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Bullied Teen Loses 138 Pounds Before Prom And Everyone Regrets Making Fun Of Her When She Walks In

Overweight and Obesity

Today, more and more people are overweight or obese than ever before. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons. Both kids and adults spend so much time in front of their computers, phones, tablets, televisions and gaming systems that they aren’t getting enough exercise. Another reason for the epidemic is a poor diet. Many teens who are overweight or obese often get bullied. Josie Desgrand was one of those teens.


Josie was a 16-year-old girl living in Australia with her family. She weighed 280-pounds, and she was miserable. The kids at school picked on her and each time she went on social media; she saw skinny, attractive models. She had tried fad diets before, but each time, she didn’t see the results that she wanted. It wasn’t long before she gave up on the diet. Finally, she realized that there was no easy way to lose weight. She had to put her foot down and do the work.

Documenting Her Progress

Josie went up to her room and looked in the mirror. She was unhappy with what she saw, and she made a deal with herself. “No longer fat Josie.” She took photos of herself at different angles. She wanted to document her entire weight loss journey. She figured that if she started dieting and saw the progress for herself that she would be inspired to keep working. She even used a tape measure to measure various parts of her body. She wanted to track every change, regardless of how small it was.

The Diet

Josie set small goals for herself at first. She knew if she set a goal that was unreachable that she would just give up like she had so many other times. She started a low-carb, no sugar diet. She also started drinking more water. She wasn’t dieting alone. Her father agreed to diet with her. She thought this was great because dieting with a partner provides accountability. By changing her diet, she managed to go from 280-pounds to 198-pounds.

Stepping It Up

When Josie saw the results, she decided that it was time to step it up a bit by adding exercise to her daily regimen. She joined a gym knowing that it would help her reach her final goal. While Josie’s dad was a huge motivator, Instagram was another. Rather than getting depressed by the pictures that she saw online, she used them to motivate her to stick with her diet and exercise regimen. She began posting the photos of her progress on Instagram, and she started to accumulate followers. Not only did her followers like to see her progress, but they also started asking her for tips and advice. This was something that she never expected.


Josie’s Instagram account was @nolongerfatjosie. People from all over the world were following her journey. Because she had so much support, she never thought about giving up. Many of her followers were like her, and she wanted to give them the support that she had been getting. Every night, she would set aside an hour to respond to her followers who sent direct messages or inspirational comments. She wanted her followers to know how much they meant to her. She also wanted to help those who had given up hope the way that she almost did.

Reaching Her Goal

Today, Josie weighs just 138-pounds. A weight loss of 142 pounds is something to be proud of. Josie worked hard to reach her goal, and she felt fantastic.

Continuing To Inspire Others

Even after reaching her weight loss goals, Josie continues to inspire others. She makes sure that her followers understand that a person is beautiful regardless of their size. She doesn’t want to be like the people who bullied her because of her weight.

Helpful Tips

Josie continues to communicate with her followers. When someone sends her a message for advice, diet tips, or just a bit of inspiration, Josie continues to respond to them. She makes sure that her followers know that weight loss is a lifelong journey.

No More Bullying

This bullied teen lost 138 lbs before prom everyone regrets making fun of her when she walks in. She was no longer the fat girl that people could pick on. Now, she is a strong woman who is an inspiration to others. She wants other girls like her to know that you don’t have to be overweight. If you are willing to put in the work, you can transform yourself the way that she did. Josie looked gorgeous at her prom, and she was on the arm of a handsome boy. She is living proof that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

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