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Doctors Are Beside Themselves Over Historic Pregnancy That Happens Once Every 480 Years

Expectant Parents

When a couple finds out that they are expecting if it often an exciting time. Planning for a new baby and buying everything that the baby will need is fun for both parents. When 23-year-old Alexandra Kinova from Milovice, Czech Republic found out she and her boyfriend, Antonin, were expecting a baby, they were thrilled to be adding another baby to their family. They already had a son. It was always their dream to give their son a brother or a sister.

Alexandra’s First Pregnancy

Alexandra’s first pregnancy was relatively normal. She was healthy throughout the whole pregnancy and carried her son to term. She gave birth naturally, and there were no complications. Because the first pregnancy went so well, Alexandra and Antonin were sure that this pregnancy would be uneventful as well. Boy, were they wrong.

The First Ultrasound

When the day came for them to have the first ultrasound, they were excited. They were finally going to see their baby, and maybe even find out the sex. It was a very exciting day. Alexandra had ultrasounds when she was pregnant with her son, so she wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t they told Alexandra that she was having twins that they realized that it wasn’t a typical ultrasound. Since Alexandra and Antonin always talked about having three kids, they were thrilled that they were having twins.

A Second Ultrasound

Because a twins pregnancy is considered to be relatively high risk, Alexandra’s doctors had her come in for another ultrasound a few months later. While the doctor was performing the scan, Alexandra saw a shocked look on her face. The doctor looked at Alexandra and told her calmly that she wasn’t having twins. She told her that she was carrying four babies. Soon, her son would be joined by four siblings. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Four babies!

More Planning

When Alexandra found out that she was having twice as many babies as she initially thought, she and her boyfriend had to start preparing for the extra additions to the family. They were both excited and worried. Alexandra says that she was glad that she didn’t have to worry about any more surprises. Again, she was wrong.

More Surprises

Because Alexandra was carrying four babies, her pregnancy was now considered to be especially high risk. When her stomach stopped growing, her doctor wanted to make sure that everything was alright, so they ordered another ultrasound. Alexandra was excited for the ultrasound because so far, her doctor was unable to determine the sex of her babies due to their position. When she had the ultrasound, she got more than she bargained for.

Another Shock

The doctor began the ultrasound as usual, and again, Alexandra saw the shocked look on her face. She worried that something was wrong with one of her babies. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. The doctor told her that she wasn’t carrying four babies; she was carrying five. Her doctor told her that the chances of a woman carrying quintuplets were one in several million. She and Antonin were shocked.

The Big Day

Finally, the big day came for Alexandra to deliver her five babies. The idea of going from being parents to one child to six was overwhelming for the couple, but they were excited to meet their new brood. Also, they didn’t know if the babies were girls or boys because the doctor couldn’t tell during the previous ultrasounds.

The Babies Arrive

One by one, Alexandra gave birth to her quints with her boyfriend by her side. She had four boys, Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin. She also gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Terezka. Alexandra and Antonin were thrilled. When they first found out that Alexandra was pregnant, they were praying for a little girl, since they already had a son at home. They were thrilled to have their little girl as well as their four baby boys. They never expected to be bringing home five new babies, but they both agree that it is a blessing. Alexandra says that it will be a lot of work, but with Antonin and their family’s help, they will manage.

A Record

Alexandra’s pregnancy broke plenty of records. Her doctor said that they have been recording statists of birth since 1949 and since then, quintuplets had not been born. Also, they were the first quints ever born in the Czech Republic that were conceived through any type of fertility treatments. Doctors are beside themselves over historic pregnancy, only happens once every 480 years. This is a truly amazing story. Most couples don’t go to the doctor and find out that they are pregnant, only to discover a few months later that they are expecting five children.

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