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Celebs Who Ruined Their Career With Plastic Surgery

Normally makeovers enhance a person’s personality and make them more attractive than they already are. However, in Hollywood, makeovers often require actors and actresses to go under the knife and while some surgeries turn out to be okay, others make people completely unrecognizable. In Hollywood, where one’s face is everything, one wrong job can completely ruin a person’s career. Don’t believe us? What would your reaction be if you got up tomorrow and realized your favourite actor’s face has completely changed? Can you imagine liking Johnny Depp after a bad rhinoplasty?

You might think that you will always love your favourite star. That’s because we are convinced that you do not know what the likes of Jennifer Grey, Melanie Griffith and Heidi Montag had to put up with after they went under the knife. In this video, we tell you about celebs who ruined their career with plastic surgery.

Jennifer Grey’s Bad Nose Job Took Away Her Celebrity Status

Jennifer Grey was one of the most sought-after actresses in the 1980s. Audiences loved her for her unique looks, especially her nose. However, in 1989, the Dirty Dancing actress went under the knife to change her nose. The result was so unexpected that even her close friends found it difficult to recognize her. Years later, she confessed that going under the knife was a mistake. According to Grey what hurt her the most was the fact that she went inside the operating room as a celebrity and came out as a person that no one recognised. Sad, isn’t it?

Tara Reid’s Breast Augmentation Surgery Gave Her a Hernia

Tara Reid began a big name after The Big Lebowski. She, then, solidified her celebrity status with the American Pie franchise, Pussycats and Van Wilder. However, in 2004, Tara decided to make some changes to her breasts and lips — she decided to go for breast implants and liposuction. Unfortunately, the surgery did not go as planned — her abdomen became weird and she even developed a hernia. The breast augmentation process wasn’t successful either, it left Tara with deformed nipples. Tara eventually went for reverse surgery. However, by then, her career and image had already become damaged.

Mickey Rourke’s Nose Paid the Price for His Love for Boxing

Mickey Rourke built a successful acting career during the 80s. However, he was trained as a boxer in his early years and therefore, in the early 1990s, he decided to take a break from acting to pursue professional boxing. Though Mickey won all six of the six boxing matches he participated in, he also sustained a major injury on his handsome face. Though Mickey underwent several plastic surgeries to reconstruct his face, he couldn’t get his handsome face back. Years later, Mickey told Daily Mail that he had five operations to reconstruct his nose and another one to take care of his smashed cheekbone. Mickey had to eventually go for reverse surgery. Thankfully, he is back in action now.

Some Say Meg Ryan’s Surgeries Are the Reason She Stepped Away from Hollywood

Everyone loved Meg Ryan. Most of us still do but the love the actress attracted certainly went a few notches down after the When Harry Met Sally actress went under the knife. Though Meg Ryan has never spoken on the topic, experts believe that she either had fat transferred to her cheeks or went for fillers because her smile has changed completely. Some believe that she has also had rhinoplasty as well as lip surgery and some laser skin resurfacing procedure to change the texture of her face. It is sad to see a successful actress like Meg Ryan want to change the way she looks.

We do not know for sure if Meg Ryan’s surgeries were responsible for the actress’s moving away from Hollywood, but we do certainly know of some celebrities who underwent surgeries that were so painful they had to disappear from the public eye to recover. We are sure at least some of you know why Cardi B cancelled her shows after getting breast implants. However, in our opinion, Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery story is one of the scariest. If you do not know about these plastic surgery stories, stick around and we will soon give you all the details. Meanwhile, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Ashley Simpson Was Called a Hypocrite After Her Nose Job

Ashley Simpson’s career went down for a variety of reasons. First, she lip-synced on Saturday Night Live, which was a complete betrayal of trust for many fans. Then, her live shows began becoming boring and uninteresting. Finally, she went under the knife in 2006 and her fans did not like at all what she did to her nose. Right before her surgery, Ashley had appeared on the cover of Marie Claire and given sermons about how everyone should be confident of their unique and beautiful looks. When she suddenly emerged on the scene with a much smaller nose, people also began to see her as a total hypocrite.

Lara Flynn Boyle’s Lip Job Ruined Her Career

Between 1990 and 1991, Lara Flynn Boyle played Donna Hayward on Twin Peaks and was every man’s dream. Between 1997 and 2003, she played Assistant District Attorney Helen Gamble on The Practise. People loved her on the show. However, somewhere around the turn of the century, Lara’s lips suddenly got bigger and eventually, she became almost unrecognizable. With her changed lips, her career began to go down. The former star was by 2006 making small appearances here and there to stay relevant.

Melanie Griffith Attracts Haters on Twitter Due to Her Surgeries

Melanie Griffith‘s career reached its zenith in 1988 after her incredible performance in Working Girl won her an Oscar nomination. However, the actress decided to change her looks a bit in 1995. In an interview, Melanie confessed that during her initial surgeries, she did not realize that her face was changing so much with each surgery. It’s only after people started talking did she realize what terrible decisions she had made. What’s worse is that Melanie told in another interview that people are often very mean to her on Twitter because of her surgeries.

Experts Believe Nikki Cox Has Fillers but Has Not Gone Under the Knife

Shows like Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas solidified Nikki Cox’s stature as one of the hottest women in Hollywood. The woman was so popular that she even had her own sitcom called Nikki. However, Nikki’s appearance has changed a lot over the years, which, in turn, has also affected her career. Experts believe that though she has certainly gotten fillers over the years, Nikki doesn’t look like she has gone under the knife. In any case, whatever she did to her face, it changed her and not in a good way. Since 2009, Nikki has mostly been doing voice overs to keep her career going.

After All Her Surgeries, Heidi Montag Almost Went Broke

Heidi Montag was never the most popular of The Hills cast. However, she had her fans who loved her for the way she looked. Then in 2010, she went ahead and got 10 plastic surgeries done in a single day. We do not know whether she was genuinely unhappy with the way she looked or was trying to set some kind of record, but she confessed to regretting her decision later. Why did Montag have ten plastic surgeries? Turns out she was unhappy with everything — she underwent a brow lift, rhinoplasty and liposuction. She also got breast implants, had fat injections given to her cheekbones and had her chin shaved. Montag’s husband later told during an interview that the couple almost went broke after all those surgeries. Well, we are not surprised.

Michael Jackson Said He Had Only Had Two Nose Jobs, but Most of Us Find That Very Hard to Believe

Michael Jackson was a gifted artist but the man was also hounded by controversies and scandals for most of his career. Towards the end of his life, Michael became more famous for his weird appearances than his performances. Experts believe Michael Jackson underwent skin bleaching to change the colour of his skin and rhinoplasties to change the shape of his nose. The King of Pop once sat down with journalist Martin Bashir to clear the air on the topic. According to Michael, he had only undergone two nose jobs to help him sing better and had had no plastic surgeries done on his face otherwise. However, Michael’s nasal cripples told an entirely different story.

Cardi B Had to Cancel Shows Because of Her Surgery

In 2019, Cardi B underwent liposuction and opted for breast implants. However, some complications emerged during the procedure which led to Cardi B being compelled to cancelling many shows. When fans called her lazy, she blasted them saying that she works very hard to entertain people and therefore, she does not always have time to hit the gym. She, therefore, opted to get some changes through surgery. However, her surgery led to complications and surgery in her lower parts, compelling the rapper to take it easy for a while. In another interview given later, Cardi B said she hated cancelling her shows because she loves money and works hard for it.

Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery Story Is Really Scary

In 2015, Farrah Abraham, of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom fame, decided to get lip implants. However, the surgery went so horribly wrong that she had to immediately undergo reverse surgery to do some damage control. Farrah later told People magazine that the entire episode was super scary because, for some reason, the anesthesia did not work on her and therefore, she was under immense pain throughout the surgery. Over and above this, her lip kept getting bigger and bigger. Her career obviously took a hit after the entire incident and Farrah has mostly been working in the adult entertainment industry since these past few years.

Courteney Cox Couldn’t Move Her Face After Getting Fillers

Courteney Cox will always be remembered for playing Monica Geller on Friends. She was incredible as the Mother Hen of the group and though she did some good work after the show ended, the audiences always saw her as Monica Geller. However, in 2009, Courteney returned to television with Cougar Town and once again, received the love and applause of viewers.

However, while the show was still on TV, the actress decided to get cosmetic injections done. Though the treatments did not do anything to her career, they certainly were painful. In fact, it was so painful that Courteney could not even move her face for days. In an interview with New Beauty, Courteney confessed that she got her fillers slowly, which is why she did not initially realize that she had come too far. The Friends star, thereafter, decided to get her fillers dissolved and plans to rely on them much less in the future.

So, do you think it is okay for someone to go under the knife to change the way they look? Or, are you of the opinion that we shouldn’t meddle with God’s creation? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to our channel. Also, please press the bell icon to stay updated about all our latest videos.

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