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Judy & Audrey Landers, Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Sisters

During the 1980s, sisters Audrey and Judy Landers became celebrities thanks to some notable television appearances. As well as appearances Lander sisters made together in adult magazines such as Playboy. Audrey Landers rose to fame portraying the character of Afton Cooper on the hit television series Dallas. While her sister received a comparably smaller amount of notoriety thanks to her appearances in shows such as Vega$. While they were working in Hollywood during the 1980s, the two shared a flat and did as much as they could together. Today, they have each started a family of their own. Though Lander sisters continue to share many of the same hobbies, such as collecting. Join Facts Verse as we explore Judy & Audrey Landers, Hollywood’s most beautiful sisters.

Lander sisters were born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they were raised in upstate New York. Specifically, the similarly aged sisters were raised in Rockland County. It was Audrey that was the first of the two sisters to show an interest in the arts. And it has also been Audrey that has seen the most success with her entertainment industry career. However, her sister has never been that far behind her! Audrey is slightly older than the two, having been born in 1956. Meanwhile, Judy is two years her junior, having been born in 1958. Today, Audrey is 65 and Judy is 63, and Lander sisters haven’t changed much!

Audrey Lander Showbusiness Debut

Audrey Landers made her debut in show business at the age of only 12. She had already developed a talent for songwriting, which would later play into her role in Dallas. Her debut saw the young girl singing a song that she had written for herself, with the song’s name being “The Apple Don’t Fall Far from the Tree”. Miraculously, the song became a charting single on the country-western charts, leading to Audrey becoming a star in her teens!

Following Audrey’s debut on the music scene, they give her a role on a daytime television series named Somerset. While performing on the series, she continued honing her musical talents, studying musical composition at the nearby Julliard School in New York. Later on in her educational career, Audrey attended Columbia University, where she majored in psychology. At the age of 20, Audrey made the decision to leave New York City behind and head out to Hollywood in the hopes of becoming a star there. It is here that the actress gives her role on the series Dallas, which she would go on to perform in for a total of six years.

In contrast to her elder sister, Judy Landers didn’t show very much interest in taking on a show business career when she got older. Instead, she spent her childhood and teenage years actively practicing gymnastics, which she became quite good at. It wasn’t until around the age of 16 that Judy finally expressed some interest in following in her sister’s footsteps, and Audrey was able to use her connections in the industry to help get her younger sister some television roles.

Judy Lander’s First Audition

Judy Landers’ very first audition is for an anthology television series by the name of “Whatever Happened to the Class of ’65?”. She got the part, and several other television roles followed. One of Judy’s most prominent television roles has been in the series Vega$, where she performed as a regular alongside series star Robert Urich. While Audrey was performing on Dallas and Judy was performing on Vega$. The two sisters were at the peak of their success. It is during this time period that lander sisters featured in a Playboy article, cementing their status as Hollywood’s most beautiful sisters. They shared a flat together in Beverly Hills, California, during these years. With the two spending as much time together as they could when lander sisters weren’t working on their separate television shows.

Audrey Landers Television Series

Besides Dallas, some of the other television series that Audrey Landers has appeared on throughout her lifetime include Happy Days and Police Woman. Still, her most notable role inarguably remains that of Afton Cooper on the hit 1980s television series Dallas. Afton is a nightclub singer, and Audrey takes the opportunity to use her own songs on the show. This led to Audrey becoming nearly as popular of a singer as she was an actress, and she has even released albums. Today, both sisters are living happily with their respective families in Florida, though they don’t dabble in entertainment very much!

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As Audrey and Judy Landers were making their respective entrances into show business, their mother helped them along. The pair’s mother is film producer Ruth Landers, who mentored and managed the girls throughout their Hollywood careers. Ruth did everything in her power to help her daughters along the way as they attempted to become stars. It was Ruth who put the girls through dramatic training and supported them as they tried to make it big.

Audrey Landers Career

Audrey Landers received the role of Afton Cooper on her 24th birthday. And she felt that it was a fantastic present! Her role as Afton Cooper on the hit 1980s television series led to the actress developing a singing career. Which had been her dream since first debuting on the music scene at 12. Though her debut song at the age of 12 had charted on the country-western charts. It wasn’t until her time in Dallas that Audrey truly became appreciated as a musical artist.

During her time in Dallas, Audrey was given the chance to release her very first full album of recorded material. This album was titled Little River, and it was released in 1983. Since Audrey’s time in Dallas, she has released several more albums, and also appeared in other shows. In 2013, the actress returned to reprise the memorable role of Afton Cooper for the modern reboot of Dallas.

Now that she’s 65 years old, Audrey is much more into taking it easy than she used to be. Though she’ll still take on the occasional role, such as her reprisal of Afton Cooper in the previously mentioned show. In Dallas, she typically likes to hang out with her sister in Florida. The two both call the city of Sarasota, Florida, home, though they no longer share a flat! Instead, they live with their respective families. In addition to appearing on the aforementioned Dallas reboot reprising the iconic role of Afton Cooper. Another recent role for Audrey is in the Lifetime original movie “Engaged to a Psycho”.

Audrey Landers Marriage Life

Audrey Landers is marry to Donald Berkowitz since 1988, and the couple introduce a pair of twin sons in 1993. Those sons are Daniel and Adam. Both sons have tried their hand at following in their mother’s footsteps and becoming actors. But it seems as if Daniel has had a little bit more success. Adam’s only notable credit is a role in an obscure 2006 film Circus Camp. While Daniel has starred in a full handful of obscure pictures.

Not only has Daniel followed in his mother’s footsteps by attempting to become an actor. But he and his mother have also developed a concept for a potential musical film together! Though the musical has yet to actually be filmed. The pair have supposedly completed work on it’s script and music, with Daniel having composed the music and his mother having written the screenplay. The proposed film is said to deal with supernatural elements, and the mother-son team are actively trying to find someone to produce it!

If Audrey Landers and her son can’t find anybody in Hollywood or New York that wants to produce their proposed musical film. They aren’t above shooting it locally in Sarasota, Florida! All of the Landers currently call the city of Sarasota their home, from Audrey and her new family to Judy and her’s. Judy’s new family consists of husband Tom Niedenfuer, whom she married in 1987, and daughters Lindsey and Kristy. Both Lindsey and Kristy have also developed a taste for acting, and have appeared in many of the same obscure features as cousin Daniel Berkowitz.

Though Audrey and Judy Landers no longer share an apartment together, they are still incredibly close! One thing that binds the two together is their shared passion for collecting. Though they are both interested in collecting different types of objects. Judy has always been a spiritual person, which has led her to develop the hobby of collecting angel figurines. Meanwhile, Audrey’s preferred items to collect are pieces made from crystal. The two often venture around the state of Florida antique shopping when they find the free time.

Audrey’s Crystal Pieces Collection

Audrey’s collection of crystal pieces includes works that she has collected during her travels around the world. In addition to acting and singing, Audrey has always shown a predilection for travel, and she is sure to grab a new crystal piece whenever she goes on vacation. Her collection of crystal pieces includes works from France, Germany, and Spain, including works from several notable crystal artists.

In addition to these crystal pieces, Audrey also collects Norman Rockwell figurines, vases, old perfume bottles, and art deco bookends. The hobby of collecting Norman Rockwell figurines is a passion that Audrey shares with her mother, the aforementioned Ruth Landers. The limited-edition figurines are all based on covers that Norman Rockwell did for The Saturday Evening Post, and Audrey claims that she owns nearly every one in the series!

Though beautiful Hollywood sisters Audrey and Judy Landers are nowhere near the notable celebrities that they were during the peak of their success in the 1980s. They are still happy as can be toiling away their time with their families in Sarasota, Florida. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Hollywood sisters, Lander sisters are still around today. Or did you think that they had disappeared? As always, like this video to show your support. And subscribe, hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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