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The World’s Ugliest Houses That People Actually Live In


Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer a one-story house while others prefer two-stories. Some people prefer a stone exterior while others like stone. Some homes are average looking, and some are elegant. There are some houses that are just downright strange. These are the world’s ugliest houses that people actually live in.

Avatar Fans

This house is owned by what be the biggest Avatar fan in the world. They would have to be to live in a house this ugly. It’s too bad they couldn’t have had another favorite movie. It might have given their neighbors something nicer to look at.

They Pyramid House

These odd-looking pyramids are actually someone’s home. Obviously, the owners don’t care much for natural light since there are only a few windows.


This house is shaped like an L. It almost looks like someone removed most of the second floor. It makes you wonder who built this house and thought that it looked good.

Kitty Face

the front of this house is very plain, except for what looks like a kitty on the front. There were plenty of other ways the owner could have designed the exterior of their home. They sure dropped the ball on this one.

No Windows

Whoever built this house clearly didn’t care about natural light, vitamin D, and fresh air. There is not one window in the entire house, which must increase their electric bill.

Extreme Rustic

Rustic homes can look really nice, but the owner of this house took that a bit too far. What were they thinking?

Half a House

When you look at this house, you have to do a double take. It looks like the right half is invisible. Maybe the owners ran out of money before they could have the right side built.

Every Type Of Window

The owners of this house decided to use every type of window that they could find in the hardware store. When it comes to natural light, this house offers plenty.

A Castle?

The idea of building a castle to live in is a bit strange unless you are actually royalty. The person who built this castle designed one of the ugliest castles on the planet. What were they thinking?

Missing Roof

This house is missing the roof right in its middle section. Maybe the homeowners spent too much of their construction budget on their state-of-the-art kitchen, so there was nothing left for the roof.

The Tilting House

This house is very strange because it is on an angle. It doesn’t seem too practical. Every piece of furniture that is placed in the house will just slide down to the other end. Didn’t anyone think of this before the construction began?

Triangle House

Triangle houses are very strange, and it is hard to imagine that they provide much room inside. The only good thing is that if they want to let a little light into their house, all they need to do is open one of the many aimless skylights.


This is a pretty crazy looking house. There are no windows except for in the front, close to the ground. The roof is flat, and for some reason, they paid for extra material to make it jut out on the sides. It just makes no sense at all.

Trapezoid Windows?

Who thought that this house was a good idea. If anything, its strange roof and trapezoid windows will bring down the property value for everyone in the neighborhood.

A Runway?

The person who built this house doesn’t have a plane, but maybe he wants planes to land on his property. There is no other reasonable explanation for this insanity.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

The person who built this house must have really made their neighborhood association angry. All of the houses are brick and look the same, except for the random white one in the middle. Talk about going out of your way to be different.


Who needs windows when you have a mailbox that looks like a penis and matches the exterior of your house?

Checkers Anyone?

The left side of this house looks normal. The right side is beyond distracting. What would possess a person to do something like this?

Windows, Only On the Roof Please

The people who built this house must love their privacy because they have no windows on the exterior of the house. The only rooms to get natural light are those on the second floor. This homeowner must be very paranoid.

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