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Embarrassing Joe Biden Moments Caught on Camera

When we hear any news about our current Commander in Chief, we usually want to hear about a policy or an achievement. The last thing we want to hear about is a blunder or an embarrassing moment.

Yet, one of the biggest stories that we can’t seem to shake off is when President Joe Biden tripped up the stairs while boarding Air Force One.

He had recently broken his foot following his 78th birthday. As a result, it was disconcerting to watch him trip as he climbed the stairs. The White House confirmed that he was doing okay and there was no cause for concern.

But this latest blunder is one of many embarrassing Joe Biden moments caught on camera. These blunders are what makes both his supporters and detractors worry about his presidency…

Earlier on Friday, March 19th, Joe Biden was climbing up the stairs to board Air Force One. As he climbed up the stairs, he tripped and fell forward – managing to break his fall by using his hands.

The moment only lasted for a few seconds, but it was enough to become newsworthy. While it’s been over a week, we expect that both Joe Biden’s supporters and detractors will continue to talk about this incident for several months.

But why such fuss over this one embarrassing moment, you may wonder? That’s because this latest incident is just one of many of Joe Biden’s embarrassing moments that have been caught on camera.

These embarrassing moments can make many of us laugh, but since they concern our current Command in Chief – they’re no laughing matter! In fact, these embarrassing moments are a cause of concern for the future of his presidency. They make us worry about what we can expect for the remainder of the Biden Administration.

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“I am a gaffe machine,” Joe Biden admitted back in 2018. While this may have seemed like a funny quip, a lot of Americans were concerned about his constant gaffes. When he announced his bid for the presidency, there were even more concerns about whether he’d be mentally and physically fit to becoming the President.

When Joe Biden did indeed become the Democratic candidate for challenging Donald Trump’s presidency, there were concerns from both his supporters and his opponents.

Oddly enough, both sides were worried about his embarrassing moments that have been caught on camera. There was intense media scrutiny about these incidences and his supporters worried that this would jeopardize his chances of becoming the next American President.

Let’s have a look at some of Joe Biden’s most embarrassing moments that were caught on camera.

One of the criticisms of Donald Trump revolved around his comments and behavior around women. These criticisms were enough to turn people away from wishing to support President Trump. But the tables turned when the former Vice President Joe Biden was found to have his fair share of inappropriate behavior toward women.

There has been a lot of resurfaced video footage showing Joe Biden having inappropriate physical contact with women. There was the infamous moment in 2015 when Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was being sworn in.

Joe Biden, then the Vice President, was standing behind Carter’s wife Stephanie. While on camera, he placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered something into her ear. While she stated that this incident didn’t make her uncomfortable, many viewers felt that the physical contact was inappropriate.

There have been other similar moments where Joe Biden has stood close to women in a manner that has made others uncomfortable. He did face his share of harassment allegations which made many people worry about whether he was fit to become President. The allegations clearly had no effect, but one wonders whether we’ll continue to hear about them throughout his presidency.

But if you think this was just the start of Joe Biden’s awkward moments – think again!

Back in 2010, Joe Biden took the cake with an embarrassing and cringeworthy moment that you’d scarcely believe could happen.

There was a Saint Patrick’s Day reception for the then Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan. Prime Minister Cowan’s father had passed away and the Vice President wanted to offer his condolences.

While Joe Biden did offer his condolences to Prime Minister Cowan – he did it for the wrong parent!

He began talking about how Prime Minister Cowan’s mother lived in New York’s Long Island before stating “God bless her soul…”

He immediately realized his mistake. It wasn’t the Prime Minister’s mother who passed away but his father! Then he followed it up by quickly saying, “Although she’s, wait. Your mom’s still alive. It was your dad that passed. God bless her soul. I gotta get this straight,”

Somehow, this incident managed to get a lot of laughs from the audience, the press, President Obama and Prime Minister Cowan! Nevertheless, this incident did caused Joe Biden to receive harsh criticism. To this day, people look back to this incident and wonder if this was an early signs of Joe Biden’s mental wellbeing.

But this embarrassing moment regarding Prime Minister Cowan’s mother was certainly not Joe Biden’s most embarrassing moment. In 2008, while he was the Vice-Presidential nominee, Joe Biden was on the campaign trail for him and Barack Obama. At one rally, he shared the stage with Senator Chuck Graham.

Biden wanted to exhort Graham and told him to stand up so that the crowd could applaud and cheer him.

Nothing harmful here, right? Well, under normal circumstances this would have been a kind gesture. But there was one problem: Senator Chuck Graham is paraplegic!

Once again, Biden quickly realized what he said and tried to make a joke of the incident. He stated “Oh, God love ya, what am I talking about… I tell you what, you’re making everybody else stand up though, pal,

As with the incident with the Irish Prime Minister, this embarrassing moment seemed not to jeopardize Joe Biden’s career. Nevertheless, it received criticism and it’s another embarrassing moment that raises concerns about the future of Biden’s presidency.

It’s clear by now that Joe Biden has a way with words – though not in the conventional sense! One blunder that did cause a stir goes back to 2007 when he was running for Vice President. As part of his duty, he had to promote presidential candidate Barack Obama and exalt him over the other Democratic candidates.

He did what he could to dissuade voters from other Democratic candidates such as Hilary Clinton and John Edwards. While he must have had some success with this, he had a poor choice of words to exalt Barack Obama.

He discussed how Barack Obama was the first mainstream African American candidate who was articulate, bright, clean, and nice-looking! Needless to say, one wonders what he was thinking when he made such comments.

Joe Biden even went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to clarify his intent when he said his words. The audience didn’t seem to buy it but nevertheless, people seemed to move on.

People also seemed to move on back in the 1980s when Joe Biden initially ran for President. It was recently revealed that among the many speeches he gave during that decade, much of his words had been plagiarized from British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock.

In fact, during this time there were accusations of plagiarism going back to Joe Biden’s time in law school! He eventually dropped out of the race. But clearly this didn’t discourage him from running again and even after these plagiarized statements resurfaced, he didn’t seem to lose support for his candidacy.

Nevertheless, these resurfaced embarrassing moments have made many people reconsider their thoughts on Joe Biden. These embarrassing moments make many people wonder about his honesty and his mental wellbeing. It makes many people worry about what’s in store for the future of his presidency.

More and more, we are learning about statements he’s made that has tarnished his image. Back in 2016, he greeted American soldiers stationed in Abu Dhabi. He seemed upset by their response upon his arrival. Apparently, he felt that they hadn’t given him an enthusiastic welcome.

So how did he respond? By telling American troops to clap louder while referring to them as “stupid bastards!” Yes, we’re not kidding!

He even referred to them as a ‘dull bunch’ which they obviously didn’t appreciate. One wonders how many troops feel today knowing that their Commander in Chief has used such harsh language toward them. Many Americans will also worry about whether we’ll see more of this throughout Joe Biden’s presidency.

But perhaps what will really leave a mark on Joe Biden’s career is a comment he made in 2020, months before he was announced as President-elect.

In an interview with radio host Charlemagne the God, Joe Biden did what he could to attract more African American voters. One would hope that after making the comments about Barack Obama back in 2007 he would have learned to be careful with his words. One would think that after he stated that poor kids were just as smart as White kids in 2019, he’d think before speaking.

But during this 2020 interview, he made his now infamous remark that if a Black American wasn’t sure about voting for him – they weren’t black. His “you ain’t black” comment has rubbed people the wrong way.

While he is the current President of the United States, more people are getting concerned with Joe Biden’s embarrassing moments. No longer do many Americans watch them for comic relief. They watch with concern and wonder what to expect next from President Biden.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see…

What do you think about Joe Biden’s blunders? Do you worry about his continued presidency? Or do you think he’ll move on from these embarrassing moments and people won’t care about them?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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