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A Nigerian Woman Tried To Conceive For 17 Years. Then She Had Six Babies All At The Same Time

Starting a Family

Millions of couples decide each day that they are ready to start a family. For some, conceiving is easy. It takes a month or less for them to find out that they are going to have a baby. For others, it takes time. Many couples need medical intervention, such as IVF and fertility treatments, to get pregnant. Ajibola Taiwo and her husband, Adeboye, understand the difficulties of conceiving very well.


Shortly after Ajibola and Adeboye got married 20-years-ago, they decided that it was time to start a family. The two tried to get pregnant for months, but it just wasn’t working. They began getting desperate, so they started looking into IVF and fertility treatments. The Nigerian couple was expected to have children, and when they weren’t, they began to worry. They decided that they would spend the $8,000 it would cost for each fertility treatment. Time after time, the treatments weren’t working. Over the course of 20-years, the couple spent $140,000 trying to have a family.


While the couple was trying to have a family, Adoeboye began feeling pressure from his family. They told him that he had to become a father, and if his wife couldn’t give him a child, that he should leave her to find a woman who could get pregnant. Adoboye couldn’t do this. He loved his wife, and he wasn’t going to give up on their marriage or their dreams of having children. The couple put their faith in God. They knew that when He was sure they were ready for a family, that He would give them one. They just had to be patient.

Troubles for Ajibola

While Adoeboye was getting pressure from his family about not having a family, Ajibola’s social life was suffering. Her friends were all getting pregnant over and over again. They were sharing their joyous news with her about their pregnancies, yet she had no news to share. Her friends started to feel uncomfortable telling her that they were expecting. Soon, they started acting strange. Ajibola remembers one day when she visited her pregnant friend at home. Her friend covered her pregnant belly with a cloth, worried that Ajibola wanted to take her pregnancy away from her. Things were getting more and more difficult for the couple, but they decided to stick together. They were sure that they would have a baby when it was their time.

November 2016

Finally, in November 2016, after almost two decades of trying, the couple’s prayers were answered. They were expecting a child. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends and family members the good news. God was finally giving them the baby that they wanted. They just never expected that God would answer their prayers in the way that He did.

The Ultrasound

When Ajibola had an ultrasound in Nigeria, she was shocked to learn that she was pregnant with four babies. When the doctor told her that she was having quadruplets, she was in shock. She and her husband were thrilled that with just one pregnancy, they would have the big family that they have always dreamed of. Because it was such a high-risk pregnancy, the couple had to travel to the United States. They were going to a hospital in Richmond, Virginia so that Ajibola could get the care that she needed. When they got there, things took another exciting turn.

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCU)

When the couple arrived at the hospital, they were told that the doctors would be performing another ultrasound. They wanted to be sure that each baby was healthy, and that her pregnancy was progressing as it should. It was then that they received news that shocked them. The doctors at VCU told the couple that they wouldn’t be having four babies; they were going to be having six. Ajibola was carrying sextuplets.


News like this would panic most expectant parents, but this couple was thrilled. They tried for so many years to get pregnant with no results. They believe that God paid them back for their patience by giving them, six babies.


Sextuplet pregnancies are very rare. The first reported case in the U.S. was in September 1866 in Chicago, Illinois. Sadly, after the first year, only four of the babies survived. In 1974, a couple in Cape Town, South Africa had sextuplets, and they all survived. Over the next nine years, four more couples had sextuplets across Europe. Ajibola and Adoeboye’s babies were added to the record books.


A Nigerian woman tried to conceive for 17 years. Then she had six babies all at the same time. For the couple, it would be a lot of work, but it would be a joyous occasion.

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