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Bride Asks Groom’s Ex To Stand During Vow Exchange Ceremony

Katie and Jeremy Musser

Katie and Jeremy met when they were in college back in 2013. Things were going great between the two, and Katie was really starting to like Jeremy. They had a lot in common, and they really had fun together. They spent a lot of their free time together, and when they weren’t together, they were texting all the time. After they were together for about six weeks, Jeremy dropped a bombshell. Fact Verse: Bride Asks Groom’s Ex To Stand During Vow Exchange Ceremony

OMG That’s So Exciting

Katie and Jeremy were texting one night the way they always did, and he texted something that caught her completely off guard. He told her that he had a son. Katie didn’t know what to think. She had been dating Jeremy for three weeks, and he never mentioned a son. She asked him how old his son was, assuming that he was 2-years-old. She was in shock when he told her that his son, Landon, was three weeks old. The only reply she could come up with was, “Omg, that’s so exciting.”


Katie was in shock when Jeremy told her how old his son was. They had been dating for six weeks, and he had a three-week-old son. She wondered where Jeremy told her he was when he was in the hospital for the birth of his son. Why didn’t he tell her about him earlier? Who was the boy’s mother? What happened with their relationship? The questions kept coming to Katie’s mind, and she had no idea how to react.

Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy told Katie that Landon’s mother is his ex-girlfriend, Casey Bender. He told her that their relationship ended before he met Katie, but he loved his son, and he would always be a driving force in his life. Katie liked Jeremy a lot, and she didn’t want to give up on him, but she was a bit worried. She thought that if Jeremy kept something so significant from her, what else was he keeping from her? Trust was a huge thing for Katie, and she was having trouble trusting him, but she wanted to make things work.


When Katie met Landon, she immediately fell in love. She thought that he was the sweetest little boy. She often spent time with Jeremy and Landon, but it wasn’t always great. Jeremy and Casey didn’t get along, and co-parenting wasn’t always easy. Jeremy had met Katie and moved on, and this made Casey very upset and hurt. These negative feelings caused Casey to lash out at Jeremy often, and it caused a great deal of tension between everyone.

Reaching Out

Katie hated the tension between everyone, and she hated the person that she had become. She didn’t know anything about Casey and thought that maybe she was judging her too harshly. She decided to reach out and talk to Casey. When she called Casey, and at first, Casey didn’t want to hear what Katie had to say. Soon, the two started talking. Katie wanted things to be good between them because they had Landon in common, Katie says that she wasn’t trying to be his mother, but he was going to be in her life. Soon, the two women realized that they had much more in common with one another than Landon, and a friendship started to blossom. Soon, they were going on “mommy dates” together, and they enjoyed spending time together.

More Tension

Just when everyone thought everything was fine, the tension started again in 2015. This time, the tension wasn’t between Katie and Casey; it was between Jeremy and Casey’s new husband, Tyler. The two men couldn’t manage to see eye to eye. Finally, Jeremy decided to take a cue from Katie and Casey and reach out to Tyler. In the message, he thanked Tyler for being there for Landon when he couldn’t be. He told him that they were both fathers to Landon, and they should be able to get along.

One Big Happy Family

One night, the two men went out for drinks, and the whole family dynamic changed. Suddenly, the four of them were doing things together, and things were great. Around the same time, the dynamic changed, Jeremy and Katie started planning their wedding.

The Guest List

Katie and Jeremy were planning their wedding for September 23, 2017. One of the most significant parts of any wedding is planning the guest list. In most cases, engaged couples don’t put their ex’s on the guest list, but Jeremy and Katie’s situation was different than most. They were very close to Casey and Tyler, so they made sure to invite them to the wedding. At the time, nobody expected Katie to call Casey and Tyler out during her wedding.

Vow Exchange Ceremony

In the middle of the ceremony, Katie asked Tyler and Casey to stand. At the time, nobody knew what was going to happen. It isn’t too often that the bride asks groom’s ex to stand during vow exchange ceremony. When they stood up, Katie began reading vows to them. In her vows, she promised always to respect them, work with them, and communicate with them. She told them that they were all parents to Landon, and she vowed to take that responsibility seriously. By the time she was done speaking, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

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