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Canadian Troops Patrolling The Arctic Were Haunted By A Mysterious Noise From The Ocean Depths

Strange Sounds

Back in 2016, a small Arctic settlement called the Igloolik, located in the northern region of Canada claimed to be hearing strange sounds from the ocean depth. The hunters claimed to hear noises that sounded a beep or a ping from the ocean, and it was scaring the animals away. One hunter claimed that the sound seemed to be rising from the sea.

Bringing In the Military

The authorities decided to send a military aircraft to the region to find some answers. Using their high-tech equipment, the pilots flew over the water, hoping to pick something up. Unfortunately, the flyover didn’t bring any results. They still had no idea what the sound was or where it was coming from. Canadian troops patrolling the arctic were haunted by a mysterious noise from the ocean depths.


What had the Canadian authorities even more baffled was the fact that this wasn’t the first time strange noises were heard in Canada. In the early 2010s, there were reports of a humming sound coming from the city of Windsor. Over the years, the humming sound grew more intense. The sound was described in different ways, including a truck, an earthquake, and an orchestra. One person even compared it to a car’s subwoofer playing Barry White. One local was very bothered by the sound. Mike Provost told the press that he wanted some peace and quiet so that he could get some sleep. The Windsor Hum was able to shake picture frames on people’s walls and often was worse at night. What was even more bizarre was that women could hear it more than men. The hum even made some people sick.


The source of the Windsor Hum was never discovered, but people had theories. Some thought that a billionaire from Detroit was building a secret tunnel which was making all that noise. Others thought that they were testing nuclear bombs, and some chalked it up to UFO activity. When the Canadian Government and the University of Windsor began conducting studies, they both figured that the sound was coming from the activity on Zug Island.

Zug Island

Zug Island is located where the River Rouge in Michigan joins the Detroit River, which separates Windsor from Detroit. The island is home to industrial plants and furnaces. To make sure the furnaces don’t blow up, the pressure needs to be released in each of them. This process is loud and bounces off the metal implements. This makes the sound louder, allowing it to reach the residents of Windsor’s ears. Many people don’t believe this theory because it has never been confirmed. There was a second, publicly funded investigation into the sound, and the results were never made public. This made people wonder what was really going on.

The Fury and Hecla Strait

While the Windsor Hum remains a mystery, a new one began with the beeping and pinging sound heard in the Fury and Hecla Strait. The strait is a thin channel of water in the northern territory of Canada of the Nunavut. This is the largest province in Canada, yet it has one of the lowest populations in the country, second only to the province of Yukon. The Nunavut area spans 680,000 square miles and is home to only 36,000 people. The Igloolik people live about 75-miles away from the Fury and Hecla Strait. Even in the distance, the hunters there could hear the beeping and pinging. Many people thought that it was a creature making the noise.

Private Vessel

It wasn’t just the hunters who heard the noise. It could also be heard in the waters quite a distance away. A group of people in a private vessel reported hearing the sound as well. There were theories about this sound as well. Some thought that the sound was a submarine, some thought it was a UFO, and others thought that it was something supernatural. When people wondered if it was the activities of a mining corporation, an investigation began, and the company denied the claims. Many even blamed Greenpeace.

Doug Brown

In January 2017, Doug Brown, an acoustic specialist, arrived at the settlement for a nine-day visit to do some investigation on his own. First, he spoke to the locals with the help of a translator. He played them sounds of a sonar ping, but nobody recognized it. He checked out the local radio station, and he met with the mayor. Everyone he talked to had no answers for him.

The Devil’s Symphony

With every investigation coming up short, people had no idea where the sounds were coming from, or if they were connected to the Windsor Hum.


Unfortunately, the noises coming from the Canadian territory are still a mystery, and we have no answers. Maybe with future analysis, we will one day be able to get some information about what is causing the sound.

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