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Disturbing Dash Cam Photos That Will Give You The Chills

Dash Cams

Funny, crazy, and horrific things happen on the road every day. Unfortunately, people aren’t always nearby with a camera waiting. This is where dash cams come in. Dashcams were once used only on police cars, but with less expensive cameras available, people are putting them on their vehicles. Here are some disturbing dash cam photos that will give you the chills, and some that will have you on the floor laughing.

Touring Band

These guys have given going on tour a new meaning. One band member is driving, while the other two are playing the drums while whizzing down the street. It must take some real talent to play instruments at such high speeds.

Car Handstand

Cars aren’t meant to do handstands. People are, but when you see a car doing one, it is a pretty amazing sight to see. Fortunately, someone had a dashcam running at the time, so they caught it all on film. You can only hope that the people in the car were wearing their seatbelts at the time because this looks pretty dangerous.

Eluding Police

The officer in this video pulled a car over. When he went to speak to the driver, they took off while the officer was somehow caught in the vehicle. He had a nasty fall that broke his arm. Fortunately, he recovered in the hospital, and the officer’s dashcam caught the whole thing on video, including the driver’s license plate.

A Dangerous Situation

Seeing a deer in the middle of the road can be dangerous. Throwing fire into the road can be downright deadly. This car was driving around, somehow throwing fire into the street. They were likely trying to scare people and cause chaos, but fortunately, there were no other cars nearby.

Off-Roading Through Traffic

There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic. This driver had their dash cam turned on as he was ready to drive past the traffic in the breakdown lane. Fortunately he didn’t, because another driver had the same idea, but he wasn’t even driving on the road. He was off-roading through the traffic.

He’s Not Superman

This van was once the cargo on a semi that somehow let loose. Now, it is rolling down a hill. If you look close, you can see a man under the trailer trying to stop it. Since he isn’t Superman, there’s a good chance that it didn’t stop until it hit something.

You Couldn’t Borrow a Truck

This driver had to pick up a load of hay, but couldn’t find a truck. Instead, they just loaded it on top of their SUV. It turned out to be a very dangerous idea because the driver could barely see, and other drivers on the road were at great risk.

A Serious Accident

This accident looks very seriously. After the car flipped over, it continued sliding down the highway, leaving sparks behind. Fortunately, it didn’t collide with any vehicles before coming to a complete stop. This looks like something from The Fast and Furious, but it happened in real life.

A Horrible Collision

The roads in Russia are often treacherous, which is why many drivers have dash cams. This driver had a dashcam hooked up on a cold day when the roads were slick. The truck carrying this container lost control and hit the car head-on. You can only hope that everyone was okay, but the chances are slim.

What Is He Dragging?

This driver is dragging something metal from underneath his car, which is causing sparks to follow him all the way down the driveway. It could be his muffler or something that he picked up along the way, but this can be dangerous. Seeing something like this can make it difficult for other drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

An Attempted Kidnapping

This camera captured the shocking footage of an attempted kidnapping. The man in the video tried to kidnap a child, but the boy’s siblings saw right away and chased the man. Soon, two teens joined in the chase. Finally, the man put the boy down so that he could get away without being caught. Fortunately, the little boy made it home safely.

Electrical Fire!

This worker was out in the rain when a powerline came down. It caused a flash of fire that occurred so quickly; most people couldn’t figure out what happened. Fortunately, there was a camera running that captured the whole thing. The worker was wearing rubber boots, which kept him from getting electrocuted.

A Poorly Executed Stunt

In Russia, it isn’t uncommon for people to jump up on car hoods to pretend that they were hit so they could file a lawsuit. To protect themselves, many drivers install dash cams on their cars. This boy tried the scam, but the camera caught him running to the car and jumping up, trying to make it look like he got hit. Unfortunately, the camera ruined his case.

Road Rage

Some people completely lose their minds if they get cut off on the road, or if they feel victimized. This man was so angry at the driver of this vehicle that he punched the window out. Fortunately, the driver had the whole thing on film so that the man could be arrested for road rage.

Stupid Prank

This is one of the most dangerous pranks anyone could pull. This kid thought that it would be fun to ride around on a shopping cart in the middle of a busy highway. He could have killed himself or another driver, and it was all for a stupid prank.

The Road Opens Up

Can you imagine what you would do if you were driving down the street, and suddenly the concrete in the road opened up and almost swallowed your car whole? That is what happened to this driver, and he had a dashcam that caught the whole thing. Fortunately, the driver wasn’t injured, but they were really shaken up.

Come Back!

This man was driving when the tire on his car suddenly came off and started rolling down the street. Instead of waiting for help, he decided to get out of the car and chase his tire. He likely prevented a few accidents when he finally caught up to it, but a lesson can be learned from this. Always make sure that your lug nuts are tightened.

Another Racer

These guys are racing dirt bikes in the woods. The scenery is beautiful, and they look like they are having fun. One of the riders has a dashcam on his bike, which is how he was able to capture this incredible moment. As he and his buddies are racing down the path, a bear comes out of nowhere and starts chasing them. Fortunately, they are on dirt bikes that are fast enough to outrun the bear.

Wrong Side Of the Road

This situation could have gone much worse if the driver with dashcam wasn’t such a quick thinker. A bus was driving down the road, and the white care decided to pass the bus. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect there to be another car coming, so the white vehicle was about to hit it head-on. Fortunately, the driver managed to squeeze between the two vehicles, preventing a deadly accident.

That’s Not Something You See Everyday

It isn’t uncommon to drive down the street and have a happy little dog chase you. It isn’t typical for a massive herd of sheep to start chasing you. This person’s dashcam caught the whole thing, and fortunately, they were able to stop just in time before any sheep were injured.


What can be more terrifying than witnessing a plane crash? Seeing a plane about to crash on the highway that you are driving on. This driver was on a highway in Taiwan when all of a sudden, the plane went down. According to reports, the crash was a result of an engine flameout, and many people were injured. The fact that the driver caught the whole thing on tape is incredible.

You Can’t Pull Batman Over!

Batman spends his time fighting crime. Since he is the good guy, why would the police be pulling him over? He doesn’t break the law; he upholds the law. It turned out that the officer just wanted to get a picture with Batman. Between the costume and the incredible car, who wouldn’t want a photo op?

A Monkey Stole My Food!

This man was just sitting in his truck, minding his own business. He went to pick up some dinner, and on the way home, something shocking happened. Not only did a monkey jump into his truck, but it stole his food, and then took off with it. The driver is in shock and has no idea what to do. How do you go home and explain to your family that you aren’t bringing home any takeout because a monkey stole it from the truck? Whose family would actually believe that? Fortunately, the driver caught the whole thing on film.

Going Down!

This truck is driving down the road perfectly normally one second, and the next, a sinkhole opens up, and the truck goes down. For the driver, it must have been terrifying. The same is true for the cars behind the truck. Fortunately, someone was able to capture the incident on their dashcam, so they had proof of what happened on the road that day.

A Meteor

In 2013, a meteor streaked across the sky over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The meteor burned 30 times brighter than the sun and then exploded. It sent small parts crashing down to Earth, causing destruction. The explosion it caused shattered the windows, and many people nearby suffered from radiation burns. Many people captured the meteor on their dash cams, and experts believe that the event needed to be studied if we aren’t going to end up like the dinosaurs.

A Crazy Escape

When you watch this video the first few times, you may not notice anything off. If you look close, you will see that there is a person holding onto the first car, while a police car is following close behind. This is a very dangerous police chase. The man on the vehicle and the driver were obviously involved in a crime, and they are trying to make a quick getaway.

Mother Nature At Her Worst

This person was enjoying a leisurely drive when Mother Nature kicked up and started ripping the roof of buildings and tearing buildings down. The driver did their best to outrun the storm, hoping to get away safely. This video is proof of how destructive Mother Nature could be.

A Horrible Scene

This driver was sitting in the car with his dashcam running when a plane literally falls out of the sky. It looks like the engines ultimately gave out because the plane didn’t dive to the ground, it just fell. When it hit the ground, the plane exploded, killing everyone on board. This is a horrific thing to see.

Should He Be Driving?

This police officer had their dashcam running when they came upon a vehicle that was swerving down the road. He was sure that the driver was drunk, so he pulled them over. The officer was shocked when a 7-year-old boy got out and ran into the house. He told the police that he ran away to get out of going to church. The police didn’t file charges, and they told the boy’s parents to hide the keys from now on. The officer said that he never expected to see a young boy run out of the car. He was sure that he would be booking a suspect for a DUI after stopping the vehicle.

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