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A Peek Into Joe Biden’s Personal Life

After gaining his law degree from Syracuse University, Biden began practicing with a law firm in Wilmington, Delaware. However, since he was always inclined towards politics, he joined the Democratic Party on the side and became one of its most active members. In 1970, Biden was elected to the New Castle City Council, and next year, he established his own law firm. However, his aspirations were always political. Therefore, in 1972, he took the decision of running against Republican incumbent Caleb Boggs. Biden won the elections and became the fifth-youngest U.S. senator in the nation’s history. He was also the longest-serving senator in Delaware.

In 2008, Biden decided to run for President. However, he dropped out of the race, and then, Barack Obama selected him as his Vice Presidential running mate. Alongside Obama, Biden served two terms as the Vice President of the United States. At the end of his term, Obama honored Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2019, Biden decided to run for President and in June 2020, he was chosen as the Democratic Presidential candidate. Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

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Biden Struggled with the Problem of Stuttering for a Considerable Part of His Life

As the current Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden often has to attend public events, most of which require him to indulge in public speaking. Thus, those who have heard Biden speak would be surprised to know that the current Democratic Presidential candidate struggled with the problem of stuttering for a considerable part of his life. He stuttered throughout his school days and a considerable part of his college life.

Back in school, Joe Biden once shared that he was given the nickname Joe Impedimenta because of his stuttering problem. Biden is not shy about discussing this problem and he once shared that although he did not undergo professional therapy, some nuns helped him overcome his stutter by teaching him how to put cadence to his speech. It is in his attempt to overcome the problem of stuttering that Biden spent months and years ready poetry. The man is a big fan of Emerson and Yeats.

Joe Biden Is a Dog Lover

It has happened after almost 100 years that a President living in the White House does not have a dog. Thus, those political candidates who have a furry friend are not shying away from flaunting their dog ownership and using it as a way to win votes.

Of course, as a dog lover, Biden has already become a favorite of everyone. In 2018, the former Vice President adopted a German Shepherd named Major from the Delaware Humane Association. Biden was looking for a companion for his dog Champ, an elderly German Shepherd when he heard about Major. As a puppy, Major had been exposed to toxic chemicals. When Biden came to know this, he decided to adopt Major. The Bidens have been dog lovers since the very start. While pursuing his law degree from Syracuse University, Biden and his wife bought a puppy and decided to call him Senator. Looks like the former Vice President has had political dreams since the very start.

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In 1972, He Conquered a Two-Time Republican Senator Who Was Considered Unbeatable

In 1972, when Biden was only 29-years-old, he decided to challenge the two-term senator Caleb Boggs in Delaware. Caleb was considered nearly unbeatable. However, Biden’s smart political strategy, which he himself had devised, helped him beat Caleb. Throughout his campaign, Biden portrayed himself as the next-generation liberal who understood the problems that affected the young Americans and talked of Caleb as an old man, not in sync with the new America. Biden focussed entirely on the young voters as in 1972, 18-year-olds were allowed to vote in the elections for the first time. Biden’s good looks also got him a lot of attention in the media. Anyway, Biden’s smart thinking and planning paid off and he won the election.

To be a member of Congress, one has to be at least 30 years of age. Biden entered the race when he was 29. However, he was 30 when he was inducted to the Congress. The man believes in wasting no time at all.

This Is Not the First Time Biden Is Running for President

Joe Biden is not new to the campaign trail. As a matter of fact, this is the third time Biden is running for Presidency. Biden first entered the Presidential race in June 1987. He was a senator from Delaware and was considered a strong candidate by many. However, his candidature became mired in controversy when the New York Times accused him of using portions of a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Though Biden’s team did not accept the allegations, Biden quietly dropped out of the Presidential race. Biden tried his luck once in again in 2008 when he decided to enter the race alongside former President Barack Obama and former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, he once again withdrew his nomination after coming fifth in Iowa Caucus. The same year, Obama chose him to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Well, they say third time’s the charm — we will get to know soon!

There Is a Special Reason Why Biden Wears a Rosary on His Hand

In 2017, while promoting his book Promise Me, Dad, Biden discussed the real reason he wears rosary on his hand. According to Biden, the rosary he wears on his wrist is the same rosary that Beau, Biden’s son, was wearing on his wrist when he breathed his last. Biden feels that the rosary connects him to Beau in many ways. Joseph ‘Beau’ Biden was Delaware’s attorney general between 2007 and 2015. In 2013, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. In 2016, he was planning to run the position of governor. However, Beau ultimately lost the battle against brain cancer on May 30, 2015.

Biden Has Seen More Loss than You Can Imagine

In 1966, while on a spring break, Biden met his future wife Neilia Hunter. Neilia was an educator and taught at the Syracuse City School District. After meeting Neilia, Biden moved to Syracuse and joined law school to be the woman he loved. The couple married in 1966 and shifted to Wilmington in Delaware. Biden dedicated the next few years of his life to his political aspirations and the couple had three children during this time: Robert Hunter, Joseph ‘Beau’ Biden, and Naomi Biden.

In 1972, Biden was elected as a senator. He was waiting to take the office when he got a call informing him that his wife and children had been in an accident. Neilia, along with her three children, was doing Christmas shopping when a tractor-trailer collided with them. Neilia, who was 30 at the time, and Naomi, who was one, died on the spot. Joseph and Robert struggled for life for days before regaining consciousness. Many years later, Biden said in a Yale commencement speech that he found redemption in his two sons.

He Is a Teetotaller Who Loves Pasta

Joe Biden does not drink. The reason is simple. He has seen many in his family succumb to the addiction. While his father was not a habitual drinker, he did drink. However, on his mother’s side, Joe had several alcohol addicts who convinced him that alcohol is something he wants to stay away from all his life.

Though Biden stays away from alcohol, he loves carbs. In 2016, a popular magazine revealed that Biden loves Italian food and pasta is his favorite dish. In particular, he loves the angel hair Pomodoro. That apart, Biden loves fat, sugar, and dairy and isn’t really one to count calories while eating. One look at Biden and his fit body and everything we have said before sound untrue, but it is actually the truth.

He Is Also an Ice Cream Lover

Biden is not only crazy about Pasta but he also loves ice cream. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is his favorite ice cream brand. Though Jeni’s offers several gourmet flavors, Biden’s favorite is the good old chocolate chip. In 2017, when Biden delivered the commencement speech at Cornell University, he asked the ice cream brand to come up with a special flavor called Big Red, White, and Biden. Of course, the flavor sold out in only a few in hours.

You may find it surprising but before he was even nominated in April, Biden’s campaign had already spent close to $10,000 on Jeni’s ice cream. No, Biden hadn’t consumed $10,000 worth of ice-cream. Instead, he had purchased ice cream worth that price as gifts to his campaign donors. It is not very surprising since Biden gets a lot of support from the ice cream brand’s founder Jeni Britton Bauer. Other than ice cream, Biden also loves milkshakes, doughnuts, and frozen custard. Safe to say here is a man with a sweet tooth.

Biden Has Been Married to His Current Wife for 40 Years

Three years after his first wife’s death, Biden’s brother Frank introduced him to Jill Tracy Jacobs. Though Joe was nine years older than Jill, she fell for his manners and gentlemanly charm. However, during this time, Jill was going through a rough divorce with Bill Stevenson, her first husband. Their divorce became final in 1975 and therefore, Jill began working as a teacher at the Wilmington School. However, she soon began working at Biden’s senate office. By this time, Joe had become quite enamored by Jill. In his 2007 memoir, Joe shared with his readers that Jill made him feel that his family could become complete once again. He, therefore, proposed to her. However, Jill did not want to enter the public spotlight and therefore, she said no. Many months and proposals later, Jill finally said yes and Joe Biden and Jill Tracy Jacobs got married on June 17, 1977. The couple had a daughter called Ashley in 1977.

Jill has been her husband’s biggest support. Other than being a loving mother to his two sons from his former marriage, Jill has also always stood by Joe throughout his political career. They have been together for 40 years now.

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