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Dog Found 135 Miles Off The Coast Of Thailand Saved By Oil Rig Workers

Gulf Of Thailand

A group of workers had been drilling for oil on a massive rig in the Gulf of Thailand for some time. For these men, most days were normal. They did their job during the day and retired to their cramped quarters at night. The most unusual thing that happened on the job were mechanical issues on the rig. This is why it was so strange when they spotted a terrified dog in the ocean.

135 Miles Off the Coast

Since the rig was located 135 miles off the coast of Thailand, a worker named Vbvitsak Payalay was shocked when he saw the frightened dog in the ocean. They couldn’t imagine how he could have gotten out there in the first place. Seeing fish out there was normal, but seeing a dog out there was shocking.

The First Rescue Attempt

The workers realized that they needed to act quickly to save the dog. They needed to come up with a plan to get him safely on the rig. First, they tried lowering a pole by the dog, hoping that he could be able to climb up the pole to safely. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. The dog understood what the men wanted him to do, but he kept sliding off the pole. They knew that if he lost his grip too many times, the dog might give up and they would never be able to get to him.

The Second Rescue Attempt

When the men realized that the pole wasn’t going to work, they went and grabbed some rope. They hoped that they could lasso the dog and bring him to safety. Fortunately, this plan worked. When they got the rope around the dog, they managed to pull him to safety on the rig. Finally, the dog would be safe.


When they got the dog onto the rig, he had a sad look in his eyes. He was so weak that he wasn’t able to sit. He could only lie down. The men gave him water, and he drank a lot. He had become severely dehydrated, waiting for help to arrive. He also had nothing to eat in days. When the men gave him food, he ate and ate. The workers made sure to provide the dog with plenty of hugs and attention, hoping to make him feel safe. They named him Boonrod, which is a Thai word for survivor. Considering that the dog was so far off the coast, they truly believed that he was a survivor.

Transporting Boonrod To the Mainland

After the workers saved the dog from the ocean, they had to figure out how they were going to get him to the mainland. As much as they liked the dog, they knew that he needed help, and an oil rig was no place for a dog. This task was going to be just as tricky as getting the dog out of the water.

The Plan For The Dog

The workers built a special crate. They put a blanket inside along with some water. Using a crane on the rig, they lifted the crate onto a nearby ship. The dog looked frightened, but they knew that within a few minutes, he would be safe on the ship heading for the mainland. They knew that he would be well cared for there, and they could get back to work.

Watchdog Thailand

When Boonrod made it to land, the people on the ship took him to Watchdog Thailand. This is an organization that helps neglected and abused dogs get the medical care that they need. After, they find the dogs forever homes. The organization took Boonrod and took him for a checkup. The vet was shocked that the dog was in such good shape after going through such a horrible ordeal.

Home For The Dog

Boonrod is still recovering at the veterinary clinic. When he is well enough to leave, the organization will try to find him a home. If they cannot find a good home for the dog, Vitisak, the man who saved his life, plans to take him in when his time on the rig has ended. He says that there is something special about that dog. Not only did he survive something that could have killed him, but he was also kind and loving when they pulled him up on the boat. Vitisak says that he would love to give the dog a good home.

A Second Chance For The Dog

Dog found 135 miles off the coast of Thailand saved by oil rig workers gets a second chance at life. He was nursed back to health and is just waiting for his forever home. Whether he ends up with Vitisak or another family, he will be lucky. He was given a second chance at life. If only he could talk, how he got there wouldn’t be a mystery. People are dying to know how this dog ended up so far from shore.

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