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Celebs Over 70 With Wildly Active Sex Lives

Traditionally, we think of people as becoming quite a bit less sexually active once they reach retirement age. However, that’s not always the way things go down in Hollywood! Celebrities retain active sex lives well into their twilight years. We’ll take a look at some of the most notable examples in this video! From Susan Sarandon to Betty White, join Facts Verse as we see celebs over 70 with wildly active sex lives.

Florence Henderson

The star of The Brady Bunch, Florence Henderson, passes away at the age of 82, but she isn’t sexually frustrated! Before her death, Florence takes every opportunity to express that her sex life is active as it is. She claims that leads to her death, she’s like her 20s than 80s due to the tenacity of her libido. Florence talks about her partners, once claiming that one of her lovers is a chiropractor living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Before her death, Florence preached that there was no reason that people over a certain age shouldn’t enjoy good sex! However, not all people venturing into their 80s, are as fit and attractive as Florence in her death, in 2016. Florence claims that the chiropractor is one of the friends with benefits that the actress keeps, having a lot.

Florence maintains her healthy sex drive until she’s old, also the sex gets better when she becomes a senior citizen! According to Florence, she learns over the years how to make love better. She’s enjoying the act of sex in an entirely different way as she ventures past retirement age. She is better at sex, but she also the wisdom of her old age makes her better at choosing partners.

Sex Life

She is better at sex, but she also the wisdom of her old age makes her better at choosing partners. According to the actress, if one of her male friends isn’t being funny, then he isn’t to get benefits! While she was in her 80s, Florence preferred to date men several decades younger. According to Florence, she would generally seek out men in their 60s.

Florence isn’t slowing down anytime soon when it comes to sex, but death getting in the way of her plans! He can remember as one of the few people that can be sexually active that they die of old age. The actress marries twice throughout her lifetime, with her second and last marriage being to a man, John Kappas. They divorce in 2002 after Florence apparently is a sexual free-for-all leading up until her death over a decade later.

Susan Sarandon

Although he can no longer be sexually active since she’s no longer alive, the same thing about 75-year-old Susan Sarandon! Although Susan isn’t the same age that Florence that she shocks the world with her friends with benefits. She is certainly much older than the average sexually active female! At the age of 75, Susan is still having sex as possible, believing the act is good for her skin.

The news that Susan Sarandon is sexually active comes out when she asks about her skincare routine. According to Susan, the thing that keeps the elderly actress looking spry well into her twilight years is sex. However, she also claims that her otherwise healthy lifestyle has contributed to her elderly beauty. In addition to being sexually active into her 70s, Susan wears sunblock when she’s out into the sun. Maintaining an exercise regimen, and avoiding smoking.

Susan did her best to stay healthy and maintain an active sex life, she isn’t afraid of aging. According to her, she’s simply doing the best that she can with what she receives. She never worries about losing her sex drive, and this lack of stress keeps her looking so young! In addition to staying sexually active, Susan also likes to flaunt her good looks publicly. She’s one of the women in their 70s that loves showing her cleavage, and her beauty is still entirely natural! Unlike other stars that maintain their beauty, Susan never turns to surgery to keep her good looks.

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Suzanne Somers

After Susan Sarandon, Suzanne Somers is another 75-year-old star that still likes to keep sexually active. In addition, the two even have the same first and last initials! The public learned about Suzanne’s active sex life while she was talking about how her and her husband’s lives were changed by COVID-19 quarantining. According to Suzanne, the period of isolation caused her and her husband to become reacquainted with each other sexually, and they began having sex nearly every day, sometimes twice!

This shocking story is made even more impressive when you consider that Suzanne’s husband, Alan Hamel, is 10 years her senior! Suzanne has claimed that her secret to keeping Alan sexually active is to inject the senior citizen with testosterone every Tuesday. According to her, these Tuesday injections make Wednesday a very active day! Suzanne has claimed that the couple sometimes has sex multiple times a day, depending on how long it’s been since Alan’s most recent testosterone injection.

Betty White

It’s debatable whether Betty White is sexually active currently, but the beloved television icon indeed maintained her sexual activity well past the age of 70. While audiences today might not initially think of Betty as a sexual beast, she broke onto the scene as a sex symbol back in her early television days. When Betty appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, she won audiences over with her good looks. It wasn’t until decades later that the actress would come to be better known as America’s grandma.

At the age of 99, Betty White may or may not be having sex, but her latest sexual conquests certainly aren’t too far off. The actress could be seen and heard talking about her sex life in 2010. According to Betty, she has always been a sexually active person, and she seems to be doing her very best to keep this habit alive into her old age. Since the death of her husband in 1981, Betty has had several decades to explore herself with multiple partners. Though the actress is likely winding down in her old age as she ventures closer and closer to 100, she isn’t afraid to still broach the subject of her sexuality when asked.

In the 1980s, Betty White memorably acted on the series The Golden Girls, portraying the character of Rose. The series broke ground by showcasing that elderly women still had sex drives, so it’s no surprise that Betty would go on to exemplify that spirit in her personal life! While the character of Rose might not have been the most sexually active of The Golden Girls’ main characters, it appears that the actress who played her has had a bit more going on.

Jane Fonda

At the age of 83, Jane Fonda isn’t seeking out any serious relationships. However, the elderly actress has shared that she still sexually fantasizes about men, particularly younger ones. Jane has been married three times throughout her lifetime, with her ex-husbands being Ted Turner, Tom Hayden, and Roger Vadim. Although Jane certainly isn’t currently fantasizing about these past figures in her life, she claims that she often considers attempting to strike up a purely sexual relationship with a much younger man.

After eight decades of being alive, Jane claims that she is only interested in striking up a relationship with someone if they can show her something that she’s never seen before. She likes to strike up relationships where the other partner can show her things about herself that she’s never noticed, and these types of relationships have grown increasingly difficult for the actress to find the older and more experienced she’s gotten. According to Jane, her ideal sexual partner has a good amount of knowledge they can bring into the relationship. Whether this knowledge is predominantly carnal knowledge or simply general knowledge about life, Jane didn’t exactly clarify. However, one can assume that, after decades of sexual experiences, the elderly actress needs someone who knows what they’re doing in order to have a good time!

While we don’t traditionally think of people over the age of 70 as very sexually active, these Hollywood celebrities prove this general adage wrong!

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