Facts About Men And Their Secrets

#1 Men and Their SecretsThere are plenty of things that we know about women and men. For example, CNN recently reported that men in the United States have a life expectancy of 81.1 years and a woman’s life expectancy is 76.1 years. We also know that men and women suffer from different symptoms when they are having a heart attack. These are all facts that can be found in books and magazines. There are some facts about men, however, that they try to hide. The try the hardest to hide these facts from women. Some people think that men have these secrets because they feel guilty or embarrassed. Others think that they keep these secrets because they believe that their partners just won’t understand. Below are a few facts about men that men don’t want their women to know.

#2 Dressing For Older Men and Younger Me

When men are young, they often wear tight clothing because their bodies are still growing. The tight clothing actually feels comfortable. As men get older, they become more confident and they don’t need to wear tight fitting clothing to feel good about themselves. This is why older men often wear baggy jeans, tracksuits, and sweatpants. They already know their place in the world and they just want to be comfortable.

#3 Financial SecretsAccording to a professional relationship coach named Bonnie Winston, financial problems are the main reasons why marriages and relationships end. One of the couples that she counseled had spending problems and they each tried to hide their purchases. This isn’t the only financial secret kept by couples. Men often have their own secrets. Many men who are in financial trouble won’t tell their partner. If they are unable to pay their bills or if they cannot afford to take their partner out for a nice dinner, they keep it to themselves. In many cases, they will lie. When the bills aren’t getting paid, the man will say that they are. If a man cannot take his partner out for a nice dinner due to a lack of funds, he will say that he would prefer a quiet, romantic night in. There are many men who lie because they don’t want their partners to worry. There are other men who lie because they want to maintain their image of strength. If he is struggling financially, he will worry that his partner will think that he is weak.

#4 Fake InterestsThere are many men who will pretend to be interested in the same things as a woman so that they can get a first date. If the woman sees that they have similar interests, the man thinks that she will be more interested. The problem with that is if the relationship lasts, the man will have to either admit that he doesn’t like the things that his girlfriend does or he has to pretend that he is just getting sick of it. Either way, the man is misleading his partner into thinking that he is something that he isn’t. When men tell small lies like this, the guilt will quickly disappear because the lie wasn’t a big one. This helps him to tell small lies without remorse. There are many men who tell bigger lies that can have a bigger impact on the woman and there is a bit more guilt. According to Amber Maddison, the author of Are All Guys A**holes? one of the most common lies that men tell is their willingness to commit to a woman. She surveyed 1,000 men to see if they would lie about wanting a commitment to get a woman in bed. The study found that 35 percent of the men admitted that they would lie to a woman to get her into bed. Since men lie, there is a chance that the other men asked weren’t being honest.

#5 Men Are Secretive About Their Past RelationshipsMen and women are different in that women often talk about their past relationships, whether they were good or bad. Men tend to be more secretive about their ex’s. According to Eric Hunt, a marriage coach, keeping secrets is the biggest mistake a man can make when he is in a relationship. The past is the past and men should start feeling more comfortable talking about it. Some men don’t like to talk about their past relationships because they messed things up. Other men don’t want to talk about it because of the bad memories. A research fellow from the Kinsey Institute named Helen Fisher has a theory about why we tend to remember everything about bad relationships. She believes that it is our brain’s way of reminding us why things didn’t work out.

#6 Men Lie About Their FeelingsMany people believe that women are more emotional than men. This isn’t always true. Women don’t mind expressing their emotions, but men are less comfortable doing so. There are many men who find that showing emotions will make them appear to be weak. Men who want to appear to be the strong silent types will keep their emotions in. The problem with this is that when their emotions bubble up too high, it can be impossible to hold them in. At least a few times in their lives, men who hold back their emotions will experience a meltdown. What these men don’t realize is that most women like a man who can show how they feel.

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