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Celebrities Don’t Want You to See These Photos!

Celebrities tend to have this larger-than-life status in our culture. We look up to them and put them on display like they are some kind of gold standard to live by. To a certain extent, we make decisions based on their choices whether that be in the realm of fashion or consumer products. And we don’t see them every day, just in celebrities’ photos.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about doing that, but sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that they aren’t the infallible deities that we sometimes confuse them to be. They are human just like you and I. It’s actually pretty relieving to see them at their most vulnerable from time to time by means of some sort of embarrassingly candid photo leak. At least then, we are both reminded of how they shouldn’t be put on such a pedestal and how our own blunders are perfectly fine.

Here are a few photos that celebrities wish never existed. Fortunately for us, however, the internet never forgets.

Remember that time Angelina Jolie made out with her brother? If you haven’t seen that one, you’re certainly going to want to stick around. It’s something of a classic.


From the context, it’s pretty obvious that Beyonce is performing at some kind of show. A little more research reveals that this unflattering show came from her Super Bowl half time performance from a few years ago. No matter how hard her PR team tried to scrub this one from the web, it keeps popping up on lists and videos just like this one. Sorry, Beyonce….not sorry.

Kim Kardashian

This one really isn’t that bad but we’re guessing that Kim really resents the fact that this photo is still floating around social media. She honestly looks fine, but when you look at this compared to how the Armenian reality star looks today post-plastic surgery and 14 years later, you can clearly see why she is peeved about its existence.

Hugh Jackman

You’ve probably seen a dog make a similar face when shaking off after coming in from the rain. This was from quite a few years ago before Hugh really made it as an A-lister.

Seeing pics like this really makes you grateful that the paparazzi aren’t following you around waiting for you to make some kind of awful facial expression. There’s a silver lining here though. His face may look pretty whack but his body is still looking as cut as ever.


This one’s just kind of unfortunate. First of all Ri Ri….you had to know you were having your photo taken. The paparazzi clearly had you surrounded. We’re not going to give any bad marks for the super casual fashion choice, because we do that too sometimes, but what were you looking at that made you bust out that facial expression. The guy in the back can’t even see you, but from the looks of it, he knew that something was up. He looks as shocked as we do.

Angelina Jolie

This oddity comes from the 2000 Golden Globe Awards. She was younger then and far from the classy, sophisticated Angelina that we all know and love today. But we’ve identified two rules she’s violating in this otherwise innocuous snapshot.

Rule #1. No PDA – isn’t that a given?

Rule #2. Holy cow! Isn’t that your brother?

If you think that’s insane, then you should wait and see what Salma Hayek walked into the ER wearing in 2016!

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Britney Spears

The former teen pop star had a rather rough transition into adulthood. Life in the public lens can be dreadfully destructive to the psyche of a young blossoming star. Fortunately, we can safely say that Britney is killing it these days.

We’re going to let the frappucino in her hands do the talking to explain this photo. This might not have been as rough as her head-shaving episode but it certainly isn’t quite her brightest moment either.

Julia Roberts

Here’s a pic of Julia looking like she’s mid-sneeze or maybe about to bite a pesky journalist. We can’t really be sure.

Every celeb has that certain trait that defines who they are and how they are perceived. For Roberts, it’s her larger than average mouth. That’s no fault to her. It just means she has a more dynamic smile – well that is except when photos like this are taken.

Kim Kardashian (Yes, Again)

We’re just going to let this one sink in for a sec.

To be fair, it’s remarkably hard to look glamorous and on your A-game when you’re eating anything. That’s why a lot of celebrities try to eat in peace, out of the eye of the nosey camera crews.

Christina Aguilera

Turns out, Christina was exhausted and taking a quick little impromptu – and accidental – catnap when this photo was taken.

To be fair, she looks pretty damn amazing for not being conscious. Her make-up is still on point and there’s an almost erotic quality to her look. We bet she wasn’t too angry that this one leaked to the media.

Selena Gomez and Zedd

The world wasn’t privy to much of the inner workings of Selena Gomez and her DJ boyfriend’s relationship. Much of that chapter was rather mysterious. Their relationship was also remarkably short. A couple of years ago, Zedd opened up about why the fling was doomed from the beginning. After only three months of being together, he became overwhelmed by the publicity. He recalls that reporters were calling his parents, his friend’s cellphones were getting hacked. It was just all too much.

As far as these photos go, we’re just going to go out on a limb and assume that alcohol might have been involved.

The Kardashian Family

You can hardly recognize this filthy rich family when this picture was taken back in 2006. Yes, all of that change can be most assuredly attributed to copious amounts of plastic surgery. Can you imagine what it’s like to be as obscenely rich as they are? A life of fame has to be stressful sometimes, especially when the world holds you to such stringent and judgmental beauty standards.

Spice Girls

Here’s a little throwback for all of you lovers of all things vintage. This photo can only be described as scary spice.

The world has been eagerly awaiting the possible reunion of the turn of the century pop supergroup. We almost got to see that dream manifest into something tangible with the Spice Girls project GEM but never really panned out.

Geri Horner AKA Ginger Spice revealed a couple of years ago that she had really tried to get the group back together but was never able to convince everyone that it was worth it and one by one each Spice Girl dropped out of the project.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Like we mentioned in the intro, everyone’s got a super sloppy drunk photo floating around somewhere unless we managed to burn the only physical copies and they were taken before the modern digital age.

In this unfortunate pic, the couple had just gotten back together after taking a break for a while and it’s pretty obvious that they wanted to celebrate the occasion. We bet they didn’t expect to see this one all over the tabloids the next morning. They probably didn’t even remember it getting taken.

This was also right around the time that Prince William started to lose his hair.

Amy Alexandra

For those watching stateside, you might not have any idea who she is. Alexandra was a houseguest on season 8 of the British version of Big Brother. She ended up coming in 10th place after staying in the house for a couple of weeks.

She sure looks like she is having the time of her life. It looks like the hands on the right are trying to desperately assist Amy in the way of preventing any revealing wardrobe malfunctions.

Salma Hayek

This bizarre photo draws some rather immediate questions.

Hayek is an extraordinarily talented actor, producer, and director and beyond that, she’s known for her world-class fashion sense – just not this day.

When she was working on her film Drunk Parents back in 2016, she suffered a minor head injury and took a trip to the ER while still in costume.

The doctors look like they are having a grand time and Salma looks like she’s handling the awkward situation with a sense of humor.

We’re just glad that she wasn’t seriously injured.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

How this photo got past the Kardashian’s tight control of their social media image is your guess as good as mine. We’re guessing that their driver wanted to make a quick dollar by exploiting their moment of inebriated sloppiness.

It looks like they sure had a rough night.

Britney Spears

Here’s another pic of Britney partying it up with her bestie Paris sometime in the early 2000s.

This had to have been sometime before she tied the knot with the worse rapper in the history of rap music, Kevin Federline. We’re guessing you forgot all about that guy. Well, everyone else did too.

Paris and Britney used to hit the clubs all the time with Lindsay Lohan who reached the peak of her career around this time. It was estimated that Lohan was worth around $50 million dollars at the time. But a quick search of her net worth today reveals that she only has $800,000 left.

Paris and Britney at least both managed their assets since their departure from the top.

Emma Watson

We can’t actually tell what went wrong in this photo. Was she about to cry or was she just making a goofy face on purpose? Nearly every other photo of her she’s looking as gracefully beautiful as ever, but clearly something went wrong with this one.

We could keep going all day. There is literally an endless stream of unflattering celebrity photos. But maybe we should play nice and give it a rest.

Anyways, we would love to hear from you. What do you think was the most shocking photo in this video? Was it Angelina Jolie making out with her brother or was it a very drunk and sloppy Kardashian kid? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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