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It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Know This Is NOT OK


The people who build houses, streets, or any other structures have to know what they are doing. If they make a mistake, it can result in deadly consequences for everyone around them. Here are some photos of construction fails. Some of them are funny, and some are downright dangerous.

Beware Bikers!

It doesn’t take a genius to know this is NOT ok. The person who put up the guardrail obviously didn’t notice the bike lane painted in bright orange and white. If a biker who takes this route everyday rides down the road quickly, it can result in a serious accident. If something like this does happen, you can only hope that they were wearing a helmet.

Laziness For Genius People

The clocks in schools need to be accurate so that students can be sure to get to class on time. When the clock in this hallway stopped working, the custodial engineer was told to replace the clock. Rather than removing the original clock and putting up a new one, they decided to stick a smaller clock over the broken one. This is much easier than hanging a new clock. Over time, the functioning clock will be the size of a watch.

What Were They Thinking?

Whoever designed this bathroom had absolutely no sense at all. Why would they put the soap dispenser on the mirror? What happens in the person using the middle sink wants to wash their hands? What if the people using the two sinks on the end wish to use the soap, but someone is using the middle sink? This bathroom layout makes no sense. Has the person who designed it never been in a public bathroom in their lives? You don’t have to be a genius to realize that this just won’t work.

Who Did This?

Whoever thought that this would be the perfect spot to install a ceiling fan should be fired immediately. Did they not realize that the fan won’t spin with that massive pillar in the way? As soon as the fan starts to turn, it will be stopped by the pillar. When they realized that it was a stupid idea, why didn’t they take the fan down immediately? What was their solution? They hung a tiny fan to replace the ceiling fan, which they believed would make everything alright. It didn’t.

Even The Best Of Intentions Can Fail, Including Genius People

The officials in this town care about the cyclists on the road. They want to be sure that they have equal space on the road, so they put up a sign reminding drivers to share the road. Unfortunately, their good intentions failed, because the cyclists will have to ride out into the road just to avoid the sign that reminds drivers to give them space. It kind of defeats the purpose of the sign.

Good Luck Getting Out

The purpose of this ladder is to be able to climb down the tunnel and then back up again. Whoever designed it didn’t do a very good job. The portions of the ladder should have been lined up. The way these ladders were designed would make it impossible for a person to climb up or down unless they just won the American Ninja Warrior championship. It’s not safe, it’s not smart, and it just makes no sense.

Safety Exit For Genius People

According to building codes, buildings need to have emergency exits. These are essential in the case of a fire or any other emergency that would require people to evacuate as quickly as possible. During some emergencies, the main entrance may not be accessible, so the emergency exit is the only way out. Whoever designed this building clearly didn’t understand what is meant by an emergency exit. Sure, there needs to be a door there, but you also need to make sure that people can get through the door in case of an emergency. This emergency door is blocked off by bricks, making it essentially useless.

Can You Really Prevent An Emergency?

This building has an emergency phone, but it is out of order. The note on the phone reads, “Emergency phone is out of service. Please do not have an emergency at this location.” Do people really prepare ahead of time for an accident? If the emergencies and the areas where they occur could be planned, they wouldn’t need the phone at all. Maybe someone should just fix the phone so that they can take down that nonsensical sign.

Genius People: Security Door Fail!

The owner of this building wanted to give it a modern look while keeping it secure. Unfortunately, they failed horribly. Rather than putting the bars going horizontally, they thought that vertical bars would give it some pizzazz. Unfortunately, all they did was create a ladder for anyone to climb and jump over the other side. The door doesn’t add any security at all. It only makes it take a bit longer to get passed the door.

Who Bought This Mirror?

When a person stays in a hotel, the bathroom mirror is essential. Hotel guests need to shave, do their hair, put on makeup, and just check out their appearance. Whoever was responsible for hanging this mirror really failed. How are you supposed to see anything in a mirror like this?

Genius Peopl: He Chose The Wrong HVAC Company

Having a new HVAC system installed is a big deal. It is an expensive and complicated job, so you need to make sure that you are hiring a reputable company. This homeowner clearly didn’t read the company’s reviews before hiring them. Having a bedroom with a window and a small balcony is likely one of the homeowner’s favorite things about the house. When the company installed the ductwork, not only did they cover the window, but they also cut a hole down the middle of the balcony.

Someone Was Confused

The street crew’s only job was to paint makings and put up signs on the street so that drivers would know which way to go. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to know which way to go. On the street, they painted the words, left and right over one another, with an arrow that points in both ways. If this isn’t confusing enough, there are two signs pointing left. Unfortunately, the sign across the street that signifies no left turns make things even more complicated. Which way do you really go?

Oh Doug

Doug’s boss at Express Lube had told him numerous times to change the sign outside. Clearly, Doug forgot because his boss changed the sign. It read, “Doug, this is the sign I asked you to change.” Wouldn’t it have been easier and more efficient for Doug’s boss just to put up the sign that he wanted rather than calling Doug out for his mistake and mocking him?

Whose Idea Was This, Genius People?

When a person uses a public restroom, they want their privacy. The last thing they want is for a hallway full of people to be able to look through a window and watch them do their business. The problem here is more with the door than the positioning of the toilet. There is no need for a window on the door of a public restroom.

Too Close for Comfort

This is another case of someone not understanding the idea of needing privacy while using a public restroom. Most toilets are in private stalls, giving a person all the privacy they need. Not only are these toilets not in their own stalls, but they are facing one another. Who wants to use the bathroom while looking a stranger in the eye? This is just ridiculous.

A Bit Off Center

To get to the second, third, and fourth floors, you have to take the spiral staircase. The person who installed the stairs must not have been wearing their glasses, because the landings don’t line up with the doors. For the residents to get into their homes, they would need to jump, and hoping that they can catch the ledge in time. This is a stupid, irresponsible mistake.

That Is NOT How You Use a Ladder!

Most people know how to use a ladder. This guy is an experienced construction worker, and he knew that he wouldn’t have appropriate balance if he were to use the ladder correctly. He used a bit of imagination to create a more sturdy way to reach the ceiling. He’s an expert, so don’t try this at home.

What’s the Point

Buildings are equipped with fire escapes just in case there is no access to the main doors or emergency exits. The person who built this building had good intentions, but they didn’t make the fire escape long enough. All this fire escape will do is bring a person down half a floor if there is an emergency. There really is no point. It was actually a waste of money.

Who Created This Seating Plan, A Genius People?

These sports fans are really excited to be watching the game at the stadium. Everyone but this guy. Someone thought that it would be a good idea to add one extra seat to make more money, but they didn’t think about the poor person who gets stuck sitting there. Who wants to pay money to stare at the back of a pillar?

This City Planner Should Be Fired

It is the job of a city planner to plan everything about a city so that things are safe, efficient, and run smoothly. The city planner who had this bright idea should be fired. Who puts a telephone pole smack dab in the middle of the street? Just because they painted it yellow doesn’t make it any less of an accident hazard.

A Colossal Waste Of Money

Whoever designed this school had no problem with the school board wasting their money. They decided to build a set of stairs that led to the ceiling. What is the point? Does an invisible door open up that leads to a secret part of the school?

That’s Not How It Works, Ask The Genius People

Quikrete isn’t very difficult to use. You mix it with water and pour it wherever you need concrete. The person who built this tunnel either didn’t understand how to use Quikrete, or they were just too lazy to finish the job. They figured if they just shove the bags behind the wall, their boss will think that they got the job done when really, they just went home early.

Duct Tape Doesn’t Fix EVERYTHING

When you are in a bind, you can turn to duct tape for a quick fix. You can temporarily fix a shoe, a book, a pen, and you can even put your side mirror back on your car. When you try using duct tape to fix a telephone pole, you are going a bit overboard. Duct tape may be strong, but it isn’t strong enough to hold up a telephone pole. You have to worry about everyone in the area because clearly, it isn’t going to hold.


Aren’t stairs supposed to lead to something? At the top of these stairs, there should be a front door. For some reason, there is just a set of stairs, complete with a railing, sitting in the middle of the yard. It seems to be a colossal waste of time and money.

Was He Drunk?

The point of a line down the road is to make sure that drivers stay in their lane and that they drive straight. This means that the lines need to be straight. Whoever was in charge of this must have been drunk that day.

Multiple Failures Of Genius People

Drilling a hole for a pipe shouldn’t be too difficult for the experienced contractor, and clearly, the person who did this wasn’t experienced. It took five tries before they got the hole drilled in the correct spot.

A Huge Waste Of Space

When people go up and down the stairs, they often go up on one side and down on the other. This requires just one hard rail on each side. Whoever designed this staircase put a handrail in the center, but it takes up half of the middle of the stairs. Now, when people want to go up and down the stairs, they have to squeeze through sideways if they are going to fit. What is the point?

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