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Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Good Artists

Most folks consider themselves lucky if they manage to get really good at one particular thing. But some exceptionally talented stars seem to have been bestowed with an endless supply of creative energy. The celebs who are about to discuss this video are famous for their acting abilities. Their contributions to the visual arts are just as impressive.

It’s not uncommon for stars to collect art, but many of them actually excel at creating it as well. Whether it’s sculpture, oils, watercolors, or acrylics, celebrity artists have been known to produce some downright beautiful art pieces.

As with all artistically inclined individuals, skill and talent vary greatly among art-inclined celebrities. So, we’re not going to rank any of these artist stars in any particular order. But without delay, let’s take a gander at the artwork of some of the most famous names in show business.

Sylvester Stallone

This actor is an icon of the film industry for many decades now. But very few people know that he dabbles in painting as long as he is performing on the big screen. His abstract, vividly colorful, and whimsical paintings may not be the finest works of art, but they’re equally offbeat persona. The Rocky star says that he uses his paintings as a way of visualizing his thoughts. He uses the medium as a means of depicting his most famous movie characters before stepping into the roles.

Miley Cyrus

The former Hannah Montana star enjoys creating collages and sculptures when she’s not pumping out pop hits. Her works describe as ‘southern outsider art’ and her pieces feature at the prestigious Art Basel in Miami, Florida. It is part of designer Jeremy Scott’s 2014 New York fashion week show.

Lucy Liu

Famous for her roles in the films Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. Also, in the television series Elementary, Lucy Liu is also an exceptionally talented abstract artist. Liu painting for decades under the alias Yu Ling. Recently, she puts her creations on exhibit across the globe and attaches her real name to her fantastic works.

Dennis Hopper

This actor and notorious Hollywood wild man is best known for his roles in films such as Speed, Rebel Without a Cause, and Easy Rider, but he’s also a talented painter with a very distinct style. He spent time studying under Andy Warhol back in the day and credited him with giving him his unique vision of the world of art of the 1960s.

David Bowie

While Bowie was more of a musician than he was an actor, he memorably appeared in films such as The Man Who Fell From Earth, Just a Gigolo, and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Before becoming the face of glam rock, David studied art and design. He continued to create works of art right up until his death a few years ago. His art has been said to evoke a sense of depth and surrealism which isn’t surprising considering his image as an avant-garde shapeshifting trendsetter.

Jim Carrey

Almost always recognized for his work in comedy, Carrey has also appeared in a few dramatic film roles throughout his decades-spanning career including in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Number 23. While he is without question one of the most prolific comics and actors of our time, Carrey is quite an accomplished artist as well.

The Canadian-born entertainer has been drawing and painting since he was a child and has had several art exhibitions over the years that have shown off his skills with the paintbrush. Not everyone is a fan of his art, however, as The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones once called him an ‘astonishingly bad painter’, adding that his work gives amateurs a bad name.

On the other hand, American art critic Jerry Saltz called Carrey ‘definitely an artist’, comparing his work to that of the respected cartoonist R. Crumb.

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Jemima Kirke

You likely know Jemima Kirke from her role as Jessa on HBO’s hit series Girls, but long before she was an actress, she received her Bachelor’s in Fine Art painting at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Intriguingly, she only got involved in acting after her producer friends needed an actress to work for free. It’s very clear that her fellow actors have served as inspiration for her paintings. For example, Kirke painted her Girls co-star Allison Williams on the day of her wedding.

James Franco

While the world is currently obsessed with Franco’s ongoing sex abuse scandal, it’s also worth mentioning that in addition to acting, directing, and seducing his students, Franco is also a pretty decent painter. The Springbreakers star’s artwork has, in fact, been showcased in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, including the Tate Modern in London and the Gagosian Gallery in LA.

Viggo Mortensen

Most people know this Hollywood star for his role as Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he’s also a reasonably prolific musician, poet, and painter. Mortensen has also published a few books featuring his own writing and has founded a publishing company to distribute works not suitable for traditional publishing houses.

Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps the most famous blonde bombshell in cinema history, Marilyn could do it all. She could sing, dance, act, and apparently also paint. One of her most striking pieces was a watercolor rose that she painted for the late John F. Kennedy.

Anthony Hopkins

He’s been called one of the greatest living actors of our time, but Sir Anthony Hopkins is also a pretty decent painter. In fact, his artwork has routinely fetched a pretty penny at auction. If you want to get your hands on one of Hopkin’s paintings, expect to shell out anywhere between 4 to 80 grand.

Dennis Hopper

Both on and off-screen, this Hollywood star has always been a prolific artist. His art has been displayed at galleries and museums across the world. He was also a pretty incredible photographer in addition to working as a sculptor and painter.

James Dean

While he didn’t live long enough to create a ton of paintings, the art that James Dean made before his premature death at the age of 24 was pretty spectacular. 

Jane Seymour

Most people remember her for her role as the titular star of the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. But even though she is an award-winning actress, Seymour is also an avid visual artist, designer, and writer. Most of her paintings depict serene nature scenes. She even sells an instructional DVD geared towards beginner painters.

Johnny Cash

While he had very little free time between touring and recording in the studio to do much art, the man in black loved to create visual artwork. For years Johnny doodled, sketched, and eventually painted. He never did so professionally, nor did he think that his work would ever appeal to the fine art world, but since his passing, his works have been sold for large sums at auction and remain in high demand.

Tony Bennett

You might remember that line in Basquiat about Tony Bennett being a painter. Well, apparently, that wasn’t just a joke. Bennett, in addition to some of his more formal works, has done quite a few quick sketches for fans that have approached him for an autograph.

Pierce Brosnan

Besides being a retired James Bond, Brosnan is also a trained and pretty decent commercial artist. He often donates the proceeds of his art sales to charity as well.

Tony Curtis

While his acting career spanned six decades, appearing in iconic films such as 1957 Sweet Smell of Success and 1959s Some Like It Hot, Tony Curtis was also passionate about painting throughout his life. His work with visual art was so incredible that one of his pieces is now included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue eyes enjoyed working with oils, and although he was pretty private about his art, some of his pieces were pretty good. Rumor has it the Rubber Tree Plant crooner got started painting pictures of clowns before broadening his scope from there.

Prince Charles

As surprising as it might sound, Prince Charles of the Royal House of Windsor also fancied himself a painter. Most of his works consisted of rural and village landscapes drawing inspiration from his homeland of Great Britain. Charles muted watercolors have been described as bearing many similarities to the Plein air movement – a method that contrasts with studio painting and academic rules and results in pieces that evoke a more predetermined look.

Johnny Depp

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor is an avid art collector, but he has also done a few paintings himself taking cues from his favorite artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Some have called Depp’s works ‘unsettling and somber’, and his works usually portray famous people that have inspired him, such as Jack Kerouac, Marlon Brando, and his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. In fact, one of his pieces graced the cover of Paradis’ 2007 musical album Divindylle.

Patti Smith

While most people known her as a singer, songwriter and poet, Patti Smith is also fond of creating art. She’s been drawing and taking photos since the late 60s and some of her black and white snapshots have even been featured in places like the Pompidou Center and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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