MIND BLOWING Tricks To Impress Your Friends

#1 The Bottle and the Coin TrickThis trick is similar to the trick where you pull off a tablecloth and all of the dishes remain on the table The only difference is that you are pulling a dollar bill off of a beer without knocking off coins. It is safer and easier than the tablecloth trick. If you want to amaze your friends with this trick, all you will need is a bottle, a dollar bill, and a few coins. The best coins to use are quarters or dimes. Start by placing the bill over the opening of the bottle and put the coins over the opening. Next, ask one of your friends to remove the bill without letting the coins spill all over the table. Since this trick is a no-brainer, you should make a bet with your friend because you are more than likely to win. After your friend has tried and failed to keep the coins on the bottle, it is your turn. All you need to do is lick your finger. The moisture on your finger will help the bill stick to it. When you have spit on your finger, quickly flick it along the side of the bill that is dangling, away from the coins. The bill will stick to your finger when you pull it and the coins will continue to hang over the opening.

#2 Moving the Rum to the WaterThis is a great trick to amaze your friends and you can also win a drink from your friends who claim that the trick cannot be done. To perform this trick you will need a full shot of water, a full shot of rum, and a business card. Tell your friend that they have to move the rum into the shot of water. They cannot use a third empty shot and they cannot drink the shot and spit it back into the glass after. When your friends finally give up, it is time to show them how it is done and win your free drink.
Start by placing the business card over the shot of water so that the card covers the top. Next, flip the card covered shot on top of the shot glass full of rum and let them rest together with the card separating the two. Move the card to the side a bit. The water is heavier than the rum, so it will sink to the bottom and push the whiskey up.

#3 Cutting a Lime With a Cigarette
This is one of the most MINDBLOWING tricks to impress your friends! This trick may sound like it is impossible, which is how you can get people to come over and bet against you. A lime has very thick skin. It can be difficult to cut one with a dull knife let alone with a cigarette. To perform this trick, you need a lime, a cigarette, and a lighter. If you are in a bar, you might not want to do this trick there. Since so many public places have smoking bans, this is a trick that you might need to perform at home. Start by lighting the filter of the cigarette so that it gets charred. Next, press down the burnt end so that it gets nice and flat. It needs to be flat and tight for this to work. The fiberglass in the filter will become sharp when you do this. It will get sharp enough to cut right through the lime. After a few slices, you should be able to cut through the skin and then into the lime. When you have cut it in half, collect your winnings. After you have finished the trick, throw away the cigarette. If it is sharp enough to cut through a lime, it will be sharp enough to cut through your skin.

#4 Transfer a Bottle of Beer Into An Empty GlassThis is a great trick to shock your friends. Challenge them to transfer the beer from the bottle into the empty glass without pouring it out or drinking it and spitting it into the bottle. All you need is the bottle of beer, an empty glass, and a bendy straw. Put the bendy straw into the beer and point the other end of the straw toward the cup. Next, blow into the beer and watch the beer start coming through the straw into the glass. The carbonation in the beer is what drives the beer up through the straw and into the glass. All you need is a bit of your own oxygen to get the beer flowing. Be aware that it will take a minute or two for all of the beer to get into the glass. Hopefully, your friends will be satisfied with just half the bottle of beer going into the glass so that you don’t have to wait so long. Finally, collect your winnings and realize that you have earned the respect of your naysaying, friends.

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