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Extremely Common Shower Habits That Pose Risks People Don’t Even Consider


Most people take a shower every day. Others shower every other day. If you don’t want to walk around stinking all day, you need to take a shower. When you get in the shower, you often don’t think about what you are doing. You are on autopilot when you are in the shower. What you may not know is that there are extremely common shower habits that pose risks people don’t even consider.


If you shower every day, you should avoid shampooing each time your shower. Washing your hair every day can strip your scalp from the natural oils necessary to keep it healthy. It is best to wash your hair just a few times each week.

Face Masks

If you love what face masks do for your complexion, you should make sure that you use them right. Face masks should only be applied before your shower. If you use them after, you will dehydrate your skin, and you won’t get the deep clean that you are striving for.

Too Much Soap

Now that you know that shampooing too often can be damaging to your hair, you should also understand that using too much soap can also be harmful. If you lather your skin up too much, it can remove the oils that your skin needs to keep it from becoming dried out an irritated.

Don’t Wrap your Hair In a Towel

Long hair can take a while to dry, but wrapping it in a towel can do more harm than good. ‘when you wrap your hair in a towel, it puts excess stress on your hair. This can cause the strands to weaken over time.

Too-Long Showers

If you love to take long showers, you should stop. A shower longer than 10 minutes will dry your skin out, leaving it itchy and irritated when you get out.

Post Workout

After a vigorous workout, it is best to take a shower right away. If you wait, the sweat and grime will settle into your skin, which can be irritating. It is best to get in the shower right after your workout.

Storing Your Soap

It is a bad idea to keep your soap in the same spot in the shower all the time. This allows the bacteria to settle into the soap. It is best to either put it in a drainable soap dish or start using body wash. Either of these options is much safer.

Shower vs. Baths

If you prefer a bath over a shower, you will get just as clean; however, you need to make sure to clean your tub regularly. If you don’t, you will be getting into a tub filled with filthy water.


Most people shave their legs in the shower. If you do, make sure that you don’t leave the razor sitting in the shower after. This causes bacteria to gather on it. You should also remember to replace your blade as soon as it gets dull.

Rinse Thoroughly

If you only have time for a quick shower, make sure that you rinse all of the soap off thoroughly. The harsh chemicals in the soap can cause your skin to become itchy and irritated for the rest of the day if you don’t rinse thoroughly.

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Exfoliating is great for your skin; however, you shouldn’t do it too often. If you exfoliate every day, your skin won’t have time to repair itself. This can result in broken blood vessels and serious irritation.

Showering During a Thunderstorm

You may have heard that you shouldn’t shower during a thunderstorm, and it is not an urban legend. If lightning strikes your house, the current can travel through your plumbing system, resulting in being electrocuted. It is best to wait until the storm passes to get in the shower.

Hot and Cold Showers

Taking an ice-cold shower isn’t good for you, but mixing a cold shower with your hot shower is a good idea. Washing your hair with cold water is better for it, and a bit of cold water can relieve stress and strengthen your circulatory system.

Body Spray

Body spray smells great, but you should never use it as a substitute for a shower. Body spray won’t mask body odor; therefore, regular showers are essential.

Your Feet

Even though your feet are in the water during your whole shower, they still need to be scrubbed. They need to be scrubbed just as well as the rest of your body if they are going to be clean.

Shower Puff

Many people use shower puffs, and they work great. If you leave it in the shower, it can cause serious issues. Leaving it in the shower will make it a cesspool for bacteria and germs.


After a hot shower, your pores are opened up and ready to absorb anything that you put on it. This is why it is so important to moisturize right after you get out of the shower. You will get the most out of your moisturizer this way.

Filter Your Water

If you have hard water, it can be damaging to your skin. If you don’t filter the water, it can leave excess calcium on your skin, which can result in breakouts and stains on your skin.

Don’t Shower Too Much

You may not know this, but there is a such thing as showering too much. If you take too many showers, it can dry out your skin and hair. It can also push bacteria deeper into your pores.

Shower Curtain

You cannot get clean if your surroundings aren’t clean. Your shower curtain is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It is best to replace your shower curtain regularly.

Bar Keepers Friend

To keep up with your shower doors and mirrors in the bathroom, you should keep Bar Keepers Friend handy. It is a great way to avoid soap scum from building up, which can be challenging to remove.

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