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Mom Asks Rude Teens To Be Quiet During Movie And Days Later Hears From Their Mother

Financial Problems

Rebecca Boyd’s husband got laid off, and she knew that soon, money would be tight. Rebecca didn’t blame her husband since there was nothing that he could have done differently. Rebecca and her husband had a daughter, and since money was going to be tight very soon, Rebecca wanted to take her daughter to do one last fun thing before they couldn’t afford these luxuries any longer. She took her 12-year-old daughter to see the Disney movie, Cinderella.

Trouble At the Movies

Since this would be their last mother-daughter outing for a while, Rebecca wanted to make it perfect for her daughter. Unfortunately, there were two teenage girls sitting behind them that made it difficult to enjoy the movie. The girls were behind them talking, giggling, and kicking the back of Rebecca and her daughter’s seats. Rebecca turned around and asked the girls nicely to please stop so that they could enjoy the movie. The teenage girls ignored her and continued to be disruptive.

The Theater

Rebecca and her daughter went to the Tannehill Premiere Cinema 14 in Bessemer, Alabama. This wasn’t the first time that Rebecca had gone to this particular theater and she never had any issues. Unfortunately, on this day, they couldn’t enjoy the movie. Rebecca asked the girls numerous times to keep it down, but they refused. Rather than being quieter, the girls were rude to Rebecca and continued to make noise. When the movie finished, Rebecca told the girls how their rude behavior had affected her and her daughter. Mom asks rude teens to be quiet during movie, days later hears from their mother. What she ended up hearing was something she never expected.

A Responsible Big Brother

When the noisy girls returned home with their older brother, he told his mother, Kyesha Smith Wood, how rude the girls had been. He let her know that there was a woman and a young girl sitting in front of them and his sisters had ruined the movie for them. The girls’ mother wasn’t going to let this go.

A Facebook Post

Kyesha took to Facebook to try to find the woman whose experience at the movies had been ruined. She created a post on Facebook and mentioned the name of the film, the time, and the theater where the incident occurred. She wrote in the post that she was looking for the woman who had scolded her daughter and stepdaughter at the movies. She wasn’t looking for Rebecca to yell at her for scolding her children; she was looking for her to apologize for her children’s horrible behavior. Kyesha wrote in the post that Rebecca told the teenage girls that her husband had just been laid off and this would be her daughter’s last chance to do something fun for a while. She wrote that the two teen girls were appropriately punished for their rude and disrespectful behavior. Kyesha wrote that her daughters’ behavior was unacceptable and the girls were going to be writing letters of apology to Rebecca and her daughter. At the end of the letter, she asked that if Rebecca or someone she knew were to see the post that post that they send her a direct message.

Posting On Various Pages

Kyesha created the post and put it on her own newsfeed. The also posted it to the McAdory-McCalla Community News Facebook Page and on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office page. It wasn’t long before the post went viral and finally, Rebecca saw it.

Speaking With the Local News

When the post went viral, ABC News went to speak to Kyesha. When asked how her daughters felt about her Facebook post, she said that they were humiliated and mortified.

Becoming Friends

After Rebecca saw the post, she reached out to Kyesha. It wasn’t long before the two women, and their daughters all became friends. Kyesha’s daughters felt horrible for what they did, and they apologized to Rebecca and her daughter.

A Forgiving Mom

Rebecca forgave their girls as soon as they met. She understood that teens make poor decisions from time to time, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad girls. Rebecca says that she was shocked that Kyesha supported her. She said that some mothers would ignore the truth just to stick up for their children. She was impressed that Kyesha was not one of these parents.

A Happy Ending

This story could have gone much differently. Kyesha could have blamed Rebecca and called her out for yelling at her daughters. Instead, she made her children take responsibility for what they did. What is even better is that they all became friends when they met. Rebecca and Kyesha have the same values when it comes to raising their children, and they are happy that they met and became friends.

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