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Parents Are Obsessed With This New Birthday Party Trend – And You Simply Have To Try It


Birthdays are a day for celebration. It is the day that a person celebrates their birth, and it is the one day of the year where it is all about them. Kids get really excited over their birthdays, and many adults do as well. Many adults plan parties, dinners, and nights out with friends. Some adults go as far as to say that they are celebrating their “birthday week” rather than their birthday. Some adults just look at their birthday as just another day. Everyone is different. Kids, however, really look forward to their birthday because there is often a party involved.

Kids’ Birthday Parties

Many parents plan parties for their children every year, and every family is different. Some families will have a party just for family, and on special birthdays such as the 1st, 10th, 16th, and 18th, they throw a big party. Other families plan elaborate birthday parties with family and all of the children’s friends from school. Some parents will hold the parties at venues such as Chuck ‘E Cheeses, go-cart tracks, roller rinks, and trampoline parks. These parties can be very expensive. This is especially true if the parents have more than one child. Since parents want to make their kids happy, they are willing to make the sacrifice and spend the money. Families that cannot afford these expensive parties hold the party at the home, but still, invite all of the children.

Financial Strain On the Guests

Kids in elementary school often invite most of their classmates to their birthday party. If there are 28 children in the class, that means that the parents have to take their children to 28 birthday parties every year. This is quite a commitment for the family, and it can be very expensive. If a child goes to every party, they are invited to, and their parents spend $20 on the gift, that equals to $560 a year that the parents spend on birthday gifts. For some families, this is not an expense that fits in with their budget. If the parents cannot afford a gift for all of these parties, they will decline the invitation. A parent can’t send their child to a birthday party without a gift, so the child misses out. Fortunately, parents have come up with a new kind of party that makes life easier for everyone. Parents Are Obsessed With This New Birthday Party Trend – And You Simply Have To Try It.

A Fiver Party

More and more parents today are throwing “fiver” parties for their kids. The birthday party itself isn’t any different than your average child’s birthday party. It is the gift-giving that is different. Rather than each of the guests bringing a gift, they are asked to bring a card with $5 inside. The child can use the money to buy an expensive toy that they have been wanting. If the child invites 20 guests to their party, they will have $100 to buy their special toy. This also helps the parents of the guests whose children are invited to multiple parties every year. Giving $5 is much better than spending $20 on a gift.

Great For the Kid

The fiver party is also great for the kids. Rather than getting 20 small gifts that may not even be something that the child likes, they will get enough money for their birthday to buy something that they actually want. The kids are happy, their parents don’t have to worry about their children’s closets being filled with useless toys, and the parents of the guests don’t have to deal with such a significant financial burden. The fiver party works out for everyone.

Teaching Money Management

Another benefit of a fiver party is that parents can teach their children money management. When the money is counted at the end of the party, the child can choose the toy that they are going to buy. They will learn about shopping on a budget, and they will take great pride in purchasing something with their own money.


These parties aren’t just beneficial for school-aged kids. They are also good for toddlers. Studies have shown that toddlers with fewer toys often develop better play skills because they aren’t distracted by having so many toys in front of them. After the fiver party, the child will have just one or two toys after the family goes shopping. Also, parents won’t need to worry about their child’s toy box being filled with cheap toys that they never play with.

Try It Yourself

If your child’s birthday is coming up, you should consider a fiver party. If you are going to throw this kind of party, make sure you mention it in the invitation and give a brief explanation. Not all parents have heard of the fiver party. You may need to explain what it is all about.

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