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Disturbing Allegations Surface From Nancy Reagan’s Time in Hollywood

Before becoming first lady and president of the United States; Nancy and Ronald Reagan were one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood. While the pair would be known for their conservative politics during their time in office. They were known for some decidedly different things during their days in the entertainment industry. In fact, by many accounts, the nickname that Nancy called most often during her acting days was the “BJ queen”. Join Facts Verse as disturbing allegations surface from Nancy Reagan’s time in Hollywood.

Born Nancy Davis in 1921 to a mother that already had her foot in the entertainment industry. Future first lady Nancy Regan became a Hollywood celebrity before marrying fellow actor Ronald Reagan. Transitioning with him into the arena of politics. Just recently, more and more people have begun digging into Nancy’s past regarding her sexual exploits. Both her and Ronald known to have indulged in a great many love affairs during their time. While Ronald used his clout as a star to hook up with as many women as he could; his future wife used her sex appeal in a much different way. Apparently, Nancy Reagan wasn’t above performing sexual favors to get ahead in her career.

Biography about Nancy Reagan

During the 1990s, an unauthorized biography wrote about Nancy Reagan. She aimed to shed some light on her time in Hollywood. It is this biography that has sparked the recent debate about just how much sexual promiscuity. Nancy was getting up to during her time in the entertainment industry. The book featured an anecdote that drew attention to the supposed fact that Nancy known as the “blowjob queen”. Though many have questioned just how promiscuous the former actress really was. It seems pretty likely that she was a good deal more sexually active than her later. And more conservative demeanor as first lady ever let on.

While the biography that brought these supposed tales of Nancy’s sexual exploits to light considered fairly controversial; and publicly maligned by Nancy and Ronald themselves. Many feel that the book actually humanized the former first lady after demonized by the public throughout much of her time as first lady. While the public often venerated Ronald Reagan, they didn’t always say the nicest things about Nancy. Throughout Ronald’s presidency, Nancy fought to retain her popularity with the same demographic that adored her husband. It appears that Nancy could never be a perfect enough person in the eyes of her husband’s conservative fan base. However, with the popularization of the stories of her promiscuous days in Hollywood. She has ironically become famous for what she represented in opposition to her husband’s comparatively more conservative demeanor.

Nancy Reagan Sex Appeal in Hollywood

It remains unclear just how much Nancy Reagan used her sex appeal to get ahead in Hollywood. Though there were undoubtedly other factors at play that gave the young woman an advantage during the days when she was trying to get her foot in the door. As established, Nancy’s mother was already a stage and film actress of note by the time that Nancy was born. It means that her mother had plenty of connections that she could use to help get her daughter roles. Nancy’s mother, Edith Prescott Luckett Davis, was a good friend of Spencer Tracy’s. And many believe that it was Spencer who helped get Nancy her first roles.

When Nancy made her debut on the Hollywood scene, Spencer Tracy was one of the biggest stars in the industry! Spencer had met Nancy’s mother and adoptive father during his early days as a stage actor. He maintained a friendship with them throughout his career. It was Edith and her husband that helped the alcoholic Spencer find a quiet and private rehab facility. This is when he needed to dry out away from the public eye.

Due to the favors that Nancy’s mother and adoptive father had done for him over the years. It only stands to reason that Spencer would’ve been glad to help young Nancy Regan. Then still known as Nancy Davis, get her foot in the door. Spencer evidently set the young woman up with her first screen test, and the rest is history!

Who was Benjamin Thou ?

While Nancy likely never had to perform any sexual favors in order to get to this point. Many have speculated that she struck up the habit after getting her foot in the door in order to get further ahead. One of the men that Nancy perform sexual favors for in order to get ahead a Benjamin Thou. He was the head of casting at MGM; He become known as a bit of a sexual predator for his practices during the olden days of Hollywood. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Nancy Regan would always freely admit that she likely wouldn’t have found much success in the entertainment industry. If it weren’t for the nepotism that she experienced as a result of her mother and adoptive father’s relationship with various Hollywood insiders, including the previously mentioned Spencer Tracy. However, the former actress never admitted during her lifetime that there was any validity to the rumor that she had performed sexual favors to get ahead.

Nancy Reagan and Benjamin Thou unexplained Relationship?

Regarding Nancy’s relationship with MGM’s head of casting, named Benjamin Thou; Historians claim that it began some time after the actress had gotten her foot in the door thanks to the help of family friend Spencer Tracy. Regardless of anything that occurred with Nancy Reagan. Benjamin Thou developed a reputation throughout his time in the industry for being a bit of a predator. Benjamin certainly wasn’t above asking for sexual favors from the actresses who were aspiring to get roles in major MGM productions. With Marilyn Monroe having called the executive out on one occasion for his practices of trading sex for industry clout.

Nowadays, the behavior of Benjamin Thou would fall under the umbrella of the type of behavior that the #metoo movement created to address. However, there was no #metoo movement back in the day. At the time, aspiring actresses were either forced to consent to the practice of sleeping with executives to get ahead and asked of them to find an alternative avenue to achieve fame.

When it came time for young Nancy Reagan to decide whether or not she was above performing sexual favors for Benjamin Thou in order to get ahead in the entertainment industry; many historians seem to feel that she decided that she wasn’t. Nancy and Benjamin seemed to develop a pretty amicable relationship. It stands to reason that Benjamin wouldn’t have been so fond of the aspiring actress if she hadn’t been willing to give him something in return. Although there is no direct proof that Nancy Regan and Benjamin Thou sexually involved, it’s certainly likely.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan

Nancy frequently questioned about her relationship with Benjamin Thou after her Hollywood days. The former actress was always hesitant to go into too much detail. But she always claimed that Benjamin adored her so much that he would have married her if he had been given the chance. However, Nancy ended up setting her sights on a much more handsome and charismatic figure when it came time for her to tie the knot, with that being Ronald Regan.

Before marrying Ronald Regan, there were many men that Nancy was romantically involved with. As it turns out, the former actress didn’t have much luck with love interests before meeting Ronald. Even when removing the aforementioned Benjamin Thou from the equation. Before marrying Ronald, Nancy had a boyfriend that was killed after being hit by a train and a fiancé that she had to break things off with once she discovered that he was a homosexual. The star likely thought that she would never find the one… that is, until she was set up with actor Ronald Reagan.

Nancy Reagan Married Life

Ronald Reagan was similarly promiscuous during his Hollywood days. Although he didn’t have to hide it as much due to the fact that women view more negatively for sleeping around back in those days than men. Nancy and Ronald’s relationship started up when Nancy was concerned about her name showing up on a list of Communist sympathizers in Hollywood. Nancy was concerned when she saw her name pop up on the list, and she wasn’t sure who to talk to. She spoke with the director of a film that she was working on. And he suggested that she try getting ahold of Screen Actors Guild president Ronald Regan.

Nancy managed to get ahold of Ronald with the help of her director. And the Screen Actors Guild president offered to take her out to dinner in order to discuss the problem. Nancy claimed that she was taken aback by just how outstanding the future president of the United States looked in person. Having feared that his good looks on the screen were simply a lighting trick. Ronald helped Nancy take care of the problem; but there also proved to be another problem that Ronald was capable of helping her with. That second problem was the matter of Nancy’s troublesome love life, and Ronald’s solution was to become her new husband.

While Nancy Reagan known as the “blowjob queen” during her Hollywood days. She became a much more maligned and feared figure during her days as first lady of the United States thanks to her domineering political practices alongside her husband. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that it’s been claimed that Nancy Reagan slept with Hollywood executives in order to get ahead in the days before she met Ronald. Did you think that the late former first lady truly represented conservative values?

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