-year-old boy from Spring, Texas. He lived at home with his biological father, Bradley Bleimeyer and his stepmother, Tammi. He also lived with his seven step-siblings. From the outside, everything appeared to be normal in the home. Seven of the children went to school every day, they did their homework, and they played outside. Unfortunately, Jordan’s life was not normal. It wasn’t even kind. Jordan was living a life that no child should ever have had to live.

Jordan’s Life

While his step-siblings were treated well, Jordan was not. He was forced to live in a tiny room under the stairs. It was the size of a cupboard, and nails were sticking out of the walls and bare wires hanging. Jordan wasn’t allowed to leave the tiny room, and he was starved. At meal times, Jordan was not fed. He was also severely beaten when he cried due to hunger. It is unknown why Brad and Tammi treated all of the children well but were so horrible to Jordan. This poor little boy needed help badly. His life depended on it. Fortunately, he had a stepbrother and a stepsister who were brave enough to get him the help that he needed.

Cody and Allison

Cody, Jordan’s stepbrother, was just 16-years-old at the time. Allison, Jordan’s stepsister, was just 12-years-old. They watched the way that Jordan was treated, and it terrified them. Cody says that if Jordan cried or even spoke, that Brad and Tammi would tell him to shut up and they called him a baby. They knew that Jordan wasn’t being fed, but they were not allowed to go to the room, so they didn’t know how much trouble their little stepbrother was actually in.

Trying To Get Help

Cody and Allison tried a number of times to get Jordan the help that he desperately needed. There was one day when Brad and Tammi were out, that Cody called the police. He was sure if the police saw Jordan’s living conditions that they would take him out of the home immediately. Unfortunately, when the police arrived, they told him that they couldn’t go into the house because Cody was underage and he wasn’t the homeowner. The police told Cody that there was nothing that they could do. Next, Allison tried to tell her teacher at school. Unfortunately, the teachers didn’t know what they could do for Jordan since he wasn’t a student at the school. They felt completely helpless.


Cody and Allison would beg their parents to stop hitting Jordan when they could hear him screaming in pain. When they tried to intervene, they would get verbal abuse and physically assaulted. They knew that their stepbrother needed help; they just didn’t know how to get him the help that he needed. Finally, the two decided to break Jordan out of his prison and get him help.

Seeing Jordan

When Cody opened the closet, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Cody had just had a huge fight with Brad, so he wasn’t worried about getting in any more trouble. Cody says that when he saw Jordan, he was in a soaking wet diaper with no other clothes on. His face was caved in, he had bruises and marks all over his body, and you could count every one of his ribs he was so thin. What scared Cody and Allison, even more, was that Cody was foaming at the mouth. When Allison picked Jordan up, she says that he was so light that it didn’t feel like she was carrying a child. Cody decided to call both of his parents out.

Making the Call

Brad and Tammi had taken Cody’s phone away after he called the police the last time. They didn’t know that he had a prepaid phone, and he used it to call the police. Next, he went outside and yelled at his parents. Brad started shoving Cody, telling him that Jordan was none of his business. Cody let his family know that he already called the police. When Tammi heard this, she ran into the house to gather her other children so that they could leave before the police came. She was too late.

Help Arrives

When the police arrived, Jordan was barely alive. They were sure that had he been left in that tiny room for even a day longer, he would have died. The police brought Jordan and the rest of the children to the hospital to be checked out by a doctor.


Brad and Tammi were arrested. Tammi was sentenced to 28-years in prison and Brad was sentenced to 15-years. During their trials, Cody and Allison testified against them both. The children were taken and placed in foster care. When Jordan was healthy enough, he went to live with his biological mother. Today, Jordan is living in a happy, healthy home, and he is thriving. If it weren’t for the courage of Cody and Allison, Jordan might not be alive today. Age 5 boy found starving to death in closet – siblings save his life.

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