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Celebrities Who Are Infamously Smell

We’ve all met someone before that had a bit of a…well….aroma – to put it lightly. Nobody wants to be rude. But the fact that some people have an odor to them than others but here are celebrities who are infamously smell . There are a variety of reasons why some individuals might give off an off-putting smell. There are humans out there that are suffering from medical conditions that might result in a foul-smelling scent. Others, simply put, bring it upon themselves through poor hygiene.

We see celebrities strutting their stuff out on the red carpet looking prim, proper, and drop-dead gorgeous. But it’s difficult to imagine that some of them might have poor personal hygiene habits. But there are quite a few stars that are not only filthy rich but also are truly just downright filthy. Join Facts Verse as we see a few celebrities who are infamously smell like our old friend Pepe Le Pew. Some of them have even had complaints lodged against them by a few of their fellow stars.

Up first, we have an actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age who’s their mother crushes on back in the day. But as it turns out, he didn’t actually take very good care of himself.

Clark Gable

Refer as ‘The King of Hollywood’, Clark Gable stars in more than 60 films throughout his decades-spanning career. He wins the Academy Award for Best Actor in Frank Capra’s romantic 1934 comedy; It Happened One Night alongside the lovely Claudette Colbert. Gable plays Rhett Butler opposite the voluptuous Vivien Leigh in the 1939 classic Gone With The Wind.

Although Gable and Vivien’s Scarlett O’Hara character appears an uncanny measure of on-screen chemistry, Leigh hates having to kiss Gable. The Manhattan Melodrama star wears false teeth, and according to Leigh, his dentures smell, as she put it ‘something awful’.

Now, that’s not to say that dentures are always to blame for bad breath and one of the celebrities who are infamously smell. Anyone that owns a pair knows just how crucial it is to keep them clean. But maybe back in the 30s, they hadn’t yet invented cleaning products such as Polident. Who knows!

Princess Diana

Be advised, that are about to discuss a topic that some people might find troubling. If discussion of eating disorders is “triggering” to you, just skip ahead a bit.

Now this one is actually just unfortunate. We’re not trying to shame anyone suffering from any kind of disease or disorder. But according to the Princess of Wales’s ex-boyfriend, James Hewitt, Diana is bad breath. This likely was, however, because of her lifelong struggle with the eating disorder bulimia. No judgment, but for Hewitt, he’s in an awkward position because Diana’s breath smells sour like vomit. And she also wants sex all the time. She was so perpetually randy that supposedly, she even brought a vibrator with her whenever she would travel.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, call or text the National Eating Disorder Helpline at (800) 931-2247. If you are in a crisis of some kind and need help immediately, text NEDA to 741741.

Jennifer Aniston

This beloved Tinseltown star has at least one glaring flaw that has earned her a spot in this video. She’s a pretty strong ‘coffee breath’, which is bad on one occasion. Jason Bateman, who works on films The Switch and The Change-up with her, stop kissing the Friends actress. When filming a steamy love scene because he can no longer bear the smell of her breath.

Beyond Bateman, the kissing scenes with Alec Baldwin while guest-starring on 30 Rock, Alec is blunt about her smelly breath. He even went as far as to say that the experience was ‘painful’. Alec quotes as saying that he didn’t know how every man makes out with her in TV shows and films. So this should serve as a warning to all of your future Aniston co-stars out there. Coffee is certainly a good thing, but so is a Tic-Tac.

Sophia Loren

Marlon Brando getting himself into a lifelong feud. With Sophia Loren after complaining that Italian food makes her breath smell, as he puts it, “worse than a dinosaur’s.

While filming their kiss for 1967, A Countess From Hong Kong, the actress pulls away from Brando in a fury. He tells the crew that he just whispers to her that her long hair growing out of her nostrils.

The bad blood between the two stars reveals in two books that publish ten years after Brando’s death in 2004 at the age of 80.

In the book Sophia Loren: A Biography, written by author Warren G. Harris, we learned that Brando offended Loren the very first time that they met. As he steps into her dressing room out on the Paramount lot, he looks at her paintings. He tells her that she is sick, emotionally disturbing, and needs to see a shrink.

The infamous dumpster fire of a first on-screen kiss. Charlie Chaplin, the director of the feature is able to console Loren for her to agree to do more takes. But things only went downhill from there. On the third take, Brando chomped down on Loren’s lip so hard that it bled. Every love scene that appears together, involves Brando and Loren clutching each other as if they are “embracing a werewolf”.

Johnny Depp

Depp has perfected the traveling hobo look. But unfortunately, the aesthetic which works well for him in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise isn’t limited. While filming, Depp refuses to shower in order to stay true to the appearance and vibe of Captain Jack Sparrow. He would also seldom brush his teeth, but then again, pirates have never really been known for their oral hygiene, now have they?

While filming The Tourist, apparently Angelina Jolie found his breath to be so rancid that she asked him to freshen up with a little Listerine before offering him a handful of mints.

Brad Pitt

Does anyone else smell wet dog? Oh wait, that’s probably just Brad.

Instead of doing what normal people do by buying a stick of Old Spice or investing in a nice bottle of cologne, apparently, Brad Pitt prefers to keep things au natural by lathering on his own homemade brew of lemons, water, and apple cider vinegar. While that might be a fitting thing to do if you plan on going to Burning Man or a Rainbow Gathering, here in the real world, we actually have these little things called noses.

He has been called the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ on more than one occasion, reportedly, Brad is a bit paranoid about modern chemicals. While it’s perfectly okay to be a little cautious about what you choose to put on your body – because after all, it is your temple – there are other ways to deal with BO other than resorting to hippie-dippie non-effective home remedies. And yes, we’re fully prepared to hear all about your eucalyptus and cucumber stench-fighting concoctions in the comments section, so have at it. But at least while you’re furiously typing away about how wrong we are about the lemon juice and vinegar, take a second to show us a little support by giving this video a like and by subscribing to the Facts Verse channel.

Anyway, Brad Pitt claims that he has ‘read up on the toxins of soap’, especially those of the anti-bacterial variety, and feels that using them as well as deodorant is not only bad for the environment but also bad for the body. He claims that such items, in fact, speed up the aging process.

Not only does Pitt’s pits one of the celebrities who are infamously smell , but he once even encouraged his co-star Eli Roth to take what’s sometimes referred to as a “whore bath” – a shower with wet wipes. And to minimize what odor his underarms do produce; evidently, Brad shaves his armpits as he says “just a girl would”. Again, that would all be fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that his “techniques” aren’t actually cutting the mustard.

Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s ex-wife, wasn’t a big fan of her former lover’s natural methods. The Enquirer even reported that their children started calling him ‘Stinky Daddy’. They thought the nickname was so fitting that Maddox and Zahara Pitt even worked together to change their father’s Facebook username to the phrase.

Pax and Shiloh found their dad’s aroma to be so vile that they once even surrounded him and pelted him with bricks of Irish Spring while spurting him with a spritz of Chanel No. 5. Vivienne and Knox likewise embarked on a text-taunting campaign where they bombarded him with emojis of sheep and dogs, referencing what Jolie called Pitt’s distinct ‘sheepdog’ odor.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz and Brad Pitt would probably make pretty good friends because she too is very proud of the fact that she hasn’t worn deodorant in over two decades. According to the Something About Mary actress, antiperspirants not only clog your pores but also trap in bodily scents, preventing the body from dispersing the odor as it would do naturally.

But even if there is any truth to that theory, Diaz apparently is also reportedly really terrible at sorting through her clothes and one of the celebrities who are infamously smell . Instead of cleaning house and doing a load of laundry every now and then, she often will wear the same outfit several days in a row before tossing it in the trash – which is kind of ironic considering the horrendous environmental impact that kind of flagrant wastefulness contributes to.

Matthew McConaughey

Is really anyone all that surprised that the guy who once got arrested for playing the bongos in the nude also smells like he just walked out of a 12-hour marathon Grateful Dead tribute band concert? The Dazed and Confused actor is yet another member of the anti-deodorant league. And according to Kate Hudson, who he’s worked with on quite a few occasions, Matthew has gone completely nose-blind to his own “earthy” stench. While McConaughey seems to think that the women in his life are ga-ga over his characteristic scent, Hudson has tried several times to convince him to invest in a stick of antiperspirant.

Instead of using what he feels to be a stick of toxic poison, McConaughey instead opts to bring a rock of salt with him wherever he goes.

But it’s not just Kate Hudson who has taken notice of McConaughey’s stink, Yvette Nicole Brown, Matt’s Tropic Thunder co-star has also been vocal about his malodorous BO. But instead of finding it offensive, apparently Brown finds his smell quite enticing. She once even referred to it as ‘delicious’. To Brown, Matt smells like ‘granola and good living’.

So, perhaps McConaughey is on to something – but more than likely Yvette probably just has a thing for his pheromones. Who knows, maybe they’re actually a perfect match!

Well, that wraps up our rundown of stinky stars. Can you think of any other celebs that you’ve heard are a touch on the smellier side? Let us know in the comments.

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