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Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasound And Realizes He’s Made A Huge Mistake

Chris and Mariesa

Chris and Mariesa were interested in adopting a dog. They always wanted one, but they chose not to buy a dog from a breeder. They knew that there were plenty of dogs in shelters who needed good homes. And they went to a shelter to find their new companion. When they arrived, they couldn’t decide which dog to adopt. All of the dogs there were very sweet, and all of them appeared to be begging them for a home. Finally, they laid eyes on the dog that they were going to take home.

A Pregnant Dog

The pregnant dog that they chose walked right over to the couple and started licking their hands. She was pregnant with puppies, and it was very obvious. Her belly was very swollen, and the couple didn’t think that the shelter was a good place for her to give birth to her puppies. After talking for a minute, the couple wondered if they were making the right decision.

A Sad Past Of The Pregnant Dog

The pregnant dog, whose name is Storie, had a sad past. She once belonged to someone who bred dogs in their backyard. When they realized that caring for Storie and her pups would be difficult and expensive, they took her from the only home that she knew, and they surrendered her to the shelter. This broke Mariesa’s heart. She knew that it would be difficult once Storie gave birth, but she couldn’t just abandon her the way that her past owners did. Chris and Mariesa knew that they had to do.

A Big Family With A Pregnant Dog

Storie wasn’t going to be the first dog that the couple owned. They were both big fans of Pit Bulls, and they already had several rescued Pit Bulls at home already. In total, they had 10 fur babies. They proudly displayed the photo of 8 of them. The couple loved their family, and they were excited to bring a new member home.

Their Own Bed

For a while, the couple allowed their dogs to sleep in the bed with them. When they had too many dogs, there wasn’t enough room for the dogs. Chris decided to make a “megabed” for the dogs. It is 14-feet long and 7-feet wide. There was more than enough room for all of the gods. They even set up three drawers under the bed for the smaller dogs to sleep. Chris included a staircase so that the dogs could get up and down from the bed. The dogs even had their own room. It was the perfect solution for their growing family.

Meant To Be

Marisea believes that she and Chris were meant to be together. She says that she had ended relationships in the past because her boyfriends couldn’t deal with her obsession with her dogs. They all felt threatened, so the relationships ended. Most men that came into her life couldn’t understand and support her dream of filling a home with puppies. Chris was different. He was a dog lover, and he had a similar attitude toward dogs. He also wanted to fill his home with fur babies. They both knew that they were meant to be together.

Their Feelings About Pit Bulls

The couple both felt that Pit Bulls had gotten a bad rep. They understand that even though these dogs are muscular and have large heads, it doesn’t mean that they are dangerous. They both knew that Pit Bulls were sweet as long as they were appropriately treated.

Ready To Deliver

The people at the shelter told the couple that Storie, the pregnant dog, should have already given birth, but she didn’t. If she didn’t give birth soon, it could be very dangerous for Storie and her pups. The couple believed that Storie didn’t feel comfortable giving birth at the shelter, so they were going to take her home and give her a safe and happy place to give birth. They knew that they couldn’t afford to keep all of her pups, so they agreed to foster Storie and her pups while the rescue found forever homes for them.

Going To the Vet

When the couple got Storie home, she still didn’t give birth. They were worried about her, and after doing some research, they worried even more. If she refused to give birth much longer, she would die. When they got to the vet, an ultrasound was performed, which shocked everyone. Dog refuses to give birth, vet sees ultrasound and realizes he’s made a huge mistake. It was initially believed that Storie was carrying six babies. The ultrasound proved that to be wrong. Storie was actually carrying 12 babies. The vet told them to take Storie home to prepare for the birth. If she didn’t give birth within 48-hours, the vet wanted them to bring her back.

A Quiet Space

When the couple got Storie home, they set her up in a quiet room away from the other dogs. They hoped that if they kept her away from the stress and chaos, that she would give birth. They were right, and Storie gave birth to 12 healthy puppies. When her story got out, people were lining up to adopt her puppies. Each of the puppies had a good home by the time they were 10-weeks old. If it weren’t for the couple, things could have gone much worse for Storie and her pups.

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