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Rare Photos of Lynda Carter Not Suitable for All Ages

Lynda Carter is an actress who makes a name for herself, playing on the hit 1970s television series Wonder Woman. It constructs by the comic book character of the same name. The series becomes an instant hit thanks to the iconic character and the actress that is playing her. Since portraying the titular character of Wonder Woman, Lynda has continued working on television sporadically. In addition, she ventures into singing and making some appearances in film, including a role in Wonder Woman 1984. Lynda is still a stunning beauty, though nothing compares to looking at her old photos! Join Facts Verse as we take a look at rare photos of Lynda Carter that are not suitable for all ages, and also explore her life!


Lynda Carter was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on July 24, 1951. She was the youngest of three children, though she ended up towering over her older siblings at a young age. The starlet will be a staggering 5’ 11”. The perfect choice to bring the titular Amazonian character to life on the 1970s television series Wonder Woman. Lynda’s parents enroll her in dance and drama classes, she continues studying the arts into her teen years. By the time she was ready to go to college, Lynda had trained in drama and dance for years. However, she still felt that receiving formal education at Arizona State University might be worth a try.


Shortly into her tenure at Arizona State University, Lynda decides that her formal education isn’t the best option for her. In high school, Lynda had begun performing with a band named Just Us. When she is attending Arizona State University, the band receives the opportunity to tour America. Feeling that touring with Just Us can provide her with more opportunities than her college education, Lynda drops out.

Lynda’s days touring America with her high school band Just Us came to an end in 1972. The young woman comes up with something else to fill her time that the tour didn’t successful enough for her. Not going back to college, Lynda decides to pursue modeling with the help of her good looks and statuesque demeanor.


Lynda is successful in modeling and wins local beauty pageants before crowning Miss USA in 1973. By this point, it was hard to deny that Lynda had a very promising future in front of her! Soon, she will be her most iconic role, playing the titular character of Wonder Woman.

Upon being crowned Miss USA, Lynda started getting attention from some producers in Hollywood. Some of Lynda’s earliest acting roles were in television series such as Starsky and Hutch and Cos. It’s a successful turn that Lynda receives the opportunity to play the character of Wonder Woman, which airs in 1976. Before starting the series, the character debuts in a 1975 television special that serves as the introduction to Lynda.


Wonder Woman becomes a massive success for the ABC network, and it turns actress Lynda Carter into a household name! There’s some fear that the audience won’t relate to a female superhero, but this fear turns out to be untrue! The series was a massive success, and the public adored Lynda Carter’s performance in the titular role. It’s hard for fans of the character to look at another actress and not compare to Lynda Carter. The battle of recent star Gal Gadot, playing the character in the recent films Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. Although many fans receive Gal warmly, many others feel that she doesn’t have the same statuesque demeanor as Lynda Carter.


Fans compare Gal to Lynda when for their respective performances as the Wonder Woman, but Gal receives Lynda’s blessing. In fact, Lynda makes an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984 as Asteria. She is set to reprise her role as the character in the film’s upcoming sequel.

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Although the CBS network feels as if they are taking a gamble of the 1970s television series Wonder Woman. The fact that its titular hero is female, the show is a massive success! Lynda Carter, the character that she plays, and the show itself become famous sensations throughout the years. The show airs for three seasons before finally coming to a close in 1979. Though it expects the show to last for a few more years on how successful it is. The intensive and expensive nature of the production means producing more seasons after the third isn’t the most profitable prospect. Especially when Lynda increases notoriety throughout the show’s run meant that her price is growing.


After Wonder Woman ended in 1979, Lynda Carter continued working in the entertainment industry and is still working today! In addition to continuing to act, Lynda has also maintained her skills as a singer. She has even made some successful attempts at stepping into the recording industry in more recent years. Many television series that Lynda appears in recently include Two and a Half Men, Smallville, and Law & Order. Meanwhile, she could be seen in the 2005 film adaptation of The Dukes of Hazzard and achieved some acclaim for her role in a West End London production of the play Chicago.


Besides acting and singing, Lynda Carter also has continued modeling throughout her career. During the 1980s, she was the go-to model for the Maybelline cosmetics company, which is based out of New York City. Throughout the 1990s, Lynda could be seen performing similar duties for the direct-mail-order contact lens company Lens Express. At the age of 70, Lynda still looks great, though it’s hard to deny the power of looking at pictures of her in her prime.

Though Lynda Carter hasn’t played the role of Wonder Woman for many years, she continues to portray the character or ones that are related to her in various ways. In 2016, Lynda Carter got a prominent guest-starring role on the CW television series Supergirl. Of course, the series was created to showcase another of DC Comics’ beloved female heroines, the show’s titular character. Lynda Carter showed up on the show to play the character of President Olivia Marsdin, and DC Comics fans were ecstatic to see the beloved actress step back into the universe.


A year after Lynda appeared on Supergirl, 2017’s Wonder Woman was released in theaters. The first official media featuring the character in live-action form since the 1970s television series, fans were anxious to see how the actress chosen to perform in the titular role would compare to Lynda Carter. As established, many felt that the 5’ 10” Gal Gadot didn’t quite compare to the 5’ 11” Lynda Carter, though many others, including Lynda herself, felt she was close enough!


While Lynda Carter didn’t appear in 2017’s Wonder Woman to make any kind of cameo appearance, she did give her blessing to both the film and Gal’s performance. Patty Jenkins directed the film, and she expressed interest in possibly finding a role for Lynda Carter in the film’s sequel. Patty ended up making good on this promise, as the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, titled Wonder Woman 1984, featured Lynda in a fairly prominent role! As discussed, Lynda appeared in the 2020 film as the character of Asteria, and it seems she’ll be returning for its sequel.

While Lynda has seen immense success over the course of her professional career, she has had periods in her personal life where she has struggled with alcoholism. According to Lynda, she suffered most heavily from the disease during the 1990s, though she ended up being able to kick the habit after checking herself into a rehabilitation facility in the late 1990s. According to the former Wonder Woman actress, she has been sober ever since, and she looks great for being 70!


In 1977, while in the middle of performing her titular role on the hit series Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter tied the knot with her talent agent. Lynda’s talent agent was a man by the name of Ron Samuels. Given that Lynda was more popular than ever at the time, she likely felt some very positive feelings for the man that had helped her get where she was! Although Lynda may have stepped into the union with an appreciation for the man, the marriage didn’t last long. They were divorced by 1982, at which point Lynda was single for two years before marrying her second husband. Lynda’s second husband was a man by the name of Robert Altman, though it’s not that Robert Altman! Lynda’s Robert Altman was a lawyer, not a Hollywood director, and the two remained married until his recent passing in 2021.

Although Lynda Carter hasn’t performed in the role of Wonder Woman for many years, she’s still inseparably linked to the character! Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Lynda Carter appeared on Starsky and Hutch before receiving her titular tenure on the 1970s series Wonder Woman, or did you think that she had simply been born into the role of the iconic hero? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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