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Dad Loses Wallet, But Gets An Even Bigger Surprise With A Note From A Stranger…

Today’s World

In today’s world, it seems as though we always hear horror stories in the news. Rape, murder, and kidnappings are still the top story of the night. If it isn’t something horrible like these stories, you hear about an elderly person being swindled out of their life savings, a home being broken into, or a person being held at gunpoint. Every story on the news is depressing, and it can shake your faith in humanity. There are certain incidents that occur that can restore your faith in humanity. Beau Collins is proof of that.

Beau Collins

Collins is from Australia and admits that for a while, he lost his faith in others. He went to the supermarket one day, filled up his shopping cart, and stood in line at the register. When the cashier rang up his purchases, Beau went into his pocket, only to find that his wallet wasn’t there. He was at the store with his daughter that day. At first, he thought that she took his wallet as a joke. When he realized that she didn’t have it, he began to panic. He wondered if a very experienced criminal pickpocketed him.


When Beau walked out of the supermarket empty-handed, he thought about the hassle involved after losing a wallet. He was going to have to call each of his credit card companies and report the cards lost. Next, he would need to go to the DMV to get a new license. He was upset because he had important family photos in the wallet. He knew that it was going to be a huge hassle that he didn’t really want to deal with. Dad Loses Wallet, But Gets An Even Bigger Surprise With A Note From A Stranger…

A Package Arrives

A few days later, a package arrived at Beau’s home. He was a bit curious about what it was since he wasn’t expecting anything. He opened the package, and his wallet was inside. And he couldn’t believe it. Along with the wallet, there was a note. It read, “Hello Beau, Found your wallet on the freeway. Sending back to you how I found it. Sorry, you lost it. Take care, God Bless.” Beau couldn’t believe that someone had found his wallet. What shocked him, even more, was that everything was in there just the way he left it. Even the cash was in the wallet. He was upset that the person who found the wallet and sent it back didn’t leave a name.


Beau decided to use Facebook to find the name of the savior, who returned his wallet. He took a photo of the note and the wallet. He added a caption that read, “I have been missing my walled the last few weeks. I thought my daughter was playing a joke on me, but she wasn’t. Today, I received a package, and inside was my wallet with everything still in it. The note explained that my wallet was found on the highway, but there was no name. If by chance someone knows who sent this back to me, could you please let me know. It’s nice to see that there are still honest, peaceful people in the world.


Beau got plenty of comments on his post. Within the first few weeks, he received close to 700 comments. Unfortunately, none of the comments included the name of the person that found the wallet. Most of them were people saying how lucky Beau was to have gotten his wallet back in one piece. Others mentioned what a kind and decent person the anonymous person was. The post also received over 7,000 likes, and it was shared over 5,000 times.


Beau was shocked at the amount of attention his post received. He never expected it to go viral. He created the post in hopes that the person who found the wallet would come forward so he could thank them. Even though his post went viral, he didn’t have any luck finding the mysterious good Samaritan.

Doing Good

Beau is disappointed that he never found out who returned his wallet fully intact; however, he did get something out of the experience. He hopes to be able to do something nice for someone else. Since he cannot thank the good Samaritan, the least he can do is pay it forward and do something nice for another person.

Faith In Humanity

Beau says that his faith in humanity is shaken on a daily basis. Each time he turns on the news, he wonders what is wrong in the world. When he got his wallet back with everything inside, his faith was restored. He says that it is great to know that there are still good people in the world.


Unfortunately, the person who found the wallet still remains a mystery today. Either they don’t have social media, or they just don’t want to be found. Even though we may never know who sent the wallet, at least we know that there are good, honest people left in the world.

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