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If You Were Born Between These Years, You May Be Susceptible To This Potentially Deadly Disease


There are people all over the world who are sick. Some have something minor that they will get over on their own in a few days. Others have terminal diseases that will soon kill them. The only hope that a sick person has is that their doctor will be able to diagnose them correctly so that they can begin treatment. Some diseases are so serious that vaccines have been made to keep people from getting sick. One very serious disease that has a vaccine is the measles. Recently, this disease has made a comeback.

The Measles

The measles is a disease that has affected people all over the world. The United States has recorded some very shocking numbers. Back in the early 1960s, between three and four million people contracted the measles every year. It wasn’t until 1963 that things started to change.


It was in 1963 that a vaccine was made available to the people of the United States. Five years later, another vaccine was discovered. Thanks to these vaccines, the number of people who contracted the measles significantly declined. By the year 2000, a significant milestone was reached. It appeared that the illness was completely eradicated in the United States, and it was all thanks to the vaccine.

April 2019

With the measles being non-existent in the U.S., it was rarely ever discussed. In April 2019, everything changed. The virus made a significant comeback, and over 600 people across the country became infected. Because of this, a doctor named Marc Siegel had a message for people who were born between 1963 and 1967. If you were born between these years you may be susceptible to this potentially deadly disease.

The 6th Century

Some diseases are seen more often than others in different places around the world. With the United States and Britain having such excellent medical care, doctors can often help fight the diseases in these areas. Other parts of the country aren’t quite so lucky. Measles fits into this category. There are countries where this disease is still a serious issue such as Asia and Africa. Measles can be traced all the way back to the 6th century. It is believed that the first outbreak occurred in 500 AD. The first documented case didn’t occur until a few hundred years later.

Serious Side Effects

Today, the measles is treatable; however, it can cause serious issues for certain people. Even with treatment, the disease can result in inflammation of the brain and pneumonia. In countries around the world that have poor healthcare, these issues are a dangerous reality.


In 1531, Honduras suffered serious loss after an outbreak of the measles. This particular outbreak killed around 50 percent of the population. The disease also spread to Central America and Mexico, and the death toll was just as high in these areas. It was speaking very fast and showed no signs of slowing down.


Hawaii was hit hard by the disease in the mid-1800s. A large portion of the population died during the outbreak. About 20 years later, an outbreak killed over 40,000 people.


By the year 2000, the United States has measles under control. Over the next 11 years, there were only 900 confirmed cases. This proved that the vaccine was working. Over the last few years, unfortunately, the number of cases has begun to rise again. Throughout the entire year in 2018, 270 Americans were diagnosed with the measles. Things were even worse in 2019. By April, over 620 people had contacted the disease. Dr. Siegel believes that by the end of the year, we will have over 1,000 confirmed cases.

Dr. Siegel’s Warning

The doctor has a warning for those who were born in the 1960s. He believes that these people should go to the doctor to make sure that they are immune. The vaccine given back then is not as strong as the vaccines that were given in the years later. To be safe, he believes that anyone vaccinated in the 60s needs a stronger vaccine to be protected. He believes that anyone born in the 60s should also speak to their doctor about the other vaccines that the received during childhood. The knowledge that we have today was not available back then. The technology also wasn’t available. While these vaccines did work and were effective for decades, there is a chance that the people born in the 60s no longer have the antibodies necessary to fight off these deadly diseases. If there were another outbreak of a serious illness, you want to be sure that you are going to be safe. A quick visit to the doctor is much better than dying from a disease that we can vaccinate against.

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