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Conspiracy Theorists Say This U.S. Airport Is Key To A Global Takeover By The New World Order

Conspiracy Theories

There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding events, places, and people. There is always someone out there who is willing to believe the worst. They believe in these conspiracies, and they try to make others believe their crazy views. There is one insane conspiracy surrounding an airport in Denver and the New World Order.

The New World Order

The New World Order first emerged in the 20th century. The concept was not threatening. It was a term used by politicians including Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson to refer to the post-war globalism. In 1940, H.G. Wells used the term to describe a global state. By the 50s, when communism was a real worry in the U.S., the term took on new meaning. People started to believe that the New World order was a secret mission by the government to create a one-world government. This was when the conspiracy theorists had what they needed to create panic and fear.

The Lair

According to these conspiracy theorists, the New World Order has a secret location where meetings are held. It is located between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, deep below the Denver International Airport. The airport is located 25 miles from the center of the state capital city.

Denver International Airport

The airport was opened to the public in 1995. The airport was being built to replace Stapleton International Airport, which was too small for the high number of planes and passengers using the airport. The plans for the airport began in the early 80s. There were plenty of false stops and snags, but finally, the airport was built.

The Cost

It cost about $4.8 billion to build the Denver International Airport. In the end, they went over budget by close to $2 billion. By the time it was complete, the complex covered over 52 square miles. Its longest runway is 16,000-feet long. Experts say that it is the longest runway in all of North America.


Today, the Denver International Airport is the biggest employer in the state. They have close to 35,000 staff members working in the hanger and the halls. It is also one of the top five busiest Airports in the United States. In 2018, over 65 million passengers flew into or out of the airport. Despite the number of people that pass through the airport each year, conspiracy theorists believe that there is a horrifying secret beneath the airport.

Airport and New World Order Connection- The Shape

The conspiracy theory first started before the airport completed. People looked at the blueprints and believed that the design looked like a swastika when seen from above. The six runways arranged in a clockwise, right-angle formation. Since there are no other airports with this same layout, conspiracy theorists are sure that this is a sign.

Over Budget

Because the project went close to $2 billion over budget, some people believe that the money went toward building secret underground facilities. Conspiracy theorists believe that since there have been no budget reports released, they are trying to hide something.

The Internet

As if these two things weren’t enough to get the conspiracy theorists going, there is plenty of information online to fuel this fire. When you first arrive at the airport, you see a 32-foot horse sculpture. It is a Blue Mustang, dubbed Blucifer. It has red, glowing eyes, and there are red veins coming from its body. When the horse was being built, an accident occurred, and the artist was killed. This isn’t the only off piece of artwork. There are also sculptures that you might find in a Gothic church. They are said to ward off evil, which makes people wonder why they are seen in an airport.

Conspiracy theorists believe that these are symbols of the New World Order. Finally, a mural called Peace and Harmony With Nature shows children in a forest fire. Conspiracy theorists believe that this is a hint that a biochemical weapon is being hidden there.

No Proof

Conspiracy theorists say this U.S. airport is key to a global takeover by the New World Order. Like most conspiracy theories, this one doesn’t hold water. These people just look for signs and turn it into something completely different. Most people believe that there is nothing sinister going on at the airport. Why build a secret lair for an organization that may not even exist underneath one of the busiest airports in the United States? Wouldn’t it make more sense to build such a secret place in the middle of a barren desert, or in the middle of Antarctica where humans dare not visit? This is a pretty crazy story, but most conspiracy theories are pretty crazy, so this shouldn’t be too surprising.

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